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Project WorldEdit
Branch master
Number #3668-76ae7e4
Date 9 months ago
ID Summary Committer Date
76ae7e48 Dev is always best when possible. me4502 9 months ago
8d27e2ae Added a 'dev' adapter - allowing for WorldEdit to still function in dev mode. me4502 9 months ago
ba59d40d Remove the unneccesary buildscript closure. (reverted from commit 471e759cc0d332855d82e47e3355f111ca288d2b) me4502 10 months ago
8cb0aa47 Remove the unneccesary buildscript closure. me4502 10 months ago
240648fd Updated to new Impl classes. me4502 10 months ago
2754d9f9 Change adapter to allow for a 'isBest' system, meaning adapters can specify they are best used with version X. me4502 10 months ago
ad1bf9cf Fixed a lack of -dist jars. me4502 10 months ago
b8221e28 Moved the impl classes over to a directory structure me4502 11 months ago
3df026c2 Removed forgegradle - it's not needed. me4502 11 months ago
156bf0ac Fixed missing license headers. me4502 11 months ago
e967ddf3 Switched to an adapter system. Currently has adapters for 1.10 and 1.11. me4502 11 months ago
a4383476 Updated WorldEdit for Sponge to 1.11 me4502 11 months ago
93735c32 Updated for API changes. me4502 11 months ago
89767aed Updated for latest Sponge API changes wyatt childers 1 year ago
51d44f42 Updated for latest Sponge API changes wyatt childers 1 year ago
b99ea5ec Update to Minecraft 1.10.2 minecrell 1 year ago
ed8f1856 Update for Minecraft 1.10 minecrell 1 year ago
92c4a145 Further updates for Sponge API 5.x wyatt childers 1 year ago
b2d2fc2e Update for SpongeAPI bleeding changes minecrell 1 year ago
3216695d Update Sponge implementation for Minecraft 1.9.4 minecrell 1 year ago