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Project WorldGuard
Branch master
Number #1672-77cd257
Date 3 years ago

Sponsored by BeastNode
ID Summary Committer Date
77cd257d Custom flags and context and stuff (#347) * Add preliminary custom flags support. * Make RegionPrintoutBuilder use the FlagRegistry to print flags * Add FlagContext. todo: allow other plugins to add to contexts? * Add config setting to allow clamping of location flags. Prevents players from setting locations (teleport, spawn) to point outside of the region. The permission to override this is "worldguard.region.locationoverride.(own/member/.)regionid". Also prevents location flags from being set to under the map or over the max world height. Fixes WORLDGUARD-2775, WORLDGUARD-3370. * Allow plugins to register session handlers. Implementation might be changed to a factory instead of reflection. * Removed reflection in favor of handler factories. * Fix java6 compat. * Allow FlagContext to be added to by plugins. Also move files since they got missed by the rebase. WORLDGUARD-2775 WORLDGUARD-3370 wizjany 3 years ago
22e5e8a4 Add transientRegion property to ProtectedRegion as a flag to only be stored in memory and not saved (#355) weasel_squeezer 3 years ago