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Branch # Status Changes Finished
master #2217 Compilation failed
  • Small changes to how advancedBlockChecks are handled. (c3063a by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2216 Compilation failed
  • Made weather faker use the new bukkit API. (e9fa87 by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2194 Success
  • Minor changes to the corrupt tile entity thingy. (c03e93 by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2149 Compilation failed
  • Upgrade to bukkit 1.5 and fix warnings related to 1.5 (8c9579 by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2148 Success
  • Made cart dispenser not require a chest if 'inf' is set. (fede00 by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2125 Success
  • Added support for multiple type ID's with minecart Collect/Deposit signs (cd8876 by me4502)
5 years ago
master #2121 Success
  • Fixed a few AutoCrafter and CustomCrafting bugs. (ebff13 by me4502)
  • Add 3.6b1 to the version converter. (bb0d88 by me4502)
  • 3.6 Beta 1 Changelog. (520c4a by me4502)
  • Added /circuit alias for /IC in case another plugi (bec82a by me4502)
  • Changes to the way disabled-ics in the config works. (3613fa by me4502)
  • Derp. Thats why it was failing. (4c097b by me4502)
  • Removed weird line that was messing up DisaledIC's. (4bba99 by me4502)
  • Renamed it to CraftBook 3.6 (e15f95 by me4502)
  • Made IC's not require isActive, and made an abstract ST IC class, removing the need to extend AbstractIC and implement SelfTriggeredIC (b96375 by me4502)
  • Fix bug where Door and Bridge says "X Toggled" even when it fails to toggle. (d7bc93 by me4502)
  • Better bug fixes. (cbe5bf by me4502)
  • Many fixes for BetterPistons. (72422d by me4502)
  • Remove some debug code. (837eff by me4502)
  • Made the auto-updater disabled if it isn't a standard jenkins build. (5dd80b by me4502)
  • Fully implemented the new ST System. All IC's moved. (58a33b by me4502)
  • Gave RangeOutput a MC1XXX ID. (23bd35 by me4502)
  • Added first test IC, also made Monostable a new ID space. (4c116a by me4502)
  • Start of NewST refactor. (92312d by me4502)
  • Made CreatureSpawner spawn skeletons with bows. (297721 by me4502)
  • Corrected build due to failure. (b49f30 by me4502)
  • Added CraftBook 3.5.7 Changelog. (87b107 by me4502)
  • Fix an unload NPE. (f700e2 by me4502)
  • Fix snow allowing snow to stack from the bottom of the world. (6473b8 by me4502)
  • Container Stacker Blacklist (507da6 by me4502)
  • Abstract most of JingleNote (38192a by me4502)
  • Made JingleNote stop playing for people outside the radius. (46f8d7 by me4502)
  • Git Attributes (417ce4 by me4502)
  • Git Attributes (59f2c9 by me4502)
  • Line ending test (afefb4 by me4502)
  • Normalized line endings (b62e61 by wizjany)
  • Made Chunk Anchor not able to be unloaded by CraftBook. (4e23eb by me4502)
  • Changed CartDispenser cart type to 1st line. To fix the conflict. (b43acd by me4502)
  • Made chunk anchor ST, and fixed a bug with some things being blocked even without the check options enabled. Also fixed the SOE on right click with advanced checks enabled. (5bfacf by me4502)
  • Fixed SuperSticky eating blocks. Also fixed chest/signs losing stuff. (f32f92 by me4502)
  • Added CraftBook 3.5.6 Changelog (a33c65 by me4502)
  • Normalize line endings. (cd70a8 by me4502)
  • Improved custom crafting checks. (2adacc by me4502)
  • Fix bug with shaped recipes not working. (Only SHAPED ones, not SHAPED2X2 or 3X3) (22d936 by me4502)
  • Fix line endings. (98e094 by me4502)
  • Allowed betterpistons to move signs with text, and containers. allowing for chests to be pushed, whilst regaining contents. (ac6dd4 by matthew)
  • Fix CookingPot dupe bug. (16e7eb by matthew)
  • Fixed sugar cane not being collected by Combine Harvester. (d4580d by matthew)
  • Remove some redundant ic checks. (ad732b by matthew)
  • Made LightStone, Ammeter and Cauldron all not auto trigger at every block. (8f32aa by matthew)
  • Buttons moved by BetterPistons will pop out automatically, so they don't get stuck. (76dae5 by matthew)
  • Added 3.5.5 Changelog. (b65eb5 by matthew)
  • Made optional text gray, and blank lines dark gray. (a5b4c9 by matthew)
  • Updated Pom, Improved IC Docs, Added 'Optional' text to IC Docs. (Green Text) (0d63a8 by matthew)
  • Fixed the WorldGuard region checking methods, they defaulted to false if WorldGuard wasn't available. (1dfb4d by matthew)
  • Disable check-worldguard-flags by default. (6e2d61 by matthew)
  • Fix Cooking Pot not giving back buckets & fixed cooking pot going into negatives. (29b064 by matthew)
  • Gave the auto updater a user agent. and made it remind people to check the changelog. (8aa611 by matthew)
  • Added extra results to custom crafting. basically just add more than 1 result, and it'll either add them to your inventory or drop them at your feet. (1c6a8c by matthew)
  • Stop custom block drops occuring in creative. (6cb1a5 by matthew)
  • Made the cooking pot ingredients more normal. (d41ecf by matthew)
  • Few bug fixes for cooking pot. (37b1b7 by matthew)
  • Fixed IC's doing magic data transformations. (853c21 by matthew)
  • Added offset support to timed explosive IC. (a6765a by matthew)
  • Added 3.5.5b1 changelog. (207087 by matthew)
  • Made Cannon/Fan Dispenser recipes more normal. (7aa8d6 by matthew)
  • Added ability to spawn wither skeletons with CreatureSpawner/AES (4003ef by matthew)
  • Made CraftBooks custom crafting event run first, this should make chance of conflicting very low. (f5459b by matthew)
  • Add permission nodes to Crafting Recipes. (Through the new advanced recipe data system in CraftBook) (e0fe3a by matthew)
  • Added a utility for when we implement JUnit testing (0a6998 by matthew)
  • Fixed custom crafting NPE. (9e4441 by matthew)
  • Made ContainerStacker work with stacks that would add up to over 64. (9ea61b by matthew)
  • Merge pull request #170 from Silthus/fixingstuff (5b4ee7 by me4502)
  • dont replace the block the sign is on to avoid destroying the ic (c8060a by silthus)
  • fix door/bridge IC not working when only two coordinates are used (5a7ebb by silthus)
  • Made Custom Crafting only touch recipes it needs to. I don't think this'll change anything, but it may fix incompatabilities with poorly coded plugins. (ebf7d9 by matthew)
  • Added a furnace recipe example to custom-recipes.yml (52b115 by matthew)
  • Improved the custom crafting examples. (e1bd3c by matthew)
  • Make PFD check if the chunk of a spawned firework is loaded. (29db8b by matthew)
  • Made item sorter inverter XOR not OR. (e0023d by matthew)
  • Fixed error with Tune IC. (be4e7e by matthew)
  • Crush piston mech works with sticky pistons, and fixed errors in recipe results causing errors in console, it now warns that the result is invalid and disregards the recipe. (7170f9 by matthew)
  • Made the IC keep loaded option keep the IC chunks loaded. (96bc36 by matthew)
  • Made the IC keep loaded option keep the chunks loaded, so that they work properly. (ab14b7 by matthew)
  • Re-enable the WorldGuard checks, as worldguard is fixed. (6af365 by matthew)
  • Made WorldEdit loaded as a Soft Dependency, so it will work in lib folder. (df42a2 by matthew)
  • Fix WorldGuardPlugin never getting resolved. (fd2378 by wizjany)
  • Added base of an option to keep some IC's loaded when the chunks are unloaded. This is untested and may cause issues if enabled. (c791f2 by matthew)
  • Fix Combine Harvester not returning drops for some blocks. (526d57 by matthew)
  • Added Changelog for 3.5.4 (7ca3b7 by matthew)
  • Added option to change IC default offset type. (37ac58 by matthew)
  • Fixed gate dupe bug. (ce49ce by matthew)
  • Fixed Crafting dupe bug. (86c7b2 by matthew)
  • Made the code neater. Seeing it killed me a little inside. (622742 by matthew)
  • Fixed Automatic Crafter & Custom Named recipes. (490ab2 by matthew)
  • Stop Crush from breaking Bedrock. (6a8d69 by matthew)
  • BetterPistons can no longer mode Obsidian/Bedrock. (5bec25 by matthew)
  • Fixed Custom Crafting naming. (95037f by matthew)
  • Fixed /cb report requiring WorldGuard. (eba8c2 by matthew)
  • Turns out physics events don't call physics on itself on place. (99a4dd by matthew)
  • minor bugfix to BetterPistons. (b78f67 by matthew)
  • Added an option to change piston max distance. (3f44a3 by matthew)
  • Made piston mechs that move blocks move entities along with them. Also bug fixes for bounce piston mech, as it sometimes boucned players next to it etc. (be4668 by matthew)
  • Fix many piston related bugs. (From last commit) (fa3537 by matthew)
  • Added an option to have supersticky/superpush extend/pull a certain amount per power. (2314b9 by matthew)
  • Improve multiple block set, can now have an offblock set. (57d44c by matthew)
5 years ago
master #2118 Success
  • Fixed cooking pot dupe bug (cfa3c2 by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2117 Success
  • Added charcoal to cooking and renamed option. (215304 by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2116 Success
  • Added option for cooking pot to also cook ores. (98d99d by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2115 Success
  • Re-ordering pom stuff. (fb2221 by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2114 Success
  • Fixed bugs in distribution pom, and added a few handy ItemUtil methods. (58bc3f by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2113 Failure
  • Fixed cooking pot negative bug (96d683 by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2112 Success
  • Testing fix for new WE build. (3760fe by me4502)
6 years ago
master #2111 Compilation failed
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException I caused by (6a520e by me4502)
6 years ago

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