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Project CommandHelper
Branch add-namespaces
Number #3448-
Date 8 months ago

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dd1ed43f Add namespace support for native types For the time being, there is no mechanism to add user classes, or even using() statements, but now at least the mechanism is fully defined, and the fully qualified class types are displayed and internally tracked. The syntax for now is :: as the separator, but it will probably change to . after some discussion and a deprecation period. ms.lang and com.commandhelper are default namespaces, and do not need to be specified, and in fact, at this time cannot be specified, as there is currently no supported way in code to fully qualify a class type. com.commandhelper will eventually be removed once the CH functionality is split out, but will be extensible by the embedding program, so will be added back in specifically for CH scripts. Before . can be used as the path separator, there needs to be a deprecation period, for non-strict mode users, they could potentially be concatenating bare strings, and that would interfere with this mechanism, so this "feature" must be removed. ladycailin 8 months ago