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Project WorldEdit
Branch master
Number #3685-dd00bb1
Date 8 months ago
ID Summary Committer Date
dd00bb13 Restrict command & structure block placement You can't place these blocks without Op & Creative; WorldEdit should also disable placement of them by default. jesse boyd 1 year ago
4a8bba7a Some command fixes Fix EditSession being created for commands that don't need it Fix error from schematic list (when there are files in sub directories) Fix dispatcher redundantly checking a huge number of permissions jesse boyd 1 year ago
b2fb7358 Fixed //center not working in some cases. Due to odd rounding and math issues, using //center on a region with an edge of even length in quadrants with negative coordinates would only fill one of the two center blocks. Thanks to Griffrez and up201406036 for the original PR. wizjany 8 months ago
a4f1f57c Add Bukkit adapter for 1.12. WORLDEDIT-3567 wizjany 8 months ago
a03b9cbe Add blocks and items for MC 1.12. wizjany 8 months ago
46dff16a Use our own firstNonNull to maintain back-compat. WORLDEDIT-3567 wizjany 8 months ago