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Project CraftBook
Branch master
Number #4306-095f592
Date 1 year ago
ID Summary Committer Date
095f592c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/block-bags' me4502 1 year ago
ad394ddc Don't remove the "ADMIN" from admin simple area mechanics. me4502 1 year ago
6c9ac321 Fixed some small dupe issue with BlockBags. me4502 1 year ago
ead729fe Add handling for when Bridge/Door/Gate fails to add/remove to BlockBag. matthew miller 1 year ago
8172e696 Fixed BlockBag build errors. matthew miller 1 year ago
f0ca9fcd Refactored ID and Creator system of BlockBags. matthew miller 1 year ago
7f31a316 Working setup. Currently has a few bugs that need ironing out. me4502 1 year ago
1c750809 Added basic untested BlockBag support to SimpleArea mechanics. matthew miller 1 year ago
8b7bedc7 Move old block bag data to the new place. matthew miller 1 year ago
87172069 Some basic setup for block bags. matthew miller 1 year ago