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Number #3329-
Date 1 year ago

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56c5c2ba Merge pull request #475 from Pieter12345/compile_optimization ladycailin 1 year ago
732baef4 Unit tests + static cmd text fix. - Added unit tests for command ambiguity. - Changed "LITERAL" ConstructType check to "STRING" to support static strings and since I did not manage to find an example of something that compiled to a literal in the command descriptor (it becomes either a string or doesn't compile anyways). pieter12345 1 year ago
a15045bf Syntax convention. pietje 1 year ago
ff404b8f BugFix for ambigous command detection. Many commands were not detected as ambigous properly. Examples: - *:/cmd2 $arg AND *:/cmd2 $arg - *:/cmd11 $arg $arg2 AND *:/cmd11 $arg $arg2 [$arg3] - *:/cmd14 arg AND *:/cmd14 $arg - *:/cmd15 arg AND *:/cmd15 [$arg] This commit will cause ambigous commands to throw a compile exception as expected. The previous code caught an IndexOutOfBoundsException, which's fillInStacktrace() costed ~35% runtime spent in AliasCore.LocalPackage.consoleMSA(). This has been replaced with a size check to reduce runtime for MSA compiles by roughly this 35% (as tested with my scripts and setup on my server with 254 defined aliases). pieter12345 1 year ago