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Project WorldEdit
Branch master
Number #3737-9f86e71
Date 1 year ago
ID Summary Committer Date
9f86e71d Merge pull request #415 from Qveshn/feature/customlog matthew miller 1 year ago
f680635d Added customizable command log format (Date+Time are now available) Added the option format to config files (config.yml + By default, current date and time are displayed. The formatting function is implemented by analogy with the class java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter qveshn 1 year ago
6e22a8a4 Merge pull request #416 from Qveshn/fix/paste-double-transformation matthew miller 1 year ago
6a8ff1f4 Fix entities double transformation tested with commands stack,copy,rotate,paste 1. //stack 3 up (checked field "repetitions") 2. //copy -e //rotate 45 //rotate 45 //paste (checked transformation) qveshn 1 year ago