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4964181d Construct to mixed2018 (#511) This set of changes completes the goals of the original construct-to-mixed branch. Function unfortunately worked with Constructs, rather than the Mixed interface. This was a violation of the Dependency Inversion Principal, which has prevented several critical improvements to the language. The problem is that in Java, there is not multiple inheritance, so while normal classes could easily extend Construct and then be added into the ecosystem, for other types of classes, where it's impossible to extend Construct (particularly because they are already extending another class, which is true in at least the cases of enums and exceptions), these objects simply could not be added into the ecosystem. Now, everything accepts and for the most part deals with Mixed, which is an interface. This has the unfortunate side effect of breaking binary compatibility with extensions, but this change has been in the works for at least three years. As part of this change, implementing enums was used as a test case. That has now also been done, and barring a few bugs, seems to mostly work. This allows access of enums as first class objects, rather than as arrays of strings as previously implemented through reflect_pull. The PR opens lots of possibilities in the future, and so is a welcome change to the base, but there are a few short term goals after this PR is merged: * Move exceptions into first class status. Currently they are implemented as arrays, but this is a shoehorn and not ideal. * Write up documentation for Enums. There is some documentation already available, and this may be mostly correct, but it should at least be read through to ensure it is correct, and then linked to the learning trail. It's also possible to iterate enums with foreach, and so this should be added as an example in various places. * There are still a few bugs with enums, particularly it is not possible to assign an enum class to a variable. ClassType @s = ArraySor... ladycailin 6 months ago