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Project WorldEdit
Branch feature/multipass2
Number #3586-cc0c95a
Date 3 years ago
ID Summary Committer Date
cc0c95a7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/sponge-1.10.2' into feature/multipass2 wyatt childers 3 years ago
0232d2cd Apply transforms to vectors in //paste -s. wizjany 3 years ago
b5a49b12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature/sponge-1.10.2 wyatt childers 3 years ago
c7309b11 Update to Minecraft 1.10.2 minecrell 3 years ago
6025a1e3 Merge master into feature/sponge-1.10 minecrell 3 years ago
c00d123c Update for Minecraft 1.10 minecrell 3 years ago
87efcdc1 Merge master into feature/sponge-1.9.4 minecrell 3 years ago
cbb36375 Further updates for Sponge API 5.x wyatt childers 3 years ago
acd312c9 Merge pull request #358 from Minecrell/feature/sponge-1.9.4 wyatt childers 3 years ago
5705604e Update for SpongeAPI bleeding changes minecrell 3 years ago