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Project CommandHelper
Branch ObjectTable
Number #3595-
Date 2 months ago

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617b699c Wrote more on topics, write some of the standard library. Several more sections have been added to the objects design doc, as well as a small section about manifests and annotations. In addition to this, a new cmdline tool, new-type has been added. This allows quick and correct creation of classes (and types) to be created. Additionally, many classes in the standard library have been added, though they are not yet compilable, since the compiler does not support this. However, they serve as a great base to begin working against for the compiler changes, and also to see larger segments of code using the designs described in the design doc. There may be some (unintentional) compiler errors in the code, but those will be identified later in the process. Primarily the MethodScript code that is written focuses on supporting the manifest file, but several pieces of supporting code have also been written, all primarily annotations. The code is subject to be moved around and refactored though. Additionally, a workspace has been created for Visual Studio Code to more easily edit the methodscript directory. ladycailin 2 months ago