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33616632 Merge pull request #492 from Pieter12345/broadcast-function-event ladycailin 10 months ago
5097011b Fix BukkitMCServer broadcast behaviour + Update broadcast() docs - Remove usage of Server.broadcastMessage(...) methods since they also broadcast to all active command blocks in-game, effectively setting their last output value in their GUI. - Broadcast to console unless a recipients set is supplied without the console command sender in it. - Update broadcast() documentation to match the changes. - Add javadocs to MCServer to describe the broadcastMessage(...) behaviour that implementations should follow. pieter12345 10 months ago
071371d3 Add broadcast(message, array) console support - Add broadcast(message, array('~console', ...)) support to target the console. - Include broadcast to console behaviour in the documentation. pieter12345 10 months ago
436a1fb9 Make broadcast() trigger events consistently + Extend broadcast() docs - Make broadcast(message, players) fire an event through its Bukkit implementation so that it matches the broadcast(message) and broadcast(message, permission) behaviour. - Extend broadcast() documentation to include all behaviour. pieter12345 10 months ago
401d4c22 CheckStyle: Fix IDE compatibility + gitignore - Fix Eclipse's (and according to Google IntelliJ's) CheckStyle plugins failing on finding the checkstyle_suppressions.xml file. This change does not affect Maven builds. - Add .checkstyle to the git ignore file. pieter12345 10 months ago