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Project CommandBook
Branch master
Number #1615-e490038
Date 5 years ago

Sponsored by CreeperHost
ID Summary Committer Date
e4900387 Fixed a bug where a player with commandbook.bans.exempt couldn't be banned even if the banning player used commandbook.bans.exempt.override dark arc 5 years ago
1f88c1f7 Fixed a couple issues where Locations were not properly loading at startup dark arc 5 years ago
1ea1f0b5 [BREAKING] Updated CommandBook to support UUIDs For server owners, this should have little impact conversion will take place automatically. For larger databases this could however take a significant amount of time, as it is done on the main thread. Asyncing this operation is one thing which should be looked into as a future enhancement. * The bans API has been rewritten in full * ChatUtil.toUniqueName() has been depricated dark arc 5 years ago