SK's Minecraft Launcher Build #134

Project SK's Minecraft Launcher
Branch master
Number #134-4f9a389
Date 6 years ago

Sponsored by BeastNode
ID Summary Committer Date
4f9a3892 Added support for showing HTML messages during the update. <message id="optional-message-id" version="1"> <phase>initialize</phase> <agreement>true</agreement> <title>Question</title> <type>html</type> <content><![CDATA[ You are <strong>really cool</strong>, yes? ]]></content> </message> Messages can be versioned -- they only show once (except in the case of failed or cancelled updates -- they may show until a successful update). Dialogs can either be "agreement" (I agree / Cancel) or mere informational dialogs. URLs can be used instead of embedded HTML if <type>url</type> is used and <content></content> points to a URL. Available phases: * initialize * pre-download * post-download * pre-install * post-install * finalize albert pham 6 years ago
6bfb4b23 Fixed issue where update cache entires could be cleared if they were not found in the current update. albert pham 6 years ago
55941bfd Don't try to open null URLs. albert pham 6 years ago