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Number #3337-
Date 1 year ago

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ceede3e8 Merge pull request #478 from Pieter12345/lexer_optimization ladycailin 1 year ago
e395707f Fixup commit. pieter12345 1 year ago
320830fc Lex + preprocess + compile optimization. Replaced ArrayList usage by a LinkedList. This has the following effect: - get() goes from O(1) to O(n) unless an iterator is used, in which case it remains O(1). - remove() in an iterator over the list goes from O(n) to O(1). This commit also changes all iterations over the list to iterations using an iterator, making both get() and remove() O(1). pieter12345 1 year ago
86dfce79 Halved preprocessor runtime. On a local ~140.000 character (3305 line) script, 3000 runs on each script with one untimed run for possible initialization resulted in a runtime of ~1.19ms on average for the old code and ~0.60ms on average for this new code. pieter12345 1 year ago
fafc90ff Removed unnecessary assigns in the lexer. pieter12345 1 year ago
0e8a1022 Lexer file option support+optimization+bugfix. - Fixed a bug where the token for CONCAT_ASSIGNMENT would get assigned string "/=" instead of ".=". - Fixed a bug where ending a file with an unfinished unicode character in a quote would throw an uncaught exception (ending file with '\u). - Optimized the lexer. Using a script from my server, the lex time of 100 runs (with one untimed run before the loop) was ~108ms, this has been improved to ~83ms (~23% runtime decrease). - Added file options support in the lexer. Start with '<!', end with '>' and a literal '>' could be obtained using '\>'. File options are only allowed at the top of a file. pieter12345 1 year ago
656db803 Git bug - Committing no changes. When undoing this "change", it automatically returns. Committing might be a way to get rid of it so I can use git again. pieter12345 1 year ago