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Project WorldGuard
Branch master
Number #1674-db70e6f
Date 2 years ago

Sponsored by CreeperHost
ID Summary Committer Date
db70e6f3 Add transientRegion property to ProtectedRegion as a flag to only be stored in memory and not saved (#355) weasel_squeezer 2 years ago
e0df194f Fix unmarshalling of region group flags. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3708. WORLDGUARD-3708 wizjany 2 years ago
ab55137f Allow FlagContext to be added to by plugins. wizjany 2 years ago
bbb79526 Make RegionPrintoutBuilder use the FlagRegistry to print flags zephirenz 4 years ago
cde9a403 Allow plugins to register session handlers. wizjany 3 years ago
43a92283 Add config setting to allow clamping of location flags. Prevents players from setting locations (teleport, spawn) to point outside of the region. The permission to override this is "worldguard.region.locationoverride.(own/member/.)regionid". Also prevents location flags from being set to under the map or over the max world height. Fixes WORLDGUARD-2775, WORLDGUARD-3370. WORLDGUARD-2775 WORLDGUARD-3370 wizjany 3 years ago
c1b8d12d Add FlagContext. wizjany 3 years ago
a25674e9 Add preliminary custom flags support. sk89q 4 years ago
778ec404 Prevent fishing rod PvP. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3707. WORLDGUARD-3707 wizjany 2 years ago