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Date 1 year ago

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7dd4957b Coercion of string "false" to boolean now provides a warning. This is usually not what the user meant to do, as string "false" evaluates to boolean true. Therefore, when we try to coerce a string into a boolean, we first check to see if it is the string "false" and if so, issue a warning. Eventually, I would like this to be configurable per file, or at least at a more granular level, but anyways, for now this is a globally configurable warning in the logger-preferences.ini settings. This also required a change to the Static.getBoolean method, which has been updated throughout the codebase to add a Target parameter. However, because extensions may be using this method, it remains backwards compatible for now, but the no Target method is deprecated and should be removed at next major version change. ladycailin 1 year ago