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Project WorldEdit
Branch fix/request-editsession
Number #4108-8ff56e5
Date 3 months ago
ID Summary Committer Date
8ff56e5f Better enforce the Request lifetime. Previously, the current request would just get a new EditSession when one was created. Now, a Request is reset before and after: - a command is used and - an interact is fired with the platform This means each action taken will get a single, non-reusable Request. Note that this only applies to actions taken through the platform. API users will not be using requests anyway, since things like Masks, etc. will be constructed directly instead of being passed through the platform's parsers and so on. (e.g. if a plugin loads a schematic into the world with a mask, they should create the EditSession and mask it directly, and not use that Mask again for another EditSession in another World). Also, get rid of a bunch of (some now-)unnecessary EditSession creation during command dispatching. Note that this also fixed the dynamic selection mask, which apparently has been broken for some unknown amount of time. wizjany 3 months ago
6b7cb69e Add RequestExtent to be used when a delayed EditSession is needed. For example, if you set a mask that takes an extent (many of them), and then move to another world, the mask will test blocks in the old world and return bad results. wizjany 3 months ago