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Project CommandHelper
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Number #3356-
Date 1 year ago

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ID Summary Committer Date
0fcd35ec Merge pull request #479 from Pieter12345/furnace_nbt_data_support michael smith 1 year ago
23378b22 Replaced null checks with empty itemstack checks. pieter12345 1 year ago
5d055bf1 Added brewing stand bottle slot meta support. pieter12345 1 year ago
9575c85f Selected proper datatype for some metadata. pieter12345 1 year ago
d301d21d Added item meta support to containers. pieter12345 1 year ago
49f1061a Added blockstate data support for furnaces. Furnaces will now have a "burntime", "cooktime" and "inventory" metadata tag. "inventory" is an array with 3 possible keys: "result", "fuel" and "smelting". This commit prevents set_pinv(pinv()) to erase furnace metadata and adds the ability to get/modify it. pieter12345 1 year ago