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Branch # Status Changes Finished
spigot/1.12 #4353 Cannot start build runner
  • Added untested option to CustomDrops to remove vanilla drops. (5218ab by matthew miller)
1 year ago
spigot/1.12 #4327 Cannot start build runner
  • Updated ProtocolLib version. (298e8f by me4502)
1 year ago
spigot/1.12 #4326 Cannot start build runner
  • Updated the MIDI systems to take new instruments into account. (fcf274 by matthew miller)
1 year ago
spigot/1.12 #4325 Cannot start build runner
  • Wrap all recursion in pipes with StackOverflowException, and added an option to output warnings. (637400 by me4502)
1 year ago
spigot/1.12 #4324 Cannot start build runner
  • Added a limitation to the length of a pipe to prevent massive crashes. (c43d33 by me4502)
1 year ago
spigot/1.12 #4323 Cannot start build runner
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.12, and Java 8. (87c0fb by me4502)
  • Added a '/cb iteminfo' command to output ItemSyntax. (5d4923 by me4502)
  • Fixed CustomDrops. (78a262 by me4502)
  • Added depth checks to Pipes. (076bb1 by me4502)
  • Store visitedLocations for Pipes as a Vector rather than location. (e03237 by me4502)
  • Add a listener to remove black colour codes from the beginning of signs. (7b7d15 by me4502)
  • Use continue rather than return for CustomDrops checks. (8d9f88 by me4502)
  • Only collect items if the recipe is valid. (532b92 by me4502)
  • Check that an invalid item isn't null. (87696b by me4502)
  • Handle out of bound lines. (b21fb6 by matthew miller)
  • Handle out of bound lines. (5a460b by matthew miller)
  • Make it a list rather than single one. (14c2a8 by me4502)
  • Added Biome as a filter for CustomDrops. (03d4d5 by me4502)
  • Added option to specify names to ignore in HeadDrops. (5e04ac by me4502)
  • Tweaks to item checking. Better debug outputs. (d5867b by me4502)
  • Fixed LightSwitches breaking torches. (6ce7bd by me4502)
  • Fixed pipes not transferring 0 durability items. (3c64e8 by me4502)
  • Make global regions still accept true for isWithinArea (491d01 by me4502)
  • Added beetroot to the terraformer. (37aebe by me4502)
  • Fixed a few errors with BetterLeads. (8c87d6 by me4502)
  • Add checks to ensure that bridges and doors are atleast 3 blocks long. (f3da9d by me4502)
  • Added other boat types to WaterPlaceOnly. (76d74f by me4502)
  • Clear inventory of Storage and Hopper carts before teleporting. (41a6b6 by me4502)
  • Update a few docs. (2df561 by me4502)
  • Only default to $IGNORE name on the first itemstack. This can potentially be breaking, if the comparison itemstack is given second. (d50162 by me4502)
  • Fixed typo in description for HeadDrops command give. (3c63ad by me4502)
  • Added a command to give a player a HeadDrop. (6473c0 by me4502)
  • Replace escape characters in ItemSyntax. (72f03c by me4502)
  • Added Evoker, Vex and Stray headdrops. (0673ab by me4502)
  • Added required items to CustomDrops. Also fixed silk touch for entities. (d3f53f by me4502)
  • Potentially fix ITEM_PICKUP consume item command loop. (39daf7 by me4502)
  • Potentially fix bug resulting in 'a' being placed into CustomCrafting shape. (aa049d by me4502)
  • Update to new repos. (ae5b5a by matthew miller)
  • Added ItemFlag support to ItemSyntax. (5cf82d by matthew miller)
  • Added unbreakable support to ItemSyntax. (b8e02f by matthew miller)
  • Fixed CustomDrop not using valid damage values. (3c9a45 by matthew miller)
  • BounceBLocks auto-block fixes. (76b05b by me4502)
  • Fixed a bug in location parsing for BounceBlocks. (18e505 by me4502)
  • Added BlockPlace checks to the list to ignore. (a38c98 by me4502)
  • Don't replace entire last line on Melody with uppercase when :START or :LOOP is found. (7d8b7c by me4502)
  • Improved warning output for when an invalid recipe is found. (e13b11 by me4502)
  • Fixed bounceblock empty sign errors. (3db763 by matthew miller)
  • Added wool to fuel list. (b654a3 by me4502)
  • Added better handling for limits on Bounce BetterPiston. (b44901 by me4502)
  • Make getNearbyEntities not load chunks. (7eb940 by me4502)
  • Fixed improperly reading drop stack chance as an int rather than a double. (796179 by me4502)
  • Use doesInventoryContain for PlayerInvSensor. (29f1a3 by me4502)
  • Fixed AnimalHarvester sending wool into the abyss. (720ba2 by me4502)
  • Added offhand support to PlayerInventorySensor. (d445b2 by me4502)
  • Added new stair types to chair defaults. (d6d72e by me4502)
  • Inventory#removeItem rather than Inventory#remove. (87e168 by me4502)
  • Move the BEFORE COmmandItem actions to prevent it using consumables when it shouldn;'t. (c75fe9 by me4502)
  • Added Beetroot support to CombineHarvester. (9c0d14 by me4502)
  • Added Beetroot support to Planter. (b78dc4 by me4502)
  • Use the ItemStack remove method for Pump. (662f04 by me4502)
  • Skip range collected items if PipeRequestEvent is cancelled (#199) (e6820e by billygalbreath)
  • Make the same CommandItem fix for projectile Launch as well. (c9c4ad by me4502)
  • Pre-calculate shooter and item for projectile CommandItems. (555177 by me4502)
  • Kill minecarts via remove rather than damage. (6c13a9 by me4502)
  • Call PipePutEvent for all pipe placements. (272d4d by me4502)
  • Fixed AutoCrafter warnings spamming. (ed3b20 by me4502)
  • Try directly teleporting the armour stand to the new yaw. (a7f36b by me4502)
  • More filtering for invalid recipes. Also added a warning for when certain ones are found. (77b87c by me4502)
  • Tweak TreeLopper to explicitly call update on the Sapling state. Seems Spigot now requires it. From the people I've asked, it appears to be a bug - however I'm calling it for now as it's required. (76d802 by me4502)
  • Fix potential issue when a broken recipe is given to AutoCrafter. (b2beca by me4502)
  • Minor cleanup with CommandItems. (2e8a0e by me4502)
  • Only use persistent storage for death items across restart. (d8a2fc by me4502)
  • Fixed about not showing the git hash. Also added support for it being overriden by versions. (9f4e7b by me4502)
  • Remove automatic updater. (029b47 by me4502)
  • Added a few checks when creating filters for the RangedCollector. (77ebc7 by me4502)
  • Allow multiple CommandItems to be kept on death. (e75fd6 by me4502)
  • If there are no filters, don't require them to pass. (035453 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed report writer when ST is disabled. (71378d by me4502)
  • Added option to disable playing message in Melody IC. (271cfe by me4502)
  • Fixed ranged collector requiring all filters to pass. (ffd930 by me4502)
  • Fix JukeBox NPE on 1.11 servers (#198) (e2ba19 by billygalbreath)
  • Update the README file I didn't even know existed. (2baebc by me4502)
  • Make a few changes to how CartBooster works. Gold now sets to max speed, rather than 100. (8437e3 by me4502)
  • Fixed custom drops without regions. (d6ab9d by me4502)
  • Added wet sponge -> sponge as a smeltable result. (0f9ee9 by me4502)
  • If using enforce type - set the sign type upon right click. (b3c4ee by me4502)
  • Wooden buttons should turn on for 30 ticks, not 20. (efb36f by me4502)
  • Support sorting enchanted books (#197) (0d467e by billygalbreath)
  • jungle and dark oak trees can now place 4 saplings. (46f713 by me4502)
  • Added a command to list variables. (ad45ea by me4502)
  • Compiled with 1.11 (4f095c by me4502)
  • Fixed error when using variable commands without it being enabled. (ec421f by me4502)
  • Fixed betterphysics potential stackoverflow (db2e2a by me4502)
  • Fixed lightswitch not re-applying data afterwards, which is now required. (f00f4f by me4502)
  • Move the BetterPhysics fix, to work for all ladders in a line, not just the above one. (a12562 by me4502)
  • Made BetterPhysics update the above block on block break. (83038f by me4502)
  • Don't suck air out of jukeboxes. (c516db by me4502)
  • Fixed itemstack validity check in Pipes. (7865c8 by me4502)
  • Update yaw of armour stands. (1f2247 by me4502)
  • Fixed BetterPhysics ladders. (f07b22 by me4502)
  • Added max depth option to Driller. (a737ce by me4502)
  • Merge pull request #196 from cynmod/3.x (d331cf by matthew miller)
  • Modifyable Driller Added to configuration to allow to change the size of the driller and added to allow over riding the configuration by putting the size on the 3rd line of the sign. (60371b by buildtools)
  • Check max durability in block drops. (05cce7 by me4502)
  • Replaced the Vault repo with the updated one. (5d0ae1 by me4502)
1 year ago

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