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Project WorldEdit
Branch feature/using-states
Number #4031-6a46308
Date 3 months ago
ID Summary Committer Date
6a46308e Added a few new things using block states. * `//set ##*tag` sets all states in the tag (not just default state per type) * `//set ^type` is a pattern changing block type but copying all valid existing states * `//set ^[prop=val,...]` sets the property `prop` to `val` wherever the existing block has that property * `//set ^type[prop=val,...]` does both of the above Those work anywhere a pattern is taken, of course. * The mask syntax `^[prop=val]` matches blocks with the property `prop` set to `val`, or blocks that don't have the property at all. * The mask syntax `^=[prop=val]` only matches blocks that have the property. Those work anywhere a mask is taken, of course. (`//mask`, `//gmask`, `//replace`, etc) wizjany 3 months ago