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Project CommandHelper
Branch instanceof-broken
Number #3612-
Date 2 months ago

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0865c21d Use isInstanceOf everywhere. This changes the code everwhere to use .isInstanceof instead of instanceof, since this is needed for user objects to work. However, the code is *incredibly* slow, so much so that RandomTests takes 60 seconds on my computer. I added some caches, but that didn't really work well enough either. So the next thought is to add this to the jarInfo perhaps, but even still, once user classes are added,that will increase startup time even more, so I think this has to be solved in a more general way. I think the next step is to very closely examine the code path of isInstanceOf, and see what steps are there today, and figure up if any can be removed, replaced with more efficient mechanisms, or at least further cached. This will serve as the basis of the continued work on objects, but until this is fixed, it utterly kills the runtime performance, and simply cannot be merged in to master. ladycailin 2 months ago