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Branch # Status Changes Finished
spigot/1.13 #4421 Gradle exception; exit code 1
  • More work. Less errors left now. (b6f4f9 by matthew miller)
10 months ago
spigot/1.13 #4420 Gradle exception; exit code 1
  • A few more updates. Last for tonight. Will resume tomorrow. (532422 by matthew miller)
10 months ago
spigot/1.13 #4419 Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (new)
  • Switch to gradle and further work (3ddcd4 by matthew miller)
10 months ago
spigot/1.13 #4418 Cannot start build runner
  • Some further work on Spigot 1.13 (8d75ba by matthew miller)
10 months ago
spigot/1.13 #4417 Cannot start build runner
  • Initial work on 1.13 (227ceb by matthew miller)
  • Fixed invert detection mode for Player Sensor (be146f by matthew miller)
  • Improve pump short description (ff8a71 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed the piston tick offset for BetterPistons (542d4b by matthew miller)
  • Check break rather than build for SignCopier (25d290 by matthew miller)
  • Added advanced block checks support to BetterPistons (9489a7 by matthew miller)
  • Make monostable have a max of 5 minutes (26b311 by matthew miller)
  • Improve report writer (f96bd3 by matthew miller)
  • Make snow slowdown not require trampling too (0104cb by matthew miller)
  • Added an invert detection mode to PlayerSensor (056f52 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed invertOutput in ST variants of the Player Sensor IC. (727f3c by matthew miller)
  • Also strip invalid section signs when performing sign events (8cdc26 by matthew miller)
  • Listen for player disconnect event for removing chairs (160c38 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed AdvancedEntitySpawner with invalid entity types (e706ce by matthew miller)
  • Fixed WaterPlaceOnly (9bb785 by matthew miller)
  • Make WaterPlaceOnly support off hand (e8d1f1 by matthew miller)
  • Added block type and data selectors. (b4409f by matthew miller)
  • Fix player language functionality Because Minecraft uses lowercase for everything we just ignore the case for the available languages by storing and querying everything lowercase (7e9198 by phoenix616)
  • Add setting to completely disable self-triggered ICs (a9f59c by phoenix616)
  • Allowed off hand to be used for HiddenSwitch keys. (3cd650 by matthew miller)
  • Added a few missing head drops and fixed up a few existing ones. (5d70ea by matthew miller)
  • Fixed missed diff. (e025c9 by matthew miller)
  • Some commands don't work properly if processed properly (?). Have fake command compatibility as an option. (103183 by matthew miller)
  • Slight cleanup. (9ba8c6 by matthew miller)
  • Added an option to not animate the snow falling for performance reasons. (2a3647 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a pulse issue with Toggle Area. (2cf85b by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a few issues with BetterSnow. (b526a6 by matthew miller)
  • Send PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent for CommandItems. (76f784 by matthew miller)
  • Added an ignore powered rail option to ConstantSpeed. (9e1f49 by matthew miller)
  • Use jdk8 for travis (0ca398 by matthew miller)
  • Add the ability for sorters to ignore enchants, meta, and/or durability (caad5d by billygalbreath)
  • Added an enforce-type option to bridges and doors. (6355e7 by matthew miller)
  • Added hopper to list of blocks with inventories. (eef6da by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a few deprecation warnings. Still a tonne left (2cc4d7 by matthew miller)
  • Re-add sign alias (23b386 by matthew miller)
  • Remove hd and sign aliases to prevent duplicates. (786e31 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed WorldGuard protection queries and added warnings about Spigot duplicate recipes issue. (4a6072 by matthew miller)
  • Upped the limit of clock ICs to 100000 (a3af48 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a few deprecated method calls. (d21863 by matthew miller)
  • Slight performance improvement for dispenser recipes. (b33a36 by buildtools)
  • Since when do arrays start at 1? (d27e8a by matthew miller)
  • Added comparison for books (8772f2 by matthew miller)
  • Partially cleanup MIDI synchronisation. (14906e by matthew miller)
  • Fixed Y offset not being taken into account for buttons/levers (53400d by matthew miller)
  • Fixed potential error without CraftBookNMS (1a707e by matthew miller)
  • Fixed nullpointerexception in ChangedSign without CraftBookNMS (bdd2a3 by buildtools)
  • Updated ProtocolLib dependency. (33d30e by matthew miller)
  • Some fixes for the ChangedSign system (642504 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed some mechanics having a sign issue (9d769f by matthew miller)
  • 3.9u18 (72f90d by me4502)
  • Fixed an error, and made a small optimisation (ad687e by me4502)
  • Pipe signs through NMSAdapter (f162fd by me4502)
  • Start the tile entity refactor (71df53 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed irrigator. (045860 by me4502)
  • Fixed some bugs with the Spigot and Pump ICs. (8eb015 by me4502)
  • Fixed some errors caused by removed parts of the Spigot API. (6f8e5b by me4502)
  • Fixed broken polar bear skin. (f5d117 by me4502)
  • Add some more locking around the Midi players list. (dab569 by me4502)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong inventory was specified for minecart depositer (05e574 by me4502)
  • Fixed RangedCollector assuming chests. (9baf7b by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a minor bug in Pipe jukebox handling. (e3d792 by me4502)
  • Added smelting results for iron/gold equipment and nuggets. (46527c by matthew miller)
  • Update (e74449 by platinteufel)
  • Fixed jukebox and pipe interoperability. (3ea6bb by me4502)
  • Fixed CombineHarvester not collecting beetroot seeds. (853383 by me4502)
  • Fix a lot of container updates. (4ae9d1 by matthew miller)
  • Commented out the update I added in 174. (7217cd by me4502)
  • Don't ever call update on inventories. (d88416 by me4502)
  • Optimised the ranged collector for multi-item collections. (6213cd by me4502)
  • Updated default config. (52bf6d by me4502)
  • Don't perform redstone code for Powered Rails. (86a69b by matthew miller)
  • Minor optimisation for RangedCollector (2ed297 by matthew miller)
  • Added shulker boxes to blocks with inventories. (02e300 by me4502)
  • Added burning furnaces to the list of blocks with inventories. (a67c9b by me4502)
  • Added GREATERVAR and LESSVAR action types. (2f9fce by me4502)
  • Added untested option to CustomDrops to remove vanilla drops. (54bf15 by matthew miller)
  • Added inline comment support to Fyrestone. (99d9d3 by me4502)
  • Catch crazy velocity errors. (d93785 by me4502)
  • Added per-drop permission nodes to custom drops. (2ff610 by me4502)
  • Use the meta channel for end of track, this fixes a weird MIDI bug where some MIDI files were not calling close() on the sequencer once they finished. Not sure if it's a Java bug or the spec is just unclear. (047450 by me4502)
  • Added the StainedClay -> Terracotta as a possible smelt target. (eb9fc4 by me4502)
  • Minor recipe cleanup. Also use NamespacedKeys for the recipes now. (944b90 by me4502)
  • Remove chair hack rotation fix. (11063b by me4502)
  • Added option to only remove 1 damage from the axe in treelopper. (34b99d by me4502)
  • Update to the actual 1.12 release. (6223a0 by me4502)
  • Updated ProtocolLib version. (3c9923 by me4502)
  • Updated the MIDI systems to take new instruments into account. (43a3fc by matthew miller)
  • Wrap all recursion in pipes with StackOverflowException, and added an option to output warnings. (53407d by me4502)
  • Added a limitation to the length of a pipe to prevent massive crashes. (6467c8 by me4502)
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.12, and Java 8. (e38457 by me4502)
  • Wrap enchantment setting with a try catch (0cdf87 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed NCP interfering with SignCopier. (e93b50 by matthew miller)
  • Added a '/cb iteminfo' command to output ItemSyntax. (5d4923 by me4502)
  • Fixed CustomDrops. (78a262 by me4502)
  • Added depth checks to Pipes. (076bb1 by me4502)
  • Store visitedLocations for Pipes as a Vector rather than location. (e03237 by me4502)
  • Add a listener to remove black colour codes from the beginning of signs. (7b7d15 by me4502)
  • Use continue rather than return for CustomDrops checks. (8d9f88 by me4502)
  • Only collect items if the recipe is valid. (532b92 by me4502)
  • Check that an invalid item isn't null. (87696b by me4502)
11 months ago

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