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Project WorldEdit
Branch feature/multipass2
Number #3577-de70fe9
Date 3 years ago
ID Summary Committer Date
de70fe94 Made the CommandManager responsible for exception converters as apposed to individual dispatchers Previously some exceptions were being handled only in the ParametricCallable, which lead to other dispatchers throwing the exception, and requesting that users report them. WORLDEDIT-3386 wyatt childers 3 years ago
8ce5719e Further updates for Sponge API 5.x wyatt childers 3 years ago
9a46d87a Merge branch 'feature/sponge-1.9.4' into feature/multipass2 wyatt childers 3 years ago
b8f35643 Disable left-click air task creation (in Sponge) wyatt childers 3 years ago
b8e34cb1 Update Sponge implementation for Minecraft 1.9.4 minecrell 3 years ago