CommandHelper Build #3461-

Project CommandHelper
Branch master
Number #3461-
Date 9 months ago

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ID Summary Committer Date
afe88730 Merge pull request #507 from jb-aero/recipes jb_aero 9 months ago
491c18c9 Throw exception when trying to reuse ID jb-aero 9 months ago
6a594f1b merchant_trading -> merchant_trader jb-aero 9 months ago
b8996e97 Remove trade storage and recipe format reliance. jb-aero 9 months ago
754381a8 Add merchant_trading check function. jb-aero 10 months ago
11110b59 Establish Trades class of functions jb-aero 10 months ago
0df4eb1e Add get_merchant_recipes and make extra settings of merchant recipes optional jb-aero 10 months ago
e67bc0eb Add abstraction for merchant recipes. jb-aero 10 months ago