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Number #3239-
Date 1 year ago

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55b9109b Merge pull request #461 from Pieter12345/CommandBlockSupport michael smith 1 year ago
6c92a12b Modification to get_command_block(). get_command_block() will now return a locationArray which contains the yaw and pitch for command block minecarts, and not for command block blocks. pieter12345 1 year ago
e8e01b88 Handle commandblocks through ServerCommandEvent Command blocks/minecarts fire a ServerCommandEvent since CraftBukkit 1.12.1. This commit redirects commands in command blocks/minecarts that start with "/runalias" to the event handler that handles commands without a "/runalias" prefix. Effectively, this commit now fires an external BukkitMCConsoleCommandEvent before CommandHelper handles command block/minecart commands. This makes the behaviour of command blocks with and without "/runalias" consistent. pieter12345 1 year ago
ff4e31d1 Command block support and bugfixes. Since CraftBukkit 1.12.1, execution of a CommandBlock fires a ServerCommandEvent, allowing CommandHelper to listen to 'direct' aliases (without /runalias prefix) in command blocks. This commit causes command blocks without "/runalias" to be handled the same as the ones with "/runalias" (effectively adding a "#" in front of the command block name so player() will never return a valid player name for command blocks). This commit also adds support for minecart command blocks in all places where command block blocks are already supported. pieter12345 1 year ago