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Number #3366-
Date 1 year ago

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b4993e81 Merge pull request #483 from Pieter12345/checkstyle ladycailin 1 year ago
79612550 Added checkstyle parenthesis padding check. pieter12345 1 year ago
f4889ab6 Removed checkstyle empty block check. - Removed EmptyBlock checkstyle check since it triggered for cases where it is not necessarily bad. - Removed several empty blocks where they were not necessary. pieter12345 1 year ago
726aac86 Formatting: Replaced star imports. pieter12345 1 year ago
68d33268 Formatting: Removed trailing whitespaces/tabs. pieter12345 1 year ago
232db3a2 Formatting: Disallow whitespaces. - Replaced leading 4-wide whitespaces with tabs. - Removed/replaced remaining leading whitespaces to maintain consistency. - Added *'s to multiline docs where they were missing. pieter12345 1 year ago
d74d3159 Added checkstyle. - Added maven's checkstyle plugin (applies to main and test .java files). - Added a check for line length <= 120 (currently marked as ignored due to >7000 violations). - Disallow whitespace indents (force TABs). - Disallow star imports (import blabla.*). - Disallow empty blocks ({}). - Disallow trailing whitespaces/tabs. pieter12345 1 year ago
6c607f22 Formatting: pom.xml pieter12345 1 year ago