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Project CraftBook
Branch spigot-tile-entity-refactor
Number #4367-2d301ee
Date 5 months ago

No artifacts (files) are available for this build!

ID Summary Committer Date
2d301eea Start the tile entity refactor matthew miller 5 months ago
6f8e5ba3 Fixed some errors caused by removed parts of the Spigot API. me4502 5 months ago
f5d117e8 Fixed broken polar bear skin. me4502 5 months ago
dab56932 Add some more locking around the Midi players list. me4502 5 months ago
05e574b8 Fixed an issue where the wrong inventory was specified for minecart depositer me4502 5 months ago
9baf7bf3 Fixed RangedCollector assuming chests. matthew miller 5 months ago
e3d7926e Fixed a minor bug in Pipe jukebox handling. me4502 6 months ago
46527cf9 Added smelting results for iron/gold equipment and nuggets. matthew miller 6 months ago
e7444905 Update platinteufel 6 months ago
3ea6bb68 Fixed jukebox and pipe interoperability. me4502 6 months ago
8533831e Fixed CombineHarvester not collecting beetroot seeds. me4502 6 months ago
4ae9d1d4 Fix a lot of container updates. matthew miller 6 months ago
7217cdbe Commented out the update I added in 174. me4502 6 months ago
d88416a6 Don't ever call update on inventories. me4502 6 months ago
6213cd1a Optimised the ranged collector for multi-item collections. me4502 6 months ago
52bf6d50 Updated default config. me4502 6 months ago
86a69b29 Don't perform redstone code for Powered Rails. matthew miller 6 months ago
2ed2975b Minor optimisation for RangedCollector matthew miller 7 months ago
02e3009a Added shulker boxes to blocks with inventories. me4502 7 months ago
a67c9bbf Added burning furnaces to the list of blocks with inventories. me4502 7 months ago
2f9fce66 Added GREATERVAR and LESSVAR action types. me4502 7 months ago
54bf15d7 Added untested option to CustomDrops to remove vanilla drops. matthew miller 7 months ago
99d9d3f4 Added inline comment support to Fyrestone. me4502 7 months ago
d93785de Catch crazy velocity errors. me4502 7 months ago
2ff610ce Added per-drop permission nodes to custom drops. me4502 7 months ago
04745042 Use the meta channel for end of track, this fixes a weird MIDI bug where some MIDI files were not calling close() on the sequencer once they finished. Not sure if it's a Java bug or the spec is just unclear. me4502 8 months ago
eb9fc4ef Added the StainedClay -> Terracotta as a possible smelt target. me4502 8 months ago
944b9044 Minor recipe cleanup. Also use NamespacedKeys for the recipes now. me4502 8 months ago
11063b90 Remove chair hack rotation fix. me4502 9 months ago
34b99d04 Added option to only remove 1 damage from the axe in treelopper. me4502 9 months ago
6223a08a Update to the actual 1.12 release. me4502 9 months ago
3c9923f7 Updated ProtocolLib version. me4502 9 months ago
43a3fc83 Updated the MIDI systems to take new instruments into account. matthew miller 9 months ago
53407d92 Wrap all recursion in pipes with StackOverflowException, and added an option to output warnings. me4502 9 months ago
6467c8b4 Added a limitation to the length of a pipe to prevent massive crashes. me4502 9 months ago
e3845796 Updated to Minecraft 1.12, and Java 8. me4502 10 months ago
0cdf8758 Wrap enchantment setting with a try catch matthew miller 9 months ago
e93b5017 Fixed NCP interfering with SignCopier. matthew miller 9 months ago
5d4923ef Added a '/cb iteminfo' command to output ItemSyntax. me4502 10 months ago
78a2623c Fixed CustomDrops. me4502 10 months ago
076bb19f Added depth checks to Pipes. me4502 10 months ago
e032371b Store visitedLocations for Pipes as a Vector rather than location. me4502 10 months ago
7b7d1503 Add a listener to remove black colour codes from the beginning of signs. me4502 10 months ago
8d9f88d6 Use continue rather than return for CustomDrops checks. me4502 10 months ago
532b92f2 Only collect items if the recipe is valid. me4502 10 months ago
87696bb2 Check that an invalid item isn't null. me4502 10 months ago
b21fb607 Handle out of bound lines. matthew miller 10 months ago
5a460b46 Handle out of bound lines. matthew miller 10 months ago
14c2a865 Make it a list rather than single one. me4502 10 months ago
03d4d52b Added Biome as a filter for CustomDrops. me4502 10 months ago
5e04acf5 Added option to specify names to ignore in HeadDrops. me4502 11 months ago
d5867b6b Tweaks to item checking. Better debug outputs. me4502 11 months ago
6ce7bd67 Fixed LightSwitches breaking torches. me4502 11 months ago
3c64e8a4 Fixed pipes not transferring 0 durability items. me4502 11 months ago
491d0167 Make global regions still accept true for isWithinArea me4502 11 months ago
37aebef3 Added beetroot to the terraformer. me4502 11 months ago
8c87d622 Fixed a few errors with BetterLeads. me4502 11 months ago
f3da9d56 Add checks to ensure that bridges and doors are atleast 3 blocks long. me4502 11 months ago
76d74fad Added other boat types to WaterPlaceOnly. me4502 11 months ago
41a6b62d Clear inventory of Storage and Hopper carts before teleporting. me4502 11 months ago
2df5616e Update a few docs. me4502 11 months ago
d5016287 Only default to $IGNORE name on the first itemstack. This can potentially be breaking, if the comparison itemstack is given second. me4502 1 year ago
3c63ada3 Fixed typo in description for HeadDrops command give. me4502 1 year ago
6473c016 Added a command to give a player a HeadDrop. me4502 1 year ago
72f03c3d Replace escape characters in ItemSyntax. me4502 1 year ago
0673ab6e Added Evoker, Vex and Stray headdrops. me4502 1 year ago
d3f53f74 Added required items to CustomDrops. Also fixed silk touch for entities. me4502 1 year ago
39daf745 Potentially fix ITEM_PICKUP consume item command loop. me4502 1 year ago
aa049d90 Potentially fix bug resulting in 'a' being placed into CustomCrafting shape. me4502 1 year ago
ae5b5a8e Update to new repos. matthew miller 1 year ago
5cf82d64 Added ItemFlag support to ItemSyntax. matthew miller 1 year ago
b8e02faa Added unbreakable support to ItemSyntax. matthew miller 1 year ago
3c9a45ca Fixed CustomDrop not using valid damage values. matthew miller 1 year ago
76b05b41 BounceBLocks auto-block fixes. me4502 1 year ago
18e50591 Fixed a bug in location parsing for BounceBlocks. me4502 1 year ago
a38c9867 Added BlockPlace checks to the list to ignore. me4502 1 year ago
7d8b7c3a Don't replace entire last line on Melody with uppercase when :START or :LOOP is found. me4502 1 year ago
e13b1199 Improved warning output for when an invalid recipe is found. me4502 1 year ago
3db76312 Fixed bounceblock empty sign errors. matthew miller 1 year ago
b654a39a Added wool to fuel list. me4502 1 year ago
b44901c2 Added better handling for limits on Bounce BetterPiston. me4502 1 year ago
7eb9405b Make getNearbyEntities not load chunks. me4502 1 year ago
79617981 Fixed improperly reading drop stack chance as an int rather than a double. me4502 1 year ago
29f1a3d4 Use doesInventoryContain for PlayerInvSensor. me4502 1 year ago
720ba294 Fixed AnimalHarvester sending wool into the abyss. me4502 1 year ago
d445b28d Added offhand support to PlayerInventorySensor. me4502 1 year ago
d6d72e36 Added new stair types to chair defaults. me4502 1 year ago
87e1686b Inventory#removeItem rather than Inventory#remove. me4502 1 year ago
c75fe9f2 Move the BEFORE COmmandItem actions to prevent it using consumables when it shouldn;'t. me4502 1 year ago
9c0d14d2 Added Beetroot support to CombineHarvester. me4502 1 year ago
b78dc456 Added Beetroot support to Planter. me4502 1 year ago
662f0427 Use the ItemStack remove method for Pump. me4502 1 year ago
e6820eca Skip range collected items if PipeRequestEvent is cancelled (#199) billygalbreath 1 year ago
c9c4ad49 Make the same CommandItem fix for projectile Launch as well. me4502 1 year ago
5551774a Pre-calculate shooter and item for projectile CommandItems. me4502 1 year ago
6c13a98c Kill minecarts via remove rather than damage. me4502 1 year ago
272d4d8f Call PipePutEvent for all pipe placements. me4502 1 year ago
ed3b20d2 Fixed AutoCrafter warnings spamming. me4502 1 year ago
a7f36bfd Try directly teleporting the armour stand to the new yaw. me4502 1 year ago
77b87c9f More filtering for invalid recipes. Also added a warning for when certain ones are found. me4502 1 year ago