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Date8 months ago
7def372fAdd the ability to teleport to chunk coordinates by using "!" wyatt childers8 months ago
3494fc12Update gradle wyatt childers8 months ago
13c628faRefactor component command registration wyatt childersa year ago
cb16c3d9Implement better command exception handling code wyatt childersa year ago
ef35b871Bump libcomponents to 1.3.0 and serve from PLG maven (for now) wyatt childersa year ago
2ec57b32Specify Java 16 via toolchain wyatt childersa year ago
112931fbUpdate to Java 16 wyatt childersa year ago
35a59ab4(Mostly) Port the Inventory Component to Piston The parsing for items is still the legacy parsing system, and doesn't have autocomplete wyatt childers2 years ago
5c960d95Allow pong to be broadcast as a troll message "feature" wyatt childers2 years ago
0c5063e7Port the Fun Component to Piston wyatt childers2 years ago
2543451fBreak the spawnmob command out of the fun component This should allow this command to be disabled independently of the other fun commands, which are rather different. wyatt childers2 years ago
014aec05Cleanup the god commands wyatt childers2 years ago
83d67f8cPort freeze commands to piston wyatt childers2 years ago
c680611eUpdated for libcomponents changes wyatt childers2 years ago
d861f114Cleanup the PlatformCommandManager a bit wyatt childers2 years ago
d7c55dd5Update gradle to 6.5.1 wyatt childers2 years ago
c3c90206Properly handle command registration after the plugin is enabled wyatt childers2 years ago
103258d8Add an offline single player target argument type wyatt childers2 years ago
0005e82bAllow aliases to be registered for parent commands wyatt childers2 years ago
9906dff4Updated for WorldEdit 7.2, and improved suggestion support wyatt childers2 years ago
c7b2e3ebExclude bukkit dependency on jingle note wyatt childers3 years ago
6d8790c2Use async teleporting wyatt childers3 years ago
823cae35Initial work on adding chat formatting support to the messaging component wyatt childers3 years ago
639bbefeProvide a temporary workaround for CommandExceptions wyatt childers3 years ago
beec3074Filter suggestions more intuitively wyatt childers3 years ago
19e5d10aFixed permissions checks on command completion wyatt childers3 years ago
baac802bFixed return command requiring an argument incorrectly wyatt childers3 years ago
59d6140bFixed an issue where ungod required a player argument wyatt childers3 years ago
d89a7b50Initial port of the teleport component to Piston wyatt childers3 years ago
74a72fa2Generate more sane argument names wyatt childers3 years ago
ff48e6bcUpdate .gitignore to include a scripts folder for dev scripts wyatt childers3 years ago
c37f2227Whitespace fix wyatt childers3 years ago
865a02a6Change how components register their commands wyatt childers3 years ago
9f42689fPort God Component commands to Piston wyatt childers3 years ago
87c1672cInitial player target argument implementation wyatt childers3 years ago
3b31ed9dBump CommandBook version to 3.0-SNAPSHOT wyatt childers3 years ago
78cc5ae2Initial refactoring and piston command system implementation wyatt childers3 years ago
c5e240ceInitial build script changes for piston wyatt childers3 years ago
4e1c5704Add artifactory publish block wyatt childers3 years ago
26ef6affRemove the allprojects block from gradle.build wyatt childers3 years ago