SK's Minecraft Launcher Build #103

Project SK's Minecraft Launcher
Branch master
Number #103-008da45
Date 6 years ago

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ID Summary Committer Date
008da45e Added support for selecting optional components to install as part of an update. <package version="1.1"> <component id="base" required="true"> <title>Base Game</title> <description>The base game files.</description> </component> <component id="eduardo" default="true"> <title>Picture of Eduardo</title> <description>Draws a picture of Eduardo on your screen.</description> </component> <component id="alice"> <title>Picture of Alice</title> <description>Draws a picture of Alice on your screen.</description> </component> <filegroup source="" dest="."> <!-- Eduardo doesn't want to exist with Alice around --> <file size="1024" component="eduardo, !alice">eduardo.png</file> <file size="1024" component="alice">alice.png</file> </filegroup> </package> albert pham 6 years ago
5f467336 Made "Show console" always visible. albert pham 6 years ago
ae0bdbd6 Changed console font to be sans-serif (or whatever the default font for a label is). albert pham 6 years ago
6c7909cd Added support for loading skmclauncher_icon.png as the icon from the game directory. albert pham 6 years ago
8c7d37dd Added "Install from URL..." feature. albert pham 6 years ago
0ec3f75f Added support for the %INSTANCEDIR% variable in configuration paths. albert pham 6 years ago
8b17396b Added support for not overwriting certain files when updating. <package version="1.1"> <filegroup source="" dest="."> <file size="1024" version="any_string" overwrite="never">example.txt</file> </filegroup> </package> albert pham 6 years ago
95139cf8 Added an alternative way to specify the version of a file in order for incremental updates. <package version="1.1"> <filegroup source="" dest="."> <file size="1024" version="any_string">example.txt</file> </filegroup> </package> albert pham 6 years ago
894dcb36 Widened progress dialog to fit more text. albert pham 6 years ago
eccad0f1 Switched game update XMLs to use JAXB. Java 5 support is now broken. albert pham 6 years ago