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master #3427- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Merge branch '1.13-dev' of (7277e8 by pseudoknight)
  • Prepare for merge (d4744f by pseudoknight)
  • Merge pull request #500 from Pieter12345/1.13-dev (eb709d by michael smith)
  • Handle block-specific trait exceptions in material_info (7ae28a by pieter12345)
  • Fallback to a modern material name on legacy item conversion. (18205c by pseudoknight)
  • Partially revert item meta enchantments array changes. It is now an array of arrays again, but the new enchantment keys still exist. (03e94b by pseudoknight)
  • Remove deprecated and broken "block" key in entity_enter_portal event (568e8c by pseudoknight)
  • Return associative array of teams for scoreboards (aa81d3 by pseudoknight)
  • Documentation corrections (3794a5 by pseudoknight)
  • Sync registered commands once when one or more commands are added or removed (87fdb9 by pseudoknight)
  • Remove some unneeded reflection (88dbe5 by pseudoknight)
  • Add fallback for getting shield basecolor (bd2a6a by pseudoknight)
  • Build against Bukkit 1.13.1 (7c14e6 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix get_recipes_for() name and boilerplate error (27498a by pseudoknight)
  • Address some deprecations (a43155 by pseudoknight)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Move item damage from the "data" key to the "damage" key in the item meta. (52753f by pseudoknight)
  • Fix shield banner meta (39e685 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix missed block name in entity_enter_portal (da9e72 by pseudoknight)
  • Require a recipe key (cb9885 by pseudoknight)
  • Better handle legacy potion data and item conversion (328309 by pseudoknight)
  • Address a couple shield and banner meta issues. (6ed535 by pseudoknight)
  • Properly throw an exception when set_entity_spec() is given an invalid material (63a411 by pseudoknight)
  • Update list of commands for players and commandblocks upon register_command() (36ee13 by pseudoknight)
  • Handle null item arguments in certain inventory functions (a42c09 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix unregister_command() (20de12 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix commandblock functions (d1678a by pseudoknight)
  • Add potion effect type names and modify the potion effect array to reflect this. (188683 by pseudoknight)
  • Clean up some deprecations (6e1080 by pseudoknight)
  • Also accept material names as ingredients in recipes (a34b3a by pseudoknight)
  • Add optional ban reason and source to set_pbanned() (4f70fb by pseudoknight)
  • Add functions to check and set whether other entities will collide with a mob (60b5c7 by pseudoknight)
  • Merge branch 'master' of into 1.13-dev (0e030e by pseudoknight)
  • Convert entity types that don't match spawn egg material names (3edc30 by pseudoknight)
  • Update sample aliases (2dc42b by pseudoknight)
  • Update spawn_entity() docs and hide spawn_mob() (62f70c by pseudoknight)
  • Add Tropical Fish entity_spec() and bucket item meta (31bf10 by pseudoknight)
  • Make BadEntityException message formatting consistent (45b113 by pseudoknight)
  • Do compile time check for valid sounds on our own list (fe32b4 by pseudoknight)
  • Document likely scoreboard string length limits (73a1ee by pseudoknight)
  • Add compile time warning when using an invalid Effect in make_effect() (f8bf56 by pseudoknight)
  • Convert legacy spawnegg meta to new item types (e450ce by pseudoknight)
  • Make MainHand and OffHand methods consistent (035360 by pseudoknight)
  • Add 3.3.3 entry to directory page (e1fd39 by ladycailin)
  • Remove redundant player insertion in event data (28a0df by pseudoknight)
  • Replace deprecated Bukkit event with equivalent (6d4029 by pseudoknight)
  • Support spaces in old enchantment functions just like before, and depecrate can_enchant_target() for can_enchant_item() (fde172 by pseudoknight)
  • Update enchantment arrays in item meta arrays to be associative, and update a few enchantment functions. (90a38b by pseudoknight)
  • Remove deprecated player_prelogin event and fix player_login prefilter (9422e9 by pseudoknight)
  • Prioritise item conversion for anvils (ea2d40 by pseudoknight)
  • Re-add get|set_mob_target() (1a6b47 by pseudoknight)
  • Add more gamerules (421fe5 by pseudoknight)
  • Remove unused import (2daabf by pseudoknight)
  • Add compile time warnings for invalid sound and biome types (af858c by pseudoknight)
  • Add better messages for invalid values (d0bd03 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix durability for legacy items and better handle invalid materials (cd75e1 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix spawn_entity() arg limit and add an example usage (20cdb2 by pseudoknight)
  • Remove unused imports (e39a8b by pseudoknight)
  • Remove tab_complete_chat event (non-functional) (a348de by pseudoknight)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Change SILVER to LIGHT_GRAY for consistency. (81c86b by pseudoknight)
  • Fix NPE when given invalid material ids (a81a65 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix missed key change (02ce14 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix incorrect arg limit (be5dcd by pseudoknight)
  • Add "hardness" and "blastResistance" to material_info() (e76a76 by pseudoknight)
  • Further improve legacy material handling (12ee67 by pseudoknight)
  • Improve legacy item conversion (709e98 by pseudoknight)
  • Also try converting legacy material names in data_name() (e11b71 by pseudoknight)
  • Better handle air in player_interact (6944ab by pseudoknight)
  • Re-add data_name() and data_values() for now. (748872 by pseudoknight)
  • Convert changed Bukkit DyeColor (04a881 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix NPE in player_interact when clicking nothing (2af196 by pseudoknight)
  • Add map meta key "mapid" (6a8a23 by pseudoknight)
  • Commit missed diffs (ce6290 by pseudoknight)
  • Update Sounds to match new names (0ccb96 by pseudoknight)
  • Add spawn_particle() function (6b266f by pseudoknight)
  • Add closure parameter to spawn_entity() to apply entity attributes before being added to the world (86d1e7 by pseudoknight)
  • BREAKING CHANGES: Update to reflect changes in 1.13 to items and blocks. It is highly recommended that you do not run this on a production server running pre-1.13 scripts. While efforts were made to warn and convert where necessary, there will be problems with scripts handling items or blocks! Here is a summary of most of the changes: Numerical material ids and data values have been removed in Minecraft. This requires a significant number of changes to any functions or events that handle items or blocks. Though old inputs should continue to work for the most part, deprecation warnings have been inserted when converting from old values, as these are no longer guaranteed to have perfect conversion. Most affected "get" functions and event data output the new material names, so it's impossible to automatically detect all places scripts need to be updated. Saved item arrays will still work in all functions, but a convert_legacy_item() function has been provided to better guarantee conversion accuracy for certain old materials with name conflicts. (eg. MELON) A key "isInteractable" has been added to material_info(). In the item array output, the "type" key and the redundant "enchants" key were removed. The following functions were removed: data_values() and data_name(). The following functions were deprecated completely: set_block_at() and get_block_at(). The following functions were added: get_blockdata_string(), set_blockdata_string(), and convert_legacy_item() (03f9d1 by pseudoknight)
  • Add recipe "key" for furnace recipes (f6fcd5 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix geshi syntax highlighter function URLs (ba68da by pseudoknight)
  • Add warning for deprecated tame_mob() (6c566d by pseudoknight)
  • Add "icon" parameter to potion effects (and fix missing "particles" key in potion meta) (ff30bd by pseudoknight)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Update biome types (affects get|set_biome()) (26b2c6 by pseudoknight)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Update painting (art) types (b8dd66 by pseudoknight)
  • Handle plugin channel name requirements (fd8a8a by pseudoknight)
  • Add new particle types: SQUID_INK, BUBBLE_POP, CURRENT_DOWN, BUBBLE_COLUMN_UP, NAUTILUS, DOLPHIN (684994 by pseudoknight)
  • Add BUFFET world type (ae8809 by pseudoknight)
  • Add DROWNED spawn reason (b4c73a by pseudoknight)
  • Add SLOW_FALLING and TURTLE_MASTER potion types (9e877f by pseudoknight)
  • Add DRYOUT damage cause (daede3 by pseudoknight)
  • Add new entty types: COD, DOLPHIN, DROWNED, PHANTOM, PUFFERFISH, SALMON, TRIDENT, TROPICAL_FISH, and TURTLE (23d550 by pseudoknight)
  • Defer to the server's scoreboard string length limits (887c7d by pseudoknight)
  • Use GROUP_PREFIX (935ba1 by pseudoknight)
  • Move misplaced entity interfaces (f62e7c by pseudoknight)
  • Clean up backwards compatibility (2c7435 by pseudoknight)
  • Change to Bukkit 1.13 (7ab8e5 by pseudoknight)
  • Bump to CommandHelper 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT (1c40cc by pseudoknight)
3 months ago
master #3426- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Release 3.3.2 (90d3bc by pseudoknight)
  • Add changelog for 3.3.2 (68bedf by pseudoknight)
3 months ago
master #3408- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Fix core error when reflect_docs() is given one argument (060644 by pseudoknight)
  • Don't report a compile exception for a missing function before linking (fixes function_exists() and extension_exists() in many cases) (5a470c by pseudoknight)
4 months ago
master #3394- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Documentation updates (65fa4f by ladycailin)
4 months ago
master #3393- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Fix missing skull owner key check (5dc111 by pseudoknight)
4 months ago
master #3392- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Fix "docs" commandline tool output (dedc23 by pseudoknight)
4 months ago
master #3391- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Fix CommandHelper loading (c89ca5 by pseudoknight)
4 months ago
master #3390- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Merge pull request #498 from Pieter12345/master (eb2dea by ladycailin)
  • Make HandleUncaughtException method no longer throw for FATAL result - Make HandleUncaughtException(ConfigRuntimeException e, Environment env, Reaction r) no longer throw an exception when Reaction is FATAL. Instead, handle it the same as REPORT. - Revert return value change from FATAL to REPORT in GetRaction(...). (8f6aea by pieter12345)
  • CheckStyle: Fix violations (f9e7a0 by pieter12345)
  • Fix set_uncaught_exception_handler closure return behaviour Before this commit, the return value of the closure passed to set_uncaught_exception_handler would result in: - true -> Suppress exception. - null -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - false -> Use default uncaught exception handler and print the java stacktrace to the cause. - exception in closure -> Use default uncaught exception handler for the exception in the closure and suppress the first exception. The behaviour set by this commit is: - true -> Suppress exception. - null -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - false -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - exception in closure -> Use default uncaught exception handler to print both exceptions. (39dc2c by pieter12345)
  • Fix possible mistake (ab3587 by pieter12345)
4 months ago
master #3389- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6; exit code 1
  • Ignore Metrics in checkstyle (992c27 by ladycailin)
5 months ago
master #3388- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6; exit code 1
  • Fix checkstyle errors, s/bstats/mcstats (18380b by ladycailin)
5 months ago
master #3386- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6; exit code 1 (new)
  • Merge pull request #496 from EngineHub/csharp (3e62af by ladycailin)
  • Merge branch 'master' into csharp (7d3b00 by ladycailin)
  • Dev Drop (b20792 by ladycailin)
  • Add cmdline-install mechanism for Windows. This installs a C# based launcher, which provides all the Windows specific utilities to the system, but otherwise forwards all processing on to the jar. This works much the same as the Linux launcher/bash frontend. Unlike Linux, however, this is a much more complicated task, and so there is a Visual Studios solution and everything included in this commit. There are still a few tasks remaining: Add the mscript.exe to the Path so that it can be run from the cmd utility. Make the uninstall-cmdline tool work. The prompt_* functions do not work yet. (b6a7a6 by ladycailin)
5 months ago
master #3384- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Remove "owneruuid" key for skull meta. This never worked well. Server implementation needs to be fixed. (6660fa by pseudoknight)
5 months ago
master #3383- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Skip checkstyle on provisional builds (2b107b by pseudoknight)
  • Fix CH loading on server versions prior to MC 1.12 (2e28bf by pseudoknight)
5 months ago
master #3382- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Merge pull request #495 from Pieter12345/player_move_event_bugfix (8a87e0 by michael smith)
  • BugFix: Fix unbinding player_move to unbind multiple player_move events if no threshold prefilter is supplied (ccffaa by pieter12345)
5 months ago
master #3381- Tests passed: 652, ignored: 6
  • Improve matching for dynamic Enums (1fecd2 by pseudoknight)
  • Add LLAMA_SPIT and SHULKER_BULLET to projectile types (f93d27 by pseudoknight)
  • Support all living entity type names in spawn_mob(). (CMDHELPER-2894) (7402c5 by pseudoknight)
5 months ago

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