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Project CommandBook
Branch master
Number #1648-e9aa903
Date 5 years ago

Sponsored by BeastNode
ID Summary Committer Date
e9aa9038 Polished the Bans Component * Bans now better represent ban reasons * Banned players are now informed of the expiration date of their ban * /isbanned and /baninfo have been made the same command with differing permissions levels * The ban command can now ban a player's IP as well as their name if the -i flag is used * Output messages now better reflect the actions which took place dark arc 5 years ago
0953160d Polished the Homes & Warps Components * The homes and warps lists are now much cleaner looking * Additional detail can now be seen about a warp or home by using /homes info <home> or /warps info <warp> respectively * A bug has been fixed where the delete message for both the Homes and Warps component was not properly formatted dark arc 5 years ago