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Datea year ago

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6fedeb14fix: pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade: - https://snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JAVA-MYSQL-174574 snyk-bota year ago
19bf62b8Fix foreachelse documentation (#520) The optional 'key' argument was missing.pietjea year ago
2cb51828Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
40be0834Add nameof() ladycailina year ago
04746507Fix error reporting bug ladycailina year ago
3b7110d5Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
25a19a4adefine_object now accepts superclasses and interfaces ladycailina year ago
5ef3f89eRemove whitespace from logo ladycailina year ago
2b31771c`@var =` now throws a proper compiler error ladycailina year ago
793c0773Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailina year ago
a05dfbe6Add test for closure(), and fix bug related to that ladycailina year ago
f7f46eb5Add tracking info to an Error, so we can see what's causing it ladycailina year ago
c298e458instanceof -> isInstanceOf, add unit test for define_object ladycailina year ago
32ddbf8fContinue work on native code, normalize indentation ladycailina year ago
bec22722Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
2a849b28Create UnqualifiedClassName Elements that are not yet fully defined, but can't be defined yet can now use UnqualifiedClassName. This can't be used during normal use, but can be used in the middle of compilation. This solves the bootstrapping problem that is faced when a class definition extends/implements a class that hasn't been defined yet, and so thus cannot be fully qualified. Once the classes have all been initially defined, we can go back through the list of ObjectDefinitions and call qualifyClasses, which will fully qualify the previously unqualified class names, and throw an appropriate exception if any of them are unknown. Also, rename Objects to ObjectManagement, to match the theme. ladycailina year ago
62eb4e30Adjust compiler to pass commas through for ObjectDefinitions. Begin work on ObjectDefinitionKeyword to rewrite classic class definitions into the functional declaration. Implements keyword is nearly supported, but only in the happiest path, more test cases are needed, and certainly there are some currently unsupported cases. The tests are Ignored for now, since they still fail. ladycailina year ago
9dfbabf5Support windows newlines in modules file ladycailina year ago
e304652eUse a more efficient mechansim for scanning for Functions/Events Also, use a simpler (but no more efficient) method for loading jarInfo.ser ladycailina year ago
c43380a6Seriously improve startup time from cmdline ladycailina year ago
21a7103eWhen loading classes from ClassReferenceMirror, use the default CL Don't use the loader that loaded the CRM class, it doesn't know about dynamically added extensions. ladycailina year ago
455979b0Update README.mdladycailina year ago
5d227a1fAccidentally a line ladycailina year ago
9303034fUpdate README.mdladycailina year ago
c8235b4eProvide a stopgap measure for isInstanceof CFunction ladycailina year ago
d2063678Provide a stopgap measure for isInstanceof CFunction ladycailina year ago
b89f8b4aCache CompilerEnvironment in AliasCore, and use it in alias() Additional changes have been made in the core classes, after some further thinking on the situation. ladycailina year ago
e2887b41Update README.mdladycailina year ago
f30b06cbUpdate README.mdladycailina year ago
3ee1bdf1Use isInstanceOf everywhere. (#518) * Use isInstanceOf everywhere. This changes the code everwhere to use .isInstanceof instead of instanceof, since this is needed for user objects to work. However, the code is *incredibly* slow, so much so that RandomTests takes 60 seconds on my computer. I added some caches, but that didn't really work well enough either. So the next thought is to add this to the jarInfo perhaps, but even still, once user classes are added,that will increase startup time even more, so I think this has to be solved in a more general way. I think the next step is to very closely examine the code path of isInstanceOf, and see what steps are there today, and figure up if any can be removed, replaced with more efficient mechanisms, or at least further cached. This will serve as the basis of the continued work on objects, but until this is fixed, it utterly kills the runtime performance, and simply cannot be merged in to master. * Add some caches to speed things up in the course of operation * Add minor optimization to CClassType If both compared classes are native, and one extends the other, we can reliably say it is an instanceof, so just use the native java instanceof mechanism. This only helps a tiny bit, but it does help, so this will stay, even though this is not the correct solution. * Probable fix for slowness. This commit caches the native class along with the FQCN, which can be used to seriously speed up the lookup elsewhere, particularly when using instanceof. The only exception to this is DynamicEnums, but there are so few of those that it doesn't cause enough of a performance hit. This speeds up RandomTests by an order of magnitude, but there were other performance increases that should have helped some as well (though not an order of magnitude.) The end result is that this should actually be a bit faster than the original code anyways. * Add better logging when the NoClassDefError is thrown ladycailina year ago
9b1fc862Update README.mdladycailina year ago
327949d1Expand the native class library, and add more detail to the design docs ladycailina year ago
33ba80bbFix core error when setting a single trade to a merchant pseudoknighta year ago
ab5eba9fIgnore this deprecation pseudoknighta year ago
d46d14a4Add better logging when getting a broken BlockState from item meta pseudoknighta year ago
775d757cFix format errors in event documentation pseudoknighta year ago
b1ad0396Fix optimizer-test error when comp_read was used Also clarify documentation in a few places. ladycailina year ago
4f688776Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
93875304Improve trace, remove uselessly verbose debug startup logs ladycailina year ago
0b710903Add array_push_all, x_find, string_contains_ic. Also fixed a bug in parse_args, and rewrote string_contains as a CompositeFunction. ladycailina year ago
3594c5c4Don't use profiles in the standalone environment if they don't exist ladycailina year ago
2d41ef20Revert changes in ArgumentValidation. This proved to have devastating consequences to the performance of the system, and for the time being, reverting this is the best course of action. Something downstream of isInstanceOf is taking far too long, and for a method that would be called extremely frequently, this needs to be heavily optimized before it can be widely used. ladycailina year ago
f1cd232aDon't enumerate types without typeof, just check for typeof. ladycailina year ago
d08de403Include a compiler environment in AliasCore ladycailina year ago
a1427057Continue working on Objects ladycailina year ago
0515a362CHLog->MSLog Also make the categories/modules loaded dynamically, instead of depending entirely on the enum. This now allows categories to be defined elsewhere in code, including in extensions. Continue work on Objects as well. ladycailina year ago
756e3c3bUpdate NewObjects Add roadmap for inner classes.ladycailina year ago
89254c24Continue working on the functional approach to object creation. define_object and new_object are new functions, which will serve as the foundation of the object management system. They will not be used directly, the compiler will support specific syntax sugar for these methods, but the methods themselves are separated from the compiler. Currently, defining the class works, (it successfully puts an empty class into the ObjectDefinitionTable) though most of the rest of the system works with the NativeTypeList, rather than the ObjectDefinitionTabble, which is a problem that must be corrected before most things will recognize user defined classes. new_object does not work yet, but progress has been made at least. Additionally, FileOptions has added a copyright and license field, as well as an UltraStrict compiler option. This will be used in the future to make a super pedantic mode, and will be used in all native classes to ensure perfect compliance with all standards. It is not necessarily recommended for use in user code, but none-the-less will be available and advertised. ladycailina year ago
103cb548Use super not @super ladycailina year ago
8fb54fafObject table (#517) I am going ahead and merging this in to master, as it will be too difficult to manage two different branches for that long. So instead, I am going to do a slow rollout, while making some features available sooner than others, though until the features are all ready, they should not be used, and are subject to complete change. "The features" refers to anything at all related to objects. * Begin work on creating the ObjectTable object chain. This will eventually be the underlying mechanism which holds the defintion of all objects. The first step is to create the structure, the second step is to be able to fill it in with native classes. There are several other steps after this to make it useable, but these are the steps necessary to make it complete. After it is complete, the next step will probably be to just allow native types to provide properties, but this will require quite a bit of work, especially when it comes to ensuring that all the necessary info is available through annotations, and parameters are all compatible with Mixed, etc. However, finishing the ObjectTable will be a great first step. * Add ObjectHelpers. Support generic parameters in NonInheritsImplements. Begin work on a POJOConversion framework, which will allow the exposed methods in a native object to use POJOs, while transparently in the background, the values are converted to and from Mixed values for use in user code. This should make the code much easier to write, and much faster as well. It may also assist in the future if there is a need to map third party classes into the ecosystem. * Expand on the object model in the design docs Also write the design docs for dependency injection. * Wrote more on topics, write some of the standard library. Several more sections have been added to the objects design doc, as well as a small section about manifests and annotations. In addition to this, a new cmdline tool, new-type has been a...ladycailina year ago
daf2cabcAdd "color" to potion item meta pseudoknighta year ago
9bad4e20Bump version of checkstyle ladycailina year ago
b1264f75Update front page with VSC link ladycailina year ago
02126bc4Add compile check for unexpected symbols ladycailina year ago
c3628ab5Add Closure.executeClosure, and deprecate .execute .execute required the programmer to ensure that the FunctionReturnException was caught, and if not caught, would cause errors. By default, one does not catch runtime exceptions, so executeClosure does that, and if one is thrown, returns it as a value. Additionally, some deprecated code was cleaned up, and a bugfix in site-deploy was made. ladycailina year ago
d776c66eAdd exceedingly basic support for annotations. They do nothing yet. ladycailina year ago
a1b5c5e9Expand further on the UnitTest design doc ladycailina year ago
33b2902aMove hypot to use the bundled code paradigm ladycailina year ago
c483aea0Add hypot function ladycailina year ago
b1853e2bAdd design doc for unit testing ladycailina year ago
faa60253Add design doc for unit testing Also update the Style Guide with more details, and add a package name to FileWriteMode. ladycailina year ago
b85e9cd1Move more cmdline tools out of the if/else chain ladycailina year ago
435c098dAdd json-api cmdline tool, to print api.json locally ladycailina year ago
34871956Fix bug in cmdline documentation ladycailina year ago
b7439c9eFix a bug in site-deploy and syntax highlighter ladycailina year ago
4dcd9f27checkstyle ladycailina year ago
eda91d55Fix parsing bug for httpVersion in http_request ladycailina year ago
7b8726e9Revert strict mode change, as it has further reaching impact than expected ladycailina year ago
4d9f8bf3Implement no bare-strings in strict mode. Additionally, implement a runtime setting to enable strict mode. This is mostly useful in the interpreter, but can also be used by other code. ladycailina year ago
78c30268Show different colors for restricted functions in api tool ladycailina year ago
92c2955dAdd runtime option that totally disables eval() ladycailina year ago
ea0363ffRemove get_runtime_setting and other minor changes ladycailina year ago
b6a1b336Add runtime settings. Primarily, this adds the ability to check and set runtime settings. Generally speaking, this is a very generic mechanism though, but currently console and remove_runtime_setting now use this mechanism. ladycailina year ago
dc1d0373Add compilerOption file option setup Currently, AllowAmbiguousCommands is the only option, but if present, this disables the ambiguous command checking for that script. In general, it is now also set up so that in the future, more compilerOptions can easily be added. ladycailina year ago
ea32c2a0Fix ambiguous alias definition in sample code pseudoknighta year ago
7e3cda6bFurther clarify valid lengths for scoreboards pseudoknighta year ago
69b7daf1Add functions to manage the player list header and footer pseudoknighta year ago
410fc3b8Throw a helpful exception when errant new lines are in a persistence key pseudoknighta year ago
659a3c28Implement array_index_exists per the specification. Previously, it only accepted one element, but the documentation stated that it should support dereferencing multi dimensional arrays. Now the documented behavior is implemented. Ironically, due to the way the code functioned, the example showing that code was correct, but for the wrong reason. ladycailina year ago
0c174369Finish implementing branch statements generically (#516) Finish implementing branch statements generically This allows for new functions to define themselves as branch functions in a more precise way, and allows for dead code removal in all cases.ladycailina year ago
b11eceebCheckstyle ladycailina year ago
6e95fcaaAdd BranchStatement and VariableScope. Neither of these are used yet, and not all the functions that need to implement them do. Still to be implemented are (at least) dowhile, while, foreach, foreachelse, for, proc, closure, (iclosure, rclosure), and probably some others. Once all of these functions implement these, then the compiler/runtime can be modified to start using them. The BranchStatement implementation will have less impact (none, other than catching user bugs), but the VariableScope implementation will have a LARGE impact, and needs to be more carefully implemented. Since many BranchStatements will also be VariableScopes, it is worth going ahead and implementing that part of the logic though. ladycailina year ago
9f7caf7bFix a bug in foreach ladycailina year ago
b74c4900Highlight @arguments differently in vimladycailina year ago
46f59931anyDoubles now checks for double-like strings This will eventually be the basis of the doubleish type, but for now this will apply to everything. ladycailina year ago
b24666baExpose prompt_char as a java function ladycailina year ago
bb995738Provide a dynamic method to add cmdline tools. This allows better categorization and organization of cmdline tools, but most importantly, it allows for extensions to snap in tools. Both the old and the new mechanism are currently supported, but in the future, these will all be ported to the new system. ladycailina year ago
e5ff148aClean up DataSource classes Also add always_trace, which works like trace, but always shows, regardless of debug-mode. ladycailina year ago
934848eaCheckstyle ladycailina year ago
6c5b7542Delete obsolete DocGen UI, update UI tool Update Help file in PNViewer to link to the new website. ladycailina year ago
22b465ceAllow regex search in api tool and interpreter ladycailina year ago
60a58799Update public-suffix.dat ladycailina year ago
113705d5Add help command to interpreter, which is like the api cmdline tool The api tool gave help information about functions, and now this functionality is available directly within the interpreter. The documentation itself has also been substantially improved, with support for removing html tags, doing some wiki formatting, and formatting tables in a more console friendly way. The underlying code is accessible publicly through the Interpreter class, and may be used elsewhere in the future. ladycailina year ago
2efc14ffUpdate LICENSE.txtladycailina year ago
a00162d9Add a Booleanish interface. (#514) Add a Booleanish interface. This allows objects to specifically declare that, while not booleans themselves (except CBoolean), they do have a way to convert to a truth value. This distinction allows functions like if and for to formally declare that they accept a Booleanish value, but others, will only accept an actual boolean value. As it stands today, everything accepts booleanish values, and that is unfortunate, but that will be addressed when strong typing is added, so that it will reduce most of the errors that would be runtime. There are a few other refactorings in this PR, mainly the change from Static.getBoolean to ArgumentValidation.getBoolean. Also added an Iterator class, which functions as the old ArrayAccessIterator, but in a slightly more generic way, working with Iterable objects instead. Iterable is just an amalgam of ArrayAccess and Sizeable, and ArrayAccess no longer extends Sizeable, which now allows for things that don't inherently make sense to be iterable still have array access, without Sizeable.ladycailina year ago
50fbeb72ArrayAccess is not Sizeable ladycailina year ago
d6dedaecDocumentation updates ladycailina year ago
67fa0606Add legal disclaimer ladycailina year ago
1d990798Grab the modules list from the jar directly This prevents needing a re-install each time the module list changes, which I'm sure it will continue to do. ladycailina year ago
a0b8b5c6Fix missing interface declaration ladycailina year ago
c4ae56e3Add a Booleanish interface. This allows objects to specifically declare that, while not booleans themselves (except CBoolean), they do have a way to convert to a truth value. This distinction allows functions like if and for to formally declare that they accept a Booleanish value, but others, will only accept an actual boolean value. As it stands today, everything accepts booleanish values, and that is unfortunate, but that will be addressed when strong typing is added, so that it will reduce most of the errors that would be runtime. ladycailina year ago
1f0e10aaAdd java.util to the allowed packages ladycailina year ago
4842ccd3Update public-suffix data ladycailina year ago
ba44e226Remove references to Main from code that shouldn't actually use it ladycailina year ago
8428acabNative clamp (#513) Make clamp() work as a composite function Moving forward, this is the most ideal way to code general purpose functions that don't specifically require platform support. This should make these functions portable if the backing engine is changed from Java to something else, as well as once things like compilation to native are supported, etc, these will be automatically picked up once the underlying functions are all supported. clamp() is a good example of a function for this, as it has no external dependencies, is purely a math based function, has a simple implementation, but takes full advantage of the optimization system. There are also improvements to the ArgumentParser, along with a few bug fixes in that area. ladycailina year ago
24154e67Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
db7182abAdd build-extension tool to cmdline tools This allows for systems with git and maven installed to quickly and easily pull down and build extensions. Assuming the extension is properly set up with git and maven, the only need is to provide the clone url to the tool. The tool will then git clone the repo, and use maven to build it, and finally, copy the artifact into the chose extension directory, defaulting to the current installation's directory. This commit also fixes a couple of bugs. First, there was a potential memory leak in CommandExecutor, as well as the fact that it closed System.out/err. This would, I believe, have minor impact, as only a few things would have used the buggy modes, but it did affect the site-deploy tool, as well as shell_adv. Secondly, when running in Java version 9 or above, every startup would warn of reflective access. When launching MethodScript with the mscript shortcut, it now provides the proper command line parameters to suppress this warning. This would not help when using the jar directly, and anyways is not a permanent fix, but in the meantime should be less annoying until Java 9+ is officially supported. ladycailina year ago
0da70ce2Add debug logging to SQLite retry ladycailina year ago
3aaeaed9Fix and optimize entities_in_radius(), and avoid unnecessary chunk loading. The chunk radius was off by one and would miss entities on the outside chunks. It would also ignore any entities in the same block location as the center location. Chunks were also being loaded by this and some other functions, causing unexpected performance problems. pseudoknighta year ago
16d1c45eFix seealso path for function docs ladycailina year ago
c5c30872Various more fixes for http_request ladycailina year ago
25a26555Support Brotli encoding in http_request Also allow decompression to be skipped in the options. Speed up provisional-build by skipping code coverage calculations. ladycailina year ago
082e0c0aCheckstyle fixes. Also, after further consideration, fixed the bug I just introduced. ladycailina year ago
f35e4da9Various improvements and bugfixes in http_request ladycailina year ago
bdbe7d99Possible fix for unit test failures on Travis ladycailina year ago
50f46129Add extra logging for diagnostics ladycailina year ago
16ec0099Add requiredExtensions directive, and implmnt compiler warning for name ladycailina year ago
b6ffd402Ignore failing unit test while investigation is ongoing ladycailina year ago
b20d8708Docgen updates Also fixed a bug in FullyQualifiedClassName that affected vim syntax highlighter generation, and added unit tests for that. ladycailina year ago
cb84d45dRename public-suffix.txt->dat ladycailina year ago
d650aae7Update Permissions_Settingsladycailina year ago
4c327a28Update public-suffix.txt. Also, created a mscript to simplify doing this in the future. ladycailina year ago
165f16f0Add x_write, for cmdline use only ladycailina year ago
0a7f9d6bFix reflect_pull() for dynamic enums (#512) michael smitha year ago
4d7bbbf0Update Exceptions docs ladycailina year ago
4189a598Correctly handle SOE in includes. Also, add more detailed information to the profiler message for include, and add includes to the stacktrace. ladycailina year ago
8f3478adRe-wrap SOE in closure's execute also ladycailina year ago
39e5f225Re-wrap SOE and use CRESOE, so we get more useful errors and can generally support this in the exception system. This might need to be added to the execute method as well. ladycailina year ago
48e260d8Fix site-deploy Now, in addition to fixing the actual issue (in a way that that won't happen again), we now also print out usable error messages. For whatever reason, Logger was not working, so instead of fixing that, it has simply been removed, and made to work with the existing paradigm anyways. This should make it easier to diagnose errors within the documentation itself in the future. ladycailina year ago
06fe308aProperly pass column information through the exception system Previously, the causedBy section of the exceptions were not properly printed in the default unhandled exception handler. Now, the column information that is passed through is properly printed (though I think the column information itself is still not accurate, but this is a problem in the compiler, not the exception system). Also added "at" to the beginning of each stack trace line, which brings the format more in line with other languages stacktrace prints. ladycailina year ago
b24b6dc4Add ValueType semantics This allows objects to mark themselves as value types. Currently, all primitives are marked as such. In the future, the compiler may be able to further optimize these types, particularly if true compilation is added. For now, this is unused, and the compiler treats everything as pass by reference, but this is not ideal. At least going forward now, the ValueType class is established, and other classes can go ahead and start marking themselves as such. Eventually, this mechanism can probably be exposed to user classes, but for now it is internal only. ladycailina year ago
dbeef875Checkstyle ladycailina year ago
bae58755Fix compiler bug when dealing with bad breaks Previously, when using the break(1) format, if the integer wasn't atomic, then this would cause a java stack trace. Now it causes a normal compile error. ladycailina year ago
2c40de74Add a more helpful error message ladycailina year ago
5128f80dCatch Error too This allows us to always (at least attempt) to print an error message. While OOME will still leave us in a precarious state, we should at least attempt to print out a helpful error message. ladycailina year ago
4964181dConstruct to mixed2018 (#511) This set of changes completes the goals of the original construct-to-mixed branch. Function unfortunately worked with Constructs, rather than the Mixed interface. This was a violation of the Dependency Inversion Principal, which has prevented several critical improvements to the language. The problem is that in Java, there is not multiple inheritance, so while normal classes could easily extend Construct and then be added into the ecosystem, for other types of classes, where it's impossible to extend Construct (particularly because they are already extending another class, which is true in at least the cases of enums and exceptions), these objects simply could not be added into the ecosystem. Now, everything accepts and for the most part deals with Mixed, which is an interface. This has the unfortunate side effect of breaking binary compatibility with extensions, but this change has been in the works for at least three years. As part of this change, implementing enums was used as a test case. That has now also been done, and barring a few bugs, seems to mostly work. This allows access of enums as first class objects, rather than as arrays of strings as previously implemented through reflect_pull. The PR opens lots of possibilities in the future, and so is a welcome change to the base, but there are a few short term goals after this PR is merged: * Move exceptions into first class status. Currently they are implemented as arrays, but this is a shoehorn and not ideal. * Write up documentation for Enums. There is some documentation already available, and this may be mostly correct, but it should at least be read through to ensure it is correct, and then linked to the learning trail. It's also possible to iterate enums with foreach, and so this should be added as an example in various places. * There are still a few bugs with enums, particularly it is not possible to assign an enum class to a variable. ClassType @s = ArraySor...ladycailina year ago
676db513Fix docs for uuid ladycailina year ago
6cb2e611Add NativeObjectArchitecture design doc This is in conflict with the NewObjects design doc, and these conflicts need to be thought through and one or the other changed. My current thinking is to use the style defined in the NativeObjectArchitecture doc, but I need to think more on this. ladycailina year ago
9fc3c9ebRefine cross casting docs ladycailina year ago
020ebe2aRefine ObjectUsage docs ladycailin2 years ago
1ff50aabCreate documentation for Object Usage. This defines the design and syntax for how objects can be used. ladycailin2 years ago
33140f6dAdd "special casing" blurb to design ethos page ladycailin2 years ago
798a8630Ignore VFSTest file while Travis is failing ladycailin2 years ago
d277e00aSwitch to using windows agent for azure buildladycailin2 years ago
7aa092c8Update README.mdladycailin2 years ago
300cff38Update README.mdladycailin2 years ago
c05414c6Checkstyle ladycailin2 years ago
ff751656Continue work on VFS ladycailin2 years ago
eab485efAdd glob matching to VirtualGlob, and enable unit tests ladycailin2 years ago
3cc5250eMake test code handle null from thrown Fix test failure in uuid() ladycailin2 years ago
38944856Expanded the funcionality of uuid. The default behavior is the same, but now it takes a type parameter, which currently only supports NIL and RANDOM, but will be expanded later to support all 5 versions of UUIDs. The documentation is more detailed, and there are examples now, and it is set up to easily return the other types of UUIDs later. ladycailin2 years ago
dd81cf48Add uuid() to generate uuids ladycailin2 years ago
9952089cSupport tridents for shoot_projectile() and entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
43b2850eFix incrementing/decrementing doubles in arrays pseudoknight2 years ago
f5842d62Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
30d1b45eCheckstyle fixes ladycailin2 years ago
5b1f3bcaIgnore some failing tests ladycailin2 years ago
5453b915Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
714e64a0Continue working on VFS. Add more comments and unit tests, though everything is disabled for now, since it's not usable in code yet, and most things don't work. I have identified the tests that need to pass for a minimally viable product, so once those are completed, I will integrate the system into MS proper. ladycailin2 years ago
9e883eaaUpdate azure-pipelines.ymlladycailin2 years ago
4a2e6d35Set up CI with Azure Pipelinesladycailin2 years ago
e84f4299Move subset out of intersect ladycailin2 years ago
52dd0c47Re-add array_subset_of, which disappeared somehow ladycailin2 years ago
8f7d354dMerge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/commandhelper ladycailin2 years ago
d68b63dcAdd ByteArrayUtils class ladycailin2 years ago
60036af6Fix furnace recipes pseudoknight2 years ago
3fbde6f6Add "color" to scoreboard teams pseudoknight2 years ago
27124a46Add get_entity_riders() and clarify behavior of rider functions. Also fix core error when horse and rider are identical in set_entity_rider(). pseudoknight2 years ago
e1fabec4Fix ponline() when given a UUID pseudoknight2 years ago
e88b4400Fix item_pre_craft event pseudoknight2 years ago
de97884eMerge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
a7e17987Add additional example with duplicate values ladycailin2 years ago
afe88730Merge pull request #507 from jb-aero/recipes Add functions for managing the Villager-style trading system.jb_aero2 years ago
491c18c9Throw exception when trying to reuse ID jb-aero2 years ago
6a594f1bmerchant_trading -> merchant_trader jb-aero2 years ago
b8996e97Remove trade storage and recipe format reliance. jb-aero2 years ago
754381a8Add merchant_trading check function. jb-aero2 years ago
11110b59Establish Trades class of functions jb-aero2 years ago
0df4eb1eAdd get_merchant_recipes and make extra settings of merchant recipes optional jb-aero2 years ago
e67bc0ebAdd abstraction for merchant recipes. jb-aero2 years ago
81952474Add array_intersect, and others Also added a default hashCode method to Construct, (as well as a very thin hash() method that wraps that), which is used by array_intersect. ArgumentValidation.getEnum is added as well. A -e option has been added to the api command in the cmdline tools, which displays the examples for a function. CArray now implements Iterable, but throws an exception for associative arrays, as that doesn't make as much sense to happen. ladycailin2 years ago
485e430cSupport sprintf in Java 9. Also checkstyle fixes. ladycailin2 years ago
430960a0Implement keySet in CString, and others Use ArrayAccess in array_implode, to allow strings (and other Array-like objects) to be imploded. Support CClassType in array_sort. Move mixed to ms.lang namespace. ladycailin2 years ago
964fd760Update sponsors ladycailin2 years ago
4dc0b425Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
3de55bc8Add --online parameter to api command ladycailin2 years ago
e745cd42Fix checkstyle and unit test ladycailin2 years ago
c4ddf34dAdd set_debug_output ladycailin2 years ago
97911c00Merge pull request #508 from EngineHub/add-namespaces Add namespacesladycailin2 years ago
ee54b7daChange :: to . in FQ class names ladycailin2 years ago
51eb6e10Add comment ladycailin2 years ago
856ba9f6Checkstyle fixes ladycailin2 years ago
dd1ed43fAdd namespace support for native types For the time being, there is no mechanism to add user classes, or even using() statements, but now at least the mechanism is fully defined, and the fully qualified class types are displayed and internally tracked. The syntax for now is :: as the separator, but it will probably change to . after some discussion and a deprecation period. ms.lang and com.commandhelper are default namespaces, and do not need to be specified, and in fact, at this time cannot be specified, as there is currently no supported way in code to fully qualify a class type. com.commandhelper will eventually be removed once the CH functionality is split out, but will be extensible by the embedding program, so will be added back in specifically for CH scripts. Before . can be used as the path separator, there needs to be a deprecation period, for non-strict mode users, they could potentially be concatenating bare strings, and that would interfere with this mechanism, so this "feature" must be removed. ladycailin2 years ago
867e0716Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/commandhelper ladycailin2 years ago
dba776a5Cmdline fixes ladycailin2 years ago
391a19ccUpdate Cross_Casting Documentation updateladycailin2 years ago
eb502a1eMerge pull request #502 from Pieter12345/1.13-dev Add sender type to server_command eventmichael smith2 years ago
2411a0e9Change server_command sender type "type" -> "sendertype" This is a change for the previous commit. pieter123452 years ago
0d5b5271Add sender type to server_command event Add sender type to the server_command event. This can be one of: console, command_block, command_minecart of null when CommandHelper does not know the command sender implementation. pieter123452 years ago
52c69d40Fix modifying item in item_pickup pseudoknight2 years ago
2c9f48a5Support blockdata strings in psend_block_change() pseudoknight2 years ago
67779b53Merge pull request #505 from EntryPointKR/master Fix non include file encoding to UTF-8ladycailin2 years ago
6546bd98Fix not include file encoding to UTF-8 limjunhyeong2 years ago
ddefc886Fix enum lists in event documentation due to formatting issue pseudoknight2 years ago
0b87a48fAddress some deprecations pseudoknight2 years ago
649b753dUpdate documentation for Minecraft functions pseudoknight2 years ago
75dc6d0fAdd keyword support to reflect_pull ladycailin2 years ago
34a6f3f3Add snyk.io badge ladycailin2 years ago
696d76b8Remove substance, update public suffix ladycailin2 years ago
c6dcf7e3Ignore empty skull owner strings pseudoknight2 years ago
dfce8d06Merge pull request #503 from Pieter12345/master Fix get_server_info and world_info documentationmichael smith2 years ago
d56085abFix get_server_info and world_info documentation - Allow flight disables (not enables) the anti-flight. - Add missing maxHeight key. pieter123452 years ago
76145824Fix getting the id of certain virtual inventory types. This is due to a recent change in how Bukkit handles creating certain inventory types like Hoppers. Bukkit now ignores any holder you pass in for these types, returning null if you retrieve the holder from these inventory objects. pseudoknight2 years ago
66cd5102Modernize syntax in advanced scripts page pseudoknight2 years ago
c87a1d3aUpdate Compatibility page pseudoknight2 years ago
7277e87cMerge branch '1.13-dev' of https://github.com/EngineHub/CommandHelper pseudoknight2 years ago
d4744f5aPrepare for merge pseudoknight2 years ago
90d3bc1bRelease 3.3.2 pseudoknight2 years ago
68bedf15Add changelog for 3.3.2 pseudoknight2 years ago
eb709da6Merge pull request #500 from Pieter12345/1.13-dev Handle block-specific trait exceptions in material_infomichael smith2 years ago
7ae28a70Handle block-specific trait exceptions in material_info The hardness and blastResistance traits are unavailable for non-block materials (such as REDSTONE), causing material_info('REDSTONE') to throw an error in core. This commit no longer returns these traits for non-block materials and throws a CREIllegalArgumentException when these traits are specifically asked for on non-block materials. pieter123452 years ago
18205c10Fallback to a modern material name on legacy item conversion. If a script incorrectly uses a modern material name with a data value, we should still try and correct for that. pseudoknight2 years ago
03e94bfbPartially revert item meta enchantments array changes. It is now an array of arrays again, but the new enchantment keys still exist. This should improve compatibility a bit with legacy scripts reading new enchanted item meta arrays, as well as future proof for possible enchantment data additions. pseudoknight2 years ago
568e8cd1Remove deprecated and broken "block" key in entity_enter_portal event pseudoknight2 years ago
aa81d3a3Return associative array of teams for scoreboards pseudoknight2 years ago
3794a57bDocumentation corrections pseudoknight2 years ago
87fdb9afSync registered commands once when one or more commands are added or removed pseudoknight2 years ago
88dbe5f2Remove some unneeded reflection pseudoknight2 years ago
bd2a6a20Add fallback for getting shield basecolor pseudoknight2 years ago
7c14e6a1Build against Bukkit 1.13.1 pseudoknight2 years ago
27498a64Fix get_recipes_for() name and boilerplate error pseudoknight2 years ago
a43155ceAddress some deprecations pseudoknight2 years ago
52753f57BREAKING CHANGE: Move item damage from the "data" key to the "damage" key in the item meta. This also fixes damage on items with meta. pseudoknight2 years ago
39e685ffFix shield banner meta pseudoknight2 years ago
da9e727eFix missed block name in entity_enter_portal pseudoknight2 years ago
cb9885a4Require a recipe key pseudoknight2 years ago
3283090aBetter handle legacy potion data and item conversion pseudoknight2 years ago
6ed53589Address a couple shield and banner meta issues. Notably there's a spigot bug with shield specific meta that prevents us from getting and setting colors and patterns. This makes it fail gracefully without destroying all meta on the item. This also fixes a missing color conversion for silver banners. pseudoknight2 years ago
63a411b2Properly throw an exception when set_entity_spec() is given an invalid material pseudoknight2 years ago
36ee1339Update list of commands for players and commandblocks upon register_command() pseudoknight2 years ago
a42c09c9Handle null item arguments in certain inventory functions pseudoknight2 years ago
20de1284Fix unregister_command() pseudoknight2 years ago
d1678aa4Fix commandblock functions pseudoknight2 years ago
18868348Add potion effect type names and modify the potion effect array to reflect this. This probably won't break any existing scripts that read or write potion effects, but it is possible. pseudoknight2 years ago
6e10805eClean up some deprecations pseudoknight2 years ago
a34b3affAlso accept material names as ingredients in recipes pseudoknight2 years ago
4f70fba6Add optional ban reason and source to set_pbanned() pseudoknight2 years ago
60b5c7e8Add functions to check and set whether other entities will collide with a mob pseudoknight2 years ago
0e030eeaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/EngineHub/CommandHelper into 1.13-dev pseudoknight2 years ago
06064422Fix core error when reflect_docs() is given one argument pseudoknight2 years ago
5a470cddDon't report a compile exception for a missing function before linking (fixes function_exists() and extension_exists() in many cases) pseudoknight2 years ago
3edc300fConvert entity types that don't match spawn egg material names pseudoknight2 years ago
2dc42b49Update sample aliases pseudoknight2 years ago
62f70c46Update spawn_entity() docs and hide spawn_mob() pseudoknight2 years ago
31bf10f5Add Tropical Fish entity_spec() and bucket item meta pseudoknight2 years ago
45b113daMake BadEntityException message formatting consistent pseudoknight2 years ago
fe32b4f5Do compile time check for valid sounds on our own list pseudoknight2 years ago
73a1ee7bDocument likely scoreboard string length limits pseudoknight2 years ago
f8bf56c0Add compile time warning when using an invalid Effect in make_effect() pseudoknight2 years ago
e450ce66Convert legacy spawnegg meta to new item types pseudoknight2 years ago
035360abMake MainHand and OffHand methods consistent pseudoknight2 years ago
e1fd3954Add 3.3.3 entry to directory page ladycailin2 years ago
28a0dfc3Remove redundant player insertion in event data pseudoknight2 years ago
6d40298dReplace deprecated Bukkit event with equivalent pseudoknight2 years ago
fde172feSupport spaces in old enchantment functions just like before, and depecrate can_enchant_target() for can_enchant_item() pseudoknight2 years ago
90a38b5dUpdate enchantment arrays in item meta arrays to be associative, and update a few enchantment functions. Old enchantment arrays will still be accepted and applied to the item. The functions enchant_inv(), enchant_rm_inv(), and get_enchant_inv() have been deprecated for enchant_item(), remove_item_enchant() and get_item_enchants() respectively. The sandbox function enchant_inv_unsafe() has been removed due to obsolescence. pseudoknight2 years ago
9422e902Remove deprecated player_prelogin event and fix player_login prefilter pseudoknight2 years ago
ea2d406dPrioritise item conversion for anvils pseudoknight2 years ago
1a6b478bRe-add get|set_mob_target() pseudoknight2 years ago
421fe5e0Add more gamerules pseudoknight2 years ago
2daabf8cRemove unused import pseudoknight2 years ago
af858c12Add compile time warnings for invalid sound and biome types pseudoknight2 years ago
d0bd036eAdd better messages for invalid values pseudoknight2 years ago
cd75e1a8Fix durability for legacy items and better handle invalid materials pseudoknight2 years ago
20cdb235Fix spawn_entity() arg limit and add an example usage pseudoknight2 years ago
e39a8b53Remove unused imports pseudoknight2 years ago
a348de6dRemove tab_complete_chat event (non-functional) pseudoknight2 years ago
81c86b9dBREAKING CHANGE: Change SILVER to LIGHT_GRAY for consistency. Banner meta for items will be automatically converted, but hard-coded strings of 'SILVER' should be replaced with 'LIGHT_GRAY' when setting sheep, shulker, or wolf collar colors. pseudoknight2 years ago
a81a6599Fix NPE when given invalid material ids pseudoknight2 years ago
02ce1405Fix missed key change pseudoknight2 years ago
be5dcd63Fix incorrect arg limit pseudoknight2 years ago
e76a76e8Add "hardness" and "blastResistance" to material_info() pseudoknight2 years ago
12ee67abFurther improve legacy material handling pseudoknight2 years ago
709e98eeImprove legacy item conversion pseudoknight2 years ago
e11b715aAlso try converting legacy material names in data_name() pseudoknight2 years ago
6944aba6Better handle air in player_interact pseudoknight2 years ago
74887227Re-add data_name() and data_values() for now. The data_values() function is deprecated, and data_name() returns the modern material name for old values passed in for conversion purposes. pseudoknight2 years ago
04a88163Convert changed Bukkit DyeColor pseudoknight2 years ago
2af196ccFix NPE in player_interact when clicking nothing pseudoknight2 years ago
6a8a2336Add map meta key "mapid" pseudoknight2 years ago
ce6290d8Commit missed diffs pseudoknight2 years ago
0ccb9633Update Sounds to match new names pseudoknight2 years ago
6b266fc5Add spawn_particle() function pseudoknight2 years ago
86d1e750Add closure parameter to spawn_entity() to apply entity attributes before being added to the world pseudoknight2 years ago
03f9d187BREAKING CHANGES: Update to reflect changes in 1.13 to items and blocks. It is highly recommended that you do not run this on a production server running pre-1.13 scripts. While efforts were made to warn and convert where necessary, there will be problems with scripts handling items or blocks! Here is a summary of most of the changes: Numerical material ids and data values have been removed in Minecraft. This requires a significant number of changes to any functions or events that handle items or blocks. Though old inputs should continue to work for the most part, deprecation warnings have been inserted when converting from old values, as these are no longer guaranteed to have perfect conversion. Most affected "get" functions and event data output the new material names, so it's impossible to automatically detect all places scripts need to be updated. Saved item arrays will still work in all functions, but a convert_legacy_item() function has been provided to better guarantee conversion accuracy for certain old materials with name conflicts. (eg. MELON) A key "isInteractable" has been added to material_info(). In the item array output, the "type" key and the redundant "enchants" key were removed. The following functions were removed: data_values() and data_name(). The following functions were deprecated completely: set_block_at() and get_block_at(). The following functions were added: get_blockdata_string(), set_blockdata_string(), and convert_legacy_item() The following functions' inputs and/or outputs may be affected: can_enchant_target(), get_enchants(), entity_spec() and set_entity_spec() for enderman and minecart blocks, phas_item(), pitem_slot(), pgive_item(), ptake_item(), pgive_enderchest_item(), ptake_enderchest_item(), add_to_inventory(), take_from_inventory(), max_stack_size(), material_info(), entity_line_of_sight() and pcursor() (transparent block array), pinfo(), psend_block_change(), and spawn_falling_block(). (not including any item array ...pseudoknight2 years ago
f6fcd5baAdd recipe "key" for furnace recipes pseudoknight2 years ago
ba68da70Fix geshi syntax highlighter function URLs pseudoknight2 years ago
6c566d71Add warning for deprecated tame_mob() pseudoknight2 years ago
ff30bd06Add "icon" parameter to potion effects (and fix missing "particles" key in potion meta) pseudoknight2 years ago
26b2c61bBREAKING CHANGE: Update biome types (affects get|set_biome()) pseudoknight2 years ago
b8dd6667BREAKING CHANGE: Update painting (art) types pseudoknight2 years ago
fd8a8a42Handle plugin channel name requirements pseudoknight2 years ago
68499452Add new particle types: SQUID_INK, BUBBLE_POP, CURRENT_DOWN, BUBBLE_COLUMN_UP, NAUTILUS, DOLPHIN pseudoknight2 years ago
ae880910Add BUFFET world type pseudoknight2 years ago
b4c73ad0Add DROWNED spawn reason pseudoknight2 years ago
9e877f9dAdd SLOW_FALLING and TURTLE_MASTER potion types pseudoknight2 years ago
daede361Add DRYOUT damage cause pseudoknight2 years ago
23d550a3Add new entty types: COD, DOLPHIN, DROWNED, PHANTOM, PUFFERFISH, SALMON, TRIDENT, TROPICAL_FISH, and TURTLE pseudoknight2 years ago
887c7d6cDefer to the server's scoreboard string length limits pseudoknight2 years ago
935ba10bUse GROUP_PREFIX pseudoknight2 years ago
f62e7cacMove misplaced entity interfaces pseudoknight2 years ago
2c74356aClean up backwards compatibility pseudoknight2 years ago
7ab8e52eChange to Bukkit 1.13 pseudoknight2 years ago
1c40cc52Bump to CommandHelper 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT pseudoknight2 years ago
65fa4fe1Documentation updates ladycailin2 years ago
5dc11178Fix missing skull owner key check pseudoknight2 years ago
dedc23dcFix "docs" commandline tool output pseudoknight2 years ago
c89ca551Fix CommandHelper loading pseudoknight2 years ago
eb2deab5Merge pull request #498 from Pieter12345/master Fix set_uncaught_exception_handler closure return behaviourladycailin2 years ago
8f6aea50Make HandleUncaughtException method no longer throw for FATAL result - Make HandleUncaughtException(ConfigRuntimeException e, Environment env, Reaction r) no longer throw an exception when Reaction is FATAL. Instead, handle it the same as REPORT. - Revert return value change from FATAL to REPORT in GetRaction(...). pieter123452 years ago
f9e7a075CheckStyle: Fix violations Fix CheckStyle violations so that CommandHelper builds again. pieter123452 years ago
39dc2c27Fix set_uncaught_exception_handler closure return behaviour Before this commit, the return value of the closure passed to set_uncaught_exception_handler would result in: - true -> Suppress exception. - null -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - false -> Use default uncaught exception handler and print the java stacktrace to the cause. - exception in closure -> Use default uncaught exception handler for the exception in the closure and suppress the first exception. The behaviour set by this commit is: - true -> Suppress exception. - null -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - false -> Use default uncaught exception handler. - exception in closure -> Use default uncaught exception handler to print both exceptions. This new behaviour matches the documentation of set_uncaught_exception_handler. pieter123452 years ago
ab3587c3Fix possible mistake This change should be obvious when looking at the code, considering the "name" variable was unused. This might prevent a NullPointerException in some cases. pieter123452 years ago
992c273dIgnore Metrics in checkstyle ladycailin2 years ago
18380b5dFix checkstyle errors, s/bstats/mcstats ladycailin2 years ago
3e62af93Merge pull request #496 from EngineHub/csharp Csharpladycailin2 years ago
7d3b00f5Merge branch 'master' into csharpladycailin2 years ago
b20792c3Dev Drop ladycailin2 years ago
6660fa44Remove "owneruuid" key for skull meta. This never worked well. Server implementation needs to be fixed. pseudoknight2 years ago
2b107bd6Skip checkstyle on provisional builds pseudoknight2 years ago
2e28bfa8Fix CH loading on server versions prior to MC 1.12 pseudoknight2 years ago
8a87e0c1Merge pull request #495 from Pieter12345/player_move_event_bugfix BugFix: Fix unbinding player_move to unbind multiple player_move eventsmichael smith2 years ago
ccffaa9fBugFix: Fix unbinding player_move to unbind multiple player_move events if no threshold prefilter is supplied When binding multiple player_move events without threshold prefilter and then unbinding one of those events, all events would not trigger anymore until another event with the default treshold prefilter would be bound. This bug is caused by the unbind code removing the default threshold without checking whether more events still use it. pieter123452 years ago
1fecd284Improve matching for dynamic Enums pseudoknight2 years ago
f93d2757Add LLAMA_SPIT and SHULKER_BULLET to projectile types pseudoknight2 years ago
7402c5c2Support all living entity type names in spawn_mob(). (CMDHELPER-2894) spawn_mob(entity_type(@uuid)) should always work now, as long as the entity type is living. pseudoknight2 years ago
9fdbe02eMerge pull request #494 from PseudoKnight/master Add new inventory functions and virtual inventories.michael smith2 years ago
90ddb51cAdd new inventory functions and virtual inventories. New functions: popen_inventory(), pinventory_holder(), get_inventory_viewers(), get_virtual_inventories(), create_virtual_inventory(), and delete_virtual_inventory(). New "virtual" prefilter for inventory_click, inventory_drag, inventory_open, and inventory_close events. New inventory "holder" data for inventory_open and inventory_close events. pseudoknight2 years ago
9fdb6fecMerge pull request #493 from Pieter12345/mismatched-paren-feedback Improve code target for mismatched parensladycailin2 years ago
b2f8bab8Improve code target for mismatched parens Change the code target to the last opening '({[' that does not have a closing ')}]', instead of always returning the last line of the script for such CRE's. pieter123452 years ago
33616632Merge pull request #492 from Pieter12345/broadcast-function-event Fix broadcast() function event consistencyladycailin2 years ago
5097011bFix BukkitMCServer broadcast behaviour + Update broadcast() docs - Remove usage of Server.broadcastMessage(...) methods since they also broadcast to all active command blocks in-game, effectively setting their last output value in their GUI. - Broadcast to console unless a recipients set is supplied without the console command sender in it. - Update broadcast() documentation to match the changes. - Add javadocs to MCServer to describe the broadcastMessage(...) behaviour that implementations should follow. pieter123452 years ago
071371d3Add broadcast(message, array) console support - Add broadcast(message, array('~console', ...)) support to target the console. - Include broadcast to console behaviour in the documentation. pieter123452 years ago
436a1fb9Make broadcast() trigger events consistently + Extend broadcast() docs - Make broadcast(message, players) fire an event through its Bukkit implementation so that it matches the broadcast(message) and broadcast(message, permission) behaviour. - Extend broadcast() documentation to include all behaviour. pieter123452 years ago
401d4c22CheckStyle: Fix IDE compatibility + gitignore - Fix Eclipse's (and according to Google IntelliJ's) CheckStyle plugins failing on finding the checkstyle_suppressions.xml file. This change does not affect Maven builds. - Add .checkstyle to the git ignore file. pieter123452 years ago
8f94455eRemove some deprecations pseudoknight2 years ago
d97c4b53Fix some documentation pseudoknight2 years ago
a278c72fAdd ENDER_EYE to entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
bdb29c3eMerge pull request #491 from Pieter12345/randomtest-optimization Disable secure_string and get_locales boilerplate testmichael smith2 years ago
dacb0741Disable secure_string and get_locales boilerplate test Disable secure_string and get_locales boilerplate test because these slow down the build time by Travis CI significantly. secure_string's boilerplate test can easily take 6 minutes and even cause Travis CI to time out (>10 minutes combined). pieter123452 years ago
950ccc3cMerge pull request #489 from Pieter12345/randomtest-optimization RandomTest optimizationladycailin2 years ago
4fba2786RandomTest optimization - Optimize `testFunctionsAreOnlyDefinedOnce` test to run in O(n) instead of O(n^2) where n = 743 (and n^2 = 552049). Locally, this reduces the test time of te RandomTests class (being 12±2 seconds on my system) by roughly 3 or 4 seconds on my system. - Fixed javadoc comment. - Fixed case where not setting up the global environment makes the `testFunctionsAreOnlyDefinedOnce` test fail when executed on itself in an IDE. pieter123452 years ago
d79972e1Update entity_spec() - Add DRAGON_FIREBALL direction - Fix SMALL_FIREBALL - Add block and offset to all minecarts - Update wrapper classes pseudoknight2 years ago
764a69feAllow all line endings pseudoknight2 years ago
0925e6bcMerge pull request #485 from Pieter12345/checkstyle3 CheckStyle: Add more rulesmichael smith2 years ago
d02e642fCheckStyle: Fix or suppress remaining violations Fixing public name violations might cause incompatibility with dependents (e.g. CH extensions and plugins depending on CH). Therefore, ignoring the current violations and ensuring it does not get worse is a safe choice for now. pieter123452 years ago
333e0097CheckStyle: Update rule set - Remove HideUtilityClassConstructor check. Fixing these violations would require adding ~104 empty private constructors to hide default constructors. This should not be forced upon contributors. - Ignore MethodName check. Changing public method names will break any extensions that uses them. This should not be done without deprecating all violating methods first. - Remove MissingCtor check. This would require adding ~1100 empty constructors to not directly rely on the default one. This should not be forced upon contributors and does not make the code more clear. - Change whitespace check for "try", which now enforces whitespace usage "try(" and "try {". - Disable "SuperClone" and "SuperFinalize" check. These checks even require to call super.clone() and super.finalize() when their class extends directly from Object, in which case adding them is pointless and at most distracting. - Fix whitespace check for between if/for/while and their '('. pieter123452 years ago
065ca39eCheckStyle: Fix name violations pieter123452 years ago
fc08e991CheckStyle: Fix MultipleVariableDeclarations violations pieter123452 years ago
aaf0798fCheckStyle: Fix FinalClass violations pieter123452 years ago
bbbfaf6fCheckStyle: Fix whitespace violations pieter123452 years ago
4421fe88CheckStyle: Fix ModifierOrder violations pieter123452 years ago
bb96a7eaCheckStyle: Fix whitespace and EmptyStatement violations pieter123452 years ago
3c71b692CheckStyle: Fix EmptyStatement violations pieter123452 years ago
19327ef4CheckStyle: Fix MissingDeprecated violations Fix MissingDeprecated checkstyle violations. pieter123452 years ago
8f3c5f39CheckStyle: Suppress FallThrough violation Fallthrough is efficiently used here, so suppress the violation. pieter123452 years ago
7fd0a514CheckStyle: Enable SuppressWarnings annotation Allow @SuppressWarnings("checkstyle:<CHECK>") to suppress checkstyle violations. pieter123452 years ago
041c0de9Revert "CheckStyle: Remove FallThrough" This reverts commit ff0ccaec66489586a46386957b301653eeeb02f4. pieter123452 years ago
d399ba5dCheckStyle: Fix merge violations Fix all introduced checkstyle violations in the last merge. pieter123452 years ago
60f75f85Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/EngineHub/CommandHelper into checkstyle3 pieter123452 years ago
62189af8CheckStyle: Fix 41 OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrderCheck violations Fix 41 OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrderCheck checkstyle violations. This is just changing method order. pieter123452 years ago
d25fc362CheckStyle: Fix 6 UnusedImportsCheck violations Remove 6 unused imports. pieter123452 years ago
03bfc16bCheckStyle: Fix 1372 try/catch whitespace violations - Fix 1362 checkstyle violations where 'catch' is not followed by a whitespace. - Fix 10 checkstyle violations where 'try' is not followed by a whitespace. pieter123452 years ago
7d60e35bCheckStyle: Fix 301 if/for/while whitespace violations. Fix 301 whitespace violations where one or multiple whitespace characters exist between an if/for/while and its corresponding '('. pieter123452 years ago
527edcafCheckStyle: Fix missing continue in switchcase violation This rule is no longer in the CheckStyle set, but in this place in the code, fallthrough is not necessary and increases the chance of future mistakes being made. pieter123452 years ago
e10990ecBugFix: Fix escaped characters in file options ending the file options - Any escaped character other than '\>' would be recognised as FILE_OPTIONS_END ('>') due to a missing break. - Code rewrite so it no longer relies on a while(true) where it does not have to. pieter123452 years ago
94835690BugFix: Fix expected CRE not being thrown when setting block dispense item to AIR Fix expected CRE not being thrown when setting block dispense item to AIR due to using a ref-equals on a String literal. pieter123452 years ago
aa289d19CheckStyle: Fix mistake Fix a copy-paste mistake. pieter123452 years ago
ff0ccaecCheckStyle: Remove FallThrough Fallthrough can be useful and should be allowed for that reason. pieter123452 years ago
3a7d49dbCheckStyle: Add more rules A CheckStyle configuration which will ensure more consistent sourcecode in the future. pieter123452 years ago
78f10856Merge pull request #486 from Ecconia/Fix-Playerinsertion-JoinEvent JoinEvent inject Entitymichael smith2 years ago
1a703a24JoinEvent inject Entity The function "set_metadata" and similar require an entity to be online. The entity (player) is known by the event already, but not the rest of the server. Injecting it, to make it accessible.ecconia2 years ago
ca72bc5cIgnore queue interruptions during reload pseudoknight2 years ago
4924b5d8Add boat "type" to entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
fbd63c09Add "source" for EVOKER_FANGS in entity_spec() and make them spawnable pseudoknight2 years ago
377fc5fdFix FALLING_BLOCK in entity_spec() and add "damage" boolean pseudoknight2 years ago
69483e77Add pvelocity() to documentation pseudoknight2 years ago
77387973Add shulker color to entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
b802db5cFix typos and missing block in data_names.txt pseudoknight2 years ago
fb12c5cdUpdate entity wrapper classes pseudoknight2 years ago
88a131aaFix core error when given an invalid potion type (CMDHELPER-3172) pseudoknight2 years ago
6cb2fb34Merge pull request #484 from Pieter12345/checkstyle2 Checkstyle updateladycailin2 years ago
baa509a9CheckStyle: Add suppression filter for star imports in test classes. Added a suppression filter that effectively allows star imports in test classes. pieter123452 years ago
4c220e17Move checkstyle execution to test phase - Moved the checkstyle execution from the validate phase to the test phase. - Renamed the maven plugin execution to "checkstyle". pieter123452 years ago
b4993e81Merge pull request #483 from Pieter12345/checkstyle Checkstyleladycailin2 years ago
79612550Added checkstyle parenthesis padding check. Disallow whitespaces after '(' anf before ')'. pieter123452 years ago
f4889ab6Removed checkstyle empty block check. - Removed EmptyBlock checkstyle check since it triggered for cases where it is not necessarily bad. - Removed several empty blocks where they were not necessary. pieter123452 years ago
726aac86Formatting: Replaced star imports. Replaced star imports with the actually used imports. pieter123452 years ago
68d33268Formatting: Removed trailing whitespaces/tabs. Removed trailing whitespaces and tabs. pieter123452 years ago
232db3a2Formatting: Disallow whitespaces. - Replaced leading 4-wide whitespaces with tabs. - Removed/replaced remaining leading whitespaces to maintain consistency. - Added *'s to multiline docs where they were missing. pieter123452 years ago
d74d3159Added checkstyle. - Added maven's checkstyle plugin (applies to main and test .java files). - Added a check for line length <= 120 (currently marked as ignored due to >7000 violations). - Disallow whitespace indents (force TABs). - Disallow star imports (import blabla.*). - Disallow empty blocks ({}). - Disallow trailing whitespaces/tabs. pieter123452 years ago
6c607f22Formatting: pom.xml Made Tab/whitespace usage consistent. pieter123452 years ago
95670d2bChange a few uses of math to TimeConversionUtil ladycailin2 years ago
dc1c6887Merge branch 'master' of me.github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
3dec134aAdd TimeConversionUtil class ladycailin2 years ago
f3dd494dDynamically register broadcast_message if it exists pseudoknight2 years ago
09684e16Added broadcast_message event. Added support for Bukkit's BroadcastMessageEvent. pieter123452 years ago
86d4f785Removed unused fields. If this is necessary for anything in the future, the reference can be obtained through BukkitMCWorldEvent. pieter123452 years ago
86c05b36Moved server events to their own class. Moved BukkitMCServerCommandEvent and BukkitMCServerPingEvent from BukkitMiscEvents to BukkitServerEvents. pieter123452 years ago
314146ebAdd "delay" meta for MOB_SPAWNER pseudoknight2 years ago
a7b6d8caDocumentation updates pseudoknight2 years ago
a09855f4Use locationArray more consistently in function docs pseudoknight2 years ago
0f38f19aImprove executeas() test pseudoknight2 years ago
eeceb294Fix "See more..." links in documentation pseudoknight2 years ago
c5b87afeAdd executeas() to change player/label context when running a closure pseudoknight2 years ago
bcf6ac35Add player prefilter for item_held event pseudoknight2 years ago
04343125Update mysql shade pattern pseudoknight2 years ago
d2490dffMerge pull request #480 from Pieter12345/lexer_minus_fix Fixed invalid minus sign interpretation.ladycailin2 years ago
b3f6bec8Unit tests for '+' lexer handling. Added unit tests for '+' sign absorbtion. pieter123452 years ago
90aae5ffExtra unit tests for '-' lexer handling. Added extra tests. pieter123452 years ago
d51ae037Fixed invalid minus sign interpretation. Bug examples: array(5)[0] - 3 would become 2, but array(5)[0] -3 would become string '5 -3'. 2 - 3, 2-3 and 2- 3 would become -1, but 2 -3 and 2 -3 would become string '2 -3'. This commit fixes the minus sign interpretation by the lexer, ignoring whitespaces in front of the '-' sign and with an additional case to support array_get's in format "@a[0]-value". pieter123452 years ago
35527f91Make Crypto functions aware of secure_string. Also fixed a bug in secure_string where the decrypted char array was the wrong size due to padding. ladycailin2 years ago
550706d2Use new lines when listing multiple include compile exceptions pseudoknight2 years ago
f8fd570dFix deprecated class usages pseudoknight2 years ago
0fcd35ecMerge pull request #479 from Pieter12345/furnace_nbt_data_support Add blockstate meta support for various containersmichael smith2 years ago
23378b22Replaced null checks with empty itemstack checks. Due to these objects being wrapped into a BukkitMCItemStack, they are never null. So check for empty item stacks instead. pieter123452 years ago
5d055bf1Added brewing stand bottle slot meta support. Brewing stands only had support for fuel and ingredient meta, this adds support for the 3 remaining bottle slots. pieter123452 years ago
9575c85fSelected proper datatype for some metadata. Fixup for the previous 2 commits. pieter123452 years ago
d301d21dAdded item meta support to containers. The now supported containers are: BrewingStand, Chest, Dispenser, Dropper and Hopper. pieter123452 years ago
49f1061aAdded blockstate data support for furnaces. Furnaces will now have a "burntime", "cooktime" and "inventory" metadata tag. "inventory" is an array with 3 possible keys: "result", "fuel" and "smelting". This commit prevents set_pinv(pinv()) to erase furnace metadata and adds the ability to get/modify it. pieter123452 years ago
474e45e5Added NonInheritImplements. This allows classes to declare that they implement a specific interface, but does not strictly require that subclasses also implement this interface as well (through inheritance). There is a custom compile check as well, but in general, this requires using the Helper class as well to correctly cast to the interface and check instanceof. The use case imagined here is for serialization and/or cloning, where you want some classes in the heirarchy to be serializable or cloneable, but not necessarily subclasses of those classes. ladycailin2 years ago
b6a7a6f2Add cmdline-install mechanism for Windows. This installs a C# based launcher, which provides all the Windows specific utilities to the system, but otherwise forwards all processing on to the jar. This works much the same as the Linux launcher/bash frontend. Unlike Linux, however, this is a much more complicated task, and so there is a Visual Studios solution and everything included in this commit. There are still a few tasks remaining: Add the mscript.exe to the Path so that it can be run from the cmd utility. Make the uninstall-cmdline tool work. The prompt_* functions do not work yet. Once these three things are done, this should be merged to master.ladycailin2 years ago
8b9e709bNormalize all the line endings ladycailin2 years ago
5f62cc3dSaving files before refreshing line endings ladycailin2 years ago
0844d147Fix missing ENUMs being logged as errors on startup pseudoknight2 years ago
7dd4957bCoercion of string "false" to boolean now provides a warning. This is usually not what the user meant to do, as string "false" evaluates to boolean true. Therefore, when we try to coerce a string into a boolean, we first check to see if it is the string "false" and if so, issue a warning. Eventually, I would like this to be configurable per file, or at least at a more granular level, but anyways, for now this is a globally configurable warning in the logger-preferences.ini settings. This also required a change to the Static.getBoolean method, which has been updated throughout the codebase to add a Target parameter. However, because extensions may be using this method, it remains backwards compatible for now, but the no Target method is deprecated and should be removed at next major version change.ladycailin2 years ago
e17b850fAdd plast_known_name() pseudoknight2 years ago
a63cd4bdFix parameter encoding for http_request() pseudoknight2 years ago
0b7c52caLots of minor refactoringladycailin2 years ago
e3277698Re-format code with correct spaces in control keywordsladycailin2 years ago
eae33999Commit nb-configuration.xml. This should standardize formatting across development platforms where developers are using NetBeans. If a developer is not using NetBeans, they need to replicate these settings in their editor.ladycailin2 years ago
f8d8b548Update gitattributes with a few more text file definitionsladycailin2 years ago
f243a14cFormat the entire project. This likely breaks all other branches diffs. Those branches will also need to re-format the code first.ladycailin2 years ago
f45cee0fRemove unused importsladycailin2 years ago
9778f462Merge origin/masterladycailin2 years ago
40dc779eBump several versions of dependencies in mavenladycailin2 years ago
6ce8968dFix bug for array params in WebUtility ladycailin2 years ago
3034645cAdd strict mode to preferences.ini. This allows a global setting. Additionally, cleaned up the lexer code a bit, and made file options higher priority than comments. Additionally, file options now have to be the first non-comment, non-whitespace line in the file, but do not have to be the VERY first thing in the file. Whitespace changes, now that I have figured out how to use an IDE correctly, these changes should start to have to happen less and less.ladycailin2 years ago
3073a226Update contribution guidelines ladycailin2 years ago
487fe9bfAdd docs for File_Options and Strict_Mode. Support file options docgen syntax highlighter. Also, added support for using class based styling, instead of style based styling. In the future, I will create a css class to do the styling, but for now, it remains hardcoded. ladycailin2 years ago
5307cf39Finish importing Learning Trail articles ladycailin2 years ago
9993d358Update public-suffix ladycailin2 years ago
ef2ca55eAdd string_contains, to be clearer in code ladycailin2 years ago
ceede3e8Merge pull request #478 from Pieter12345/lexer_optimization Lexer file option support+optimization+bugfix.ladycailin2 years ago
e395707fFixup commit. Addicentally ticked off 2 lines when reviewing changes, these are part of the last commit. pieter123452 years ago
320830fcLex + preprocess + compile optimization. Replaced ArrayList usage by a LinkedList. This has the following effect: - get() goes from O(1) to O(n) unless an iterator is used, in which case it remains O(1). - remove() in an iterator over the list goes from O(n) to O(1). This commit also changes all iterations over the list to iterations using an iterator, making both get() and remove() O(1). pieter123452 years ago
86dfce79Halved preprocessor runtime. On a local ~140.000 character (3305 line) script, 3000 runs on each script with one untimed run for possible initialization resulted in a runtime of ~1.19ms on average for the old code and ~0.60ms on average for this new code. pieter123452 years ago
fafc90ffRemoved unnecessary assigns in the lexer. Removed unnecessary assigns in the lexer. pieter123452 years ago
0e8a1022Lexer file option support+optimization+bugfix. - Fixed a bug where the token for CONCAT_ASSIGNMENT would get assigned string "/=" instead of ".=". - Fixed a bug where ending a file with an unfinished unicode character in a quote would throw an uncaught exception (ending file with '\u). - Optimized the lexer. Using a script from my server, the lex time of 100 runs (with one untimed run before the loop) was ~108ms, this has been improved to ~83ms (~23% runtime decrease). - Added file options support in the lexer. Start with '<!', end with '>' and a literal '>' could be obtained using '\>'. File options are only allowed at the top of a file. pieter123452 years ago
656db803Git bug - Committing no changes. When undoing this "change", it automatically returns. Committing might be a way to get rid of it so I can use git again. pieter123452 years ago
fe865b9aMerge pull request #477 from Pieter12345/extension_event_error_handler Extra error management for event handlers.ladycailin2 years ago
3ff3ef43Extra error management for event handlers. When CH or a CH extension receives an event it cannot handle due to being binary incompatible with a dependency, the error remained uncaught and was passed to the server software that fired the event. This commit makes sure those errors are caught and logged with useful additional details for a bug report. pieter123452 years ago
610827e1Git bug - Committing no changes. When undoing this "change", it automatically returns. Committing might be a way to get rid of it so I can use git again. pieter123452 years ago
ca1b939dCache native types to improve compile time. Static.resolveConstruct() constituted over 16% of the total compile time on my test server. This reduces that to less than 1%. pseudoknight2 years ago
2bd9c670Further clarify get_entity_vehicle() docs pseudoknight2 years ago
c8ddc433Fix cslice on strings being off by one pseudoknight2 years ago
30211d3cMerge branch 'master' of me.github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
019dc132Add utility classes ladycailin2 years ago
b166c64bFix test pseudoknight2 years ago
9643098cAdd clear_peffects() pseudoknight2 years ago
d7960bc3Add clear_pinv() pseudoknight2 years ago
370f146cFix Husk in spawn_mob() again pseudoknight2 years ago
1259b75dPass FileOptions through the compiler and elsewhere properly Still need to implement the parsing in the lexer, but anyways, once that's done, it should go through the rest of the system just fine.ladycailin2 years ago
67dc918cCreate the shaded jar in addition to the non-shaded jar. This allows CH to be independently included by other projects. The biggest difference is that people now need to download the commandhelper-version-SNAPSHOT-full.jar instead of the non -full version. Cmdline users need to re-run install-cmdline to update the bash command, as the name of the jar is encoded in the script. ladycailin2 years ago
56c5c2baMerge pull request #475 from Pieter12345/compile_optimization BugFix for ambigous command detection.ladycailin2 years ago
732baef4Unit tests + static cmd text fix. - Added unit tests for command ambiguity. - Changed "LITERAL" ConstructType check to "STRING" to support static strings and since I did not manage to find an example of something that compiled to a literal in the command descriptor (it becomes either a string or doesn't compile anyways). pieter123452 years ago
a15045bfSyntax convention. Syntax convention.pietje2 years ago
ff404b8fBugFix for ambigous command detection. Many commands were not detected as ambigous properly. Examples: - *:/cmd2 $arg AND *:/cmd2 $arg - *:/cmd11 $arg $arg2 AND *:/cmd11 $arg $arg2 [$arg3] - *:/cmd14 arg AND *:/cmd14 $arg - *:/cmd15 arg AND *:/cmd15 [$arg] This commit will cause ambigous commands to throw a compile exception as expected. The previous code caught an IndexOutOfBoundsException, which's fillInStacktrace() costed ~35% runtime spent in AliasCore.LocalPackage.consoleMSA(). This has been replaced with a size check to reduce runtime for MSA compiles by roughly this 35% (as tested with my scripts and setup on my server with 254 defined aliases). pieter123452 years ago
81f18582Merge branch 'master' of me.github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
2f3df3ffMerge branch 'Lildirt-string_func_optimize' ladycailin2 years ago
11e778cbMerge branch 'string_func_optimize' of https://github.com/Lildirt/CommandHelper into Lildirt-string_func_optimize ladycailin2 years ago
f7a23c6cAdded optimizations to string_starts_with, string_ends_with, and char_is_uppercase as well as example usage. lildirt4 years ago
78d77189Merge pull request #476 from Pieter12345/compile_optimization2 Keyword compile optimization.ladycailin2 years ago
0e8018fbKeyword compile optimization. Replaced an exception throw + catch with equivalent logic. On my server with my setup, this removes ~6.5% of the total script recompile time. pieter123452 years ago
98bebd34White space ladycailin2 years ago
79ec7a9dFix compile errors ladycailin2 years ago
ae0adf9dMerge branch 'master' of me.github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
a03492eaAdded Mixed.isInstanceof Going forward, it would be super helpful if code didn't use instanceof, but instead used this new method, as it will be required eventually. I can probably make a thing that scans bytecode for usages of this, but in the meantime it'll just be the honor system :D ladycailin2 years ago
c2de1dd8Expand Preferences to add typesafe versions of methodsladycailin2 years ago
08d2c375Merge pull request #474 from PseudoKnight/master Add Events and other fixes to site deploymentladycailin2 years ago
a37a3d98Add Events and other fixes to site deployment pseudoknight2 years ago
e7df36c2Merge pull request #472 from Pieter12345/compatibility_fixes Compatibility fixesladycailin2 years ago
6c6d45feIDE with whitespace in workspace dir compatibility. - Added URL decoding and encoding to support having a workspace with whitespaces in the path (before this commit, many tests would be unable to run due to ClassInitializationErrors). pieter123452 years ago
09ac5472Removed JVM error file. This should likely have never been added. pieter123452 years ago
b0a4ce0aAdd distance() pseudoknight2 years ago
590e10b4Update deprecations pseudoknight2 years ago
d249200cAdd get_bars() pseudoknight2 years ago
eb5f6842Clarify get_entity_vehicle() documentation pseudoknight2 years ago
15693581Merge pull request #473 from Pieter12345/patch-1 Updated sk89q repo in pom.ladycailin2 years ago
d2962a2fUpdated sk89q repo in pom. Repository "mvn2.sk89q.com" has been replaced with "maven.sk89q.com" long ago. The mvn2 repository is currently offline and might never come back, the replacing repository is online and recommended over the deprecated one (source: wizjany).pietje2 years ago
ea39a1dfAdd get_vector() that returns a vector array from the yaw/pitch in a location array pseudoknight2 years ago
628dd3b7Remove minor redundant array casting and logic pseudoknight2 years ago
87330f83Support a direction in location_shift() in place of a target location pseudoknight2 years ago
6d4d446dWorld functions formatting pseudoknight2 years ago
14a024d3Fix array_sort() when given an associative array pseudoknight2 years ago
a6576059Formatting pseudoknight2 years ago
274104d1Support an array of recipient players for broadcast() pseudoknight2 years ago
3a2943c7Update Minecraft example scripts pseudoknight2 years ago
d350ce04Echoes formatting pseudoknight2 years ago
8ac8d8caFix vehicle_destroy error when there's no damager pseudoknight2 years ago
ea39c18bUpdate entity_enter_portal to use block material name pseudoknight2 years ago
00ca10fdRemove old test pseudoknight2 years ago
fa12924dClean up pseudoknight2 years ago
f392447aImprove core error logging. Logging these errors is already slow, but the slow Main.loadSelfVersion() makes it take almost twice as long. This can cause noticeable tick lag. If this occurs with enough frequency the server will become unresponsive. So here we use the cached version from Bukkit when possible. The messaging is also improved a little. pseudoknight2 years ago
b7deec72Fix version check for snowman derp pseudoknight2 years ago
69743091Update entity_interact to use block name pseudoknight2 years ago
7e9d9e45Fix get_leashholder() pseudoknight2 years ago
3172d314Fix broad compatibility for Llama, SkeletonHorse, ZombieHorse, Donkey and Mule in entity_spec(). pseudoknight2 years ago
82a3af1eUpdate maven-shade-plugin. Previous versions were incompatible with lambdas and possibly other Java 8 features. pseudoknight2 years ago
27c43d25Fix exceptions when getting out-of-bounds string indexes pseudoknight2 years ago
8e0c57b2Fix build pseudoknight2 years ago
96a6dcc1Formatting pseudoknight2 years ago
f9ea6036Override methods in CSecureString that don't make sense to inherit Also, needed to change array_get to work properly with ArrayAccess, instead of assuming it is a string, if it is ArrayAccess and not a CArray. array_normalize only makes sense with an actual array, so that change to ArrayAccess was a bit premature. That change might actually break some people's code, but whatever they were doing didn't make sense in the first place, so you're welcome? ladycailin2 years ago
99e78a00Shoring up secure_string ladycailin2 years ago
c0ca35beAdd (decrypt_)secure_string. These functions actually allow access to the CSecureString mechanisms. In the future, it will now be possible to backport other methods to use this data type. ladycailin2 years ago
5a2016e7Merge branch 'master' of me.github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper ladycailin2 years ago
b43adf42Implement base classes for CDecimal and CSecureString At current, these are not useable, as they are not constructable from mscript. The CDecimal can be constructed in *some* cases in code using 0m notation, but it cannot be used beyond general Object use. ladycailin2 years ago
8e11e27dMerge pull request #471 from Pieter12345/GetConstruct_improvement Improved runtime complexity GetConstruct/GetPOJOmichael smith2 years ago
0888be09Improved runtime complexity GetConstruct/GetPOJO Both the GetConstruct and GetPOJO methods contained loops over Lists/Maps with a getter of a value from those Lists/Maps in them, effectively being O(n^2) runtime complexity (with an exception of Hash implementations, where a lookup is O(1) instead of O(n)). In this commit, those loops have been changed to loops over the entryset (for Maps) or changed to using an iterator (Lists). The new runtime complexity for both is O(n). pieter123452 years ago
f487f4f5Add what was hit in the projectile_hit event pseudoknight2 years ago
b966728aFormatting pseudoknight2 years ago
6eebf68bSupport item arrays for phas_item(), pitem_slot(), ptake_item(), ptake_enderchest_item(), and take_from_inventory(). This adds new filtering possibilities with those functions as well. Only specified keys in the item array are compared, with the following keys supported: data, display, lore, and enchants. If not specified, the key can have any value and be a match. (eg. phas_item(array('name': 'DIAMOND_SWORD', 'meta': array('display': 'Pointy'))); will match all diamond swords named Pointy, regardless of enchants, lore or durability) More keys may be added later. pseudoknight2 years ago
8b5fa25dFix missed getHandle() pseudoknight2 years ago
f6d10220Return number of files recompiled for x_recompile_includes() pseudoknight2 years ago
73539a86Various cleanup pseudoknight2 years ago
c11369cdAccept item array ingredients for shapeless recipes pseudoknight2 years ago
379cd93eAdd ExhaustiveVisitor This is a PureUtility which allows for a much more compact and smarter implementation of the Visitor/Double Dispatch pattern, and allows it to work similarly to C++'s virtual methods, though even better, it has compile errors if you leave off an implementation when a new subclass is added. ladycailin2 years ago
bba7e43fMerge pull request #470 from EngineHub/new-html-docs New html docsladycailin2 years ago
a06d7424git rm coredump ladycailin2 years ago
f99fa881Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin2 years ago
4f10f818Documentation updates ladycailin2 years ago
0c51befeAdd Boss Bar functions (MC 1.9+) pseudoknight2 years ago
7033636eFix change in item string output. Previously we were always including a data suffix ":0" for block items, but not for other items. This restores that behavior. pseudoknight2 years ago
a4ffb5f9Simplify item durability pseudoknight2 years ago
26ff57cfAdd set_mob_owner() and hide tame_mob() (CMDHELPER-2792) pseudoknight2 years ago
36dd8263Re-organize entity functions pseudoknight2 years ago
d5e43872Fix incorrect array index pseudoknight2 years ago
0f78d5b6Support item arrays for: pgive_item(), pgive_enderchest_item(), add_to_inventory(), can_enchant_target(), get_enchants() pseudoknight2 years ago
cc354416Support doubles for potion effect seconds pseudoknight2 years ago
8e6f8e61Merge pull request #468 from Ecconia/Sublime3Export Sublime Text 3 - Syntax Highlightingladycailin2 years ago
70f3ce45Missing space in console-output ecconia2 years ago
297ed1a9Sublime Text 3 - Syntax Highlight Added the syntax file for sublime3. No themes are required, since the syntax only sets scopes which a "Color Scheme" uses. Instalation details are in the Syntax file, no need to increase the mess in terminal. It was created based of the old sublime syntax file provided by CH.ecconia2 years ago
9dad3f44Fixed gore intendation Replaced 4 spaces with tabs. (Seems like LC also uses tabs, but in mixed form) "Organized Imports" - Removed java Annotations.ecconia2 years ago
43b1b9b6Java 8 pseudoknight2 years ago
1295f103Fix exception when skull owneruuid is null pseudoknight2 years ago
fa61ee78Fix modifying the entity type in creature_spawn event pseudoknight2 years ago
4b8ec36cHide refresh_chunk() due to unreliability and deprecation pseudoknight2 years ago
54985127Document player UUID support in player functions pseudoknight2 years ago
5f18dc38Add block "name" to block events pseudoknight2 years ago
7858186fAdd "unbreakable" to item meta and "owneruuid" to skull item meta pseudoknight2 years ago
4fc76c49Catch duplicate recipe keys pseudoknight2 years ago
74c4ca76Deprecate get_player_from_entity_id() pseudoknight2 years ago
ac76763dUse UUID.compareTo() pseudoknight2 years ago
36b4ad33Update out-dated warning pseudoknight2 years ago
50ada0fdFix set_spawner_type() pseudoknight2 years ago
2d31baecAdd recipe keys pseudoknight2 years ago
11f7d0aeMerge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin2 years ago
d5ffeb81Line endings fix ladycailin2 years ago
40530bffAdd sponsors ladycailin2 years ago
6bcbc478Add the verify command to cmdline toolsladycailin3 years ago
d23b40ceDocument scoreboard team option values pseudoknight3 years ago
c78461f7Fix error in location_shift() and shoof_projectile() when locations are the same pseudoknight3 years ago
5dd9e82eAdd maxfuseticks and explosionradius to Creeper entity_spec() pseudoknight3 years ago
f4832fd4Add new 1.12.2 entity effects to play_entity_effect() pseudoknight3 years ago
d36e3483Allow getting just a specific trait using materal_info() and document indexes. pseudoknight3 years ago
96abbd5cMerge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
78e902baWhitespace fix on Static.java ladycailin3 years ago
6665f26eAdd parenthesis to API page ladycailin3 years ago
ad6771d3Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
583f7ee0Harmonize how void works There is some formatting change, but the meat of the commit can be seen in Static and BasicLogic. In Static, we change resolveConstruct to return CVoid.VOID instead of CVoid.TYPE. Then, in sequals, we check .typeof() not .getClass(). This is an important distinction, because we want to base the equality on whether or not mscript says it's the same type, not if java does. Actually, because of this change, the change to Static isn't strictly necessary, but it is beneficial, since now we standardize what we are returning. ladycailin3 years ago
70d58606Minor doc changes ladycailin3 years ago
08761ec4Minor doc changes ladycailin3 years ago
0ea5ad96Fix string escaping in geshi template 2.0ladycailin3 years ago
edf9b949Fix string escaping in geshi templateladycailin3 years ago
9e9ded6eMerge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
e0c028c2Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs Supermerge! Fixed a number of merge conflicts due to spacing issues. Hopefully that is the last time I have to do that. ladycailin3 years ago
93326ffdFix boilerplate test pseudoknight3 years ago
8101ed3cImprove array_set() handling of invalid normal array keys pseudoknight3 years ago
fd2e2d94Add pcooldown() and set_pcooldown() pseudoknight3 years ago
8833e514Remove commented out plugin_cmd() function that is redundant pseudoknight3 years ago
bc5913e2Massively speed up reflect_pull() for enums. This avoids loading classes that we don't need to load, since we only need to do that to get the ENUM values for the one class. This also improves getting ENUM inner classes. Previously when getting the class's common name it would change "$" to "." for inner classes. However, the only case where this method is used it needs to the "$" to find the class. So it throws an exception, we catch it, add the "$" back and try again. This is very expensive and seeminlgy not needed. Finally, I removed a redundant HashSet creation that used about 25% of the remaining time. Overall this went from freezing the server for a few seconds to completing in less than a millisecond. pseudoknight3 years ago
7015e9d7Deprecate and hide entity_id() and entity_uuid() pseudoknight3 years ago
394bcebeMerge pull request #467 from Ecconia/logo Better printing and formatting of mainlogoladycailin3 years ago
3008c4f3Better printing and formatting of mainlogo Did not cut the backgound color off properly. Was oddly centered. File had not consistent linewidth. Look better in the Ubuntu terminal now.ecconia3 years ago
4fd48e5aImprove a couple edge cases Uses of GetCommandSender() don't always handle null, so let's use console just in case. This code should rarely run, though, since players in events shouldn't be offline. Also, because we have "enchants" in two places in item arrays, I tried to unify it a little by only prioritising meta array enchants, but it's possible that scripts might add an enchant to only the item enchant array and NOT the meta enchant array. To prioritise one over the other, it'd be safer if we first give a warning period. I'm not sure how best to accomplish this without affecting logic, so for now keep processing twice. It should be revisited later. pseudoknight3 years ago
d387eb68Fix "Unknown Source" in autoconcat (CMDHELPER-3161) pseudoknight3 years ago
7450f621Various updates to abstraction This includes additions, fixes and optimizations. It also removes the final illusion of compatibility with versions prior to 1.7.10. pseudoknight3 years ago
7b3d6914Fix server command error for MC versions prior to 1.8.8 pseudoknight3 years ago
09845d3fChange Minecraft reflection method to improve startup times Despite only being used for sudo() right now, ClassDiscovery for the server jar adds up to 10 seconds to the startup time. The Bukkit convertor init also synchronizes during the ClassDiscovery process which may make things worse. This commit proposes that this extra time is not a necessary sacrifice and implements an alternative reflection method where needed. pseudoknight3 years ago
7e4ebf42Reduce map lookups in persistence pseudoknight3 years ago
d09df7bbImprove a couple event handlers pseudoknight3 years ago
b62f293fFix edge case where an event could have the wrong player in its environment pseudoknight3 years ago
67a9a417Remove deprecated bite chance (unused since 1.6.4) pseudoknight3 years ago
fc4bf4e0Add optional single slot parameter in set_pinv() (and optimizations) Previously for every slot we set it would cause three packets to be sent to the player on the latest versions of Spigot. This is because we were updating the inventory to fix client syncing issues in the past. In theory this would be maybe 123 packets when setting a player inventory. This commit should reduce that to maybe 43 packets and maybe even fix some syncing when the inventory has other viewers. Because now after a function that alters an inventory is complete, it sends an update packet to all viewers of that inventory. This should ensure client syncing on all versions without doing too much extra work like before. pseudoknight3 years ago
59700b14Fix entity_spec() in projectile_launch and player_fish pseudoknight3 years ago
66e42718Clarify play_sound docs pseudoknight3 years ago
3b7e6b63Remove unsupported method of getting entity metadata pseudoknight3 years ago
8eeba96fFix block_fade docs and optimize prefilter pseudoknight3 years ago
35896b35Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/EntryPointKR/CommandHelper pseudoknight3 years ago
b0b22322Remove olddata, newtype, newdata junhyeong lim3 years ago
fa3c087fFix some junhyeong lim3 years ago
10231976Add block_fade event junhyeong lim3 years ago
b916a264Add MOTD to get_server_info() (CMDHELPER-2715) pseudoknight3 years ago
00b7e1deRemove MCEffect.ITEM_BREAK because it's crashing clients (CMDHELPER-3160) pseudoknight3 years ago
6ecffcd3Fix caught entities not existing in player_fish (CMDHELPER-3157) pseudoknight3 years ago
7e70a08eImprove type handling for item arrays and max_stack_size() pseudoknight3 years ago
e08aa557Improve modify_event() exception tracing for core events (CMDHELPER-3028) pseudoknight3 years ago
89896b70Associative array_get() optimization pseudoknight3 years ago
5d636200Fix player_kick/quit not firing when the player is in interpreter mode (CMDHELPER-2796) pseudoknight3 years ago
b8372ceaFix entites not existing in events that spawn them (CMDHELPER-3157) pseudoknight3 years ago
091c82aeVarious minor event optimizations pseudoknight3 years ago
fef72c80Add convenience functions phealth(), psneaking(), and display_name() These were previously only available through pinfo(), but are common enough to warrant their own readable function names. pseudoknight3 years ago
b21a10dfCheck correct label in scriptas() when none is provided pseudoknight3 years ago
9f2b7c8aAdd scriptas() test pseudoknight3 years ago
bf6cc06fBuild against Spigot 1.12.2 pseudoknight3 years ago
d92b21bdOptimize alias permission labels Script labels are now processed only once, instead of every time a function is executed. This also isolates script labels so that they're not modified after they're set, which is what the environment is for. These changes should not alter current behavior. pseudoknight3 years ago
1c40d23eFix CommandMinecart senders in registered commands pseudoknight3 years ago
20d95967Clamp yaw more consistently in arrays pseudoknight3 years ago
753a36fbCan't drop air (Fixes CMDHELPER-3159) pseudoknight3 years ago
cf034a95Remove some out-dated references in documentation pseudoknight3 years ago
a26a14ebFinish removing deprecated @event annotation pseudoknight3 years ago
d0b3ff6dAdd server_command event pseudoknight3 years ago
b3329db7Still display subtitles when titles are null pseudoknight3 years ago
ed9c98c0Faster player.inGroup() lookup pseudoknight3 years ago
1479a350Isolate environment re-use in compiler pseudoknight3 years ago
414c0141Add experimental x_recompile_includes() pseudoknight3 years ago
c68ed4b1Don't install profiler prefs multiple times or when an appropriate profiler exists already In a couple cases the profiler preferences file was being written to twice when it should have been written to zero or one time. When compiling a file with a dozen procs in it, this would write to the profiler preferences file at least two dozen times. On a test server this previously accounted for 60% of total compile time. After this fix, generating a standalone environment now only accounts for 21% in the same test. pseudoknight3 years ago
15e4836fAdd mandatory TYPE parameter to all typeof classes ladycailin3 years ago
cd440d2cFix engine_build_date On second thought though, I might have broken it on Windows..... ladycailin3 years ago
1dfc9eb3Merge pull request #463 from PseudoKnight/master Add title()michael smith3 years ago
9de92b39Add title() pseudoknight3 years ago
f935722cMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
55b9109bMerge pull request #461 from Pieter12345/CommandBlockSupport Command block support and bugfixes.michael smith3 years ago
6c92a12bModification to get_command_block(). get_command_block() will now return a locationArray which contains the yaw and pitch for command block minecarts, and not for command block blocks. pieter123453 years ago
e8e01b88Handle commandblocks through ServerCommandEvent Command blocks/minecarts fire a ServerCommandEvent since CraftBukkit 1.12.1. This commit redirects commands in command blocks/minecarts that start with "/runalias" to the event handler that handles commands without a "/runalias" prefix. Effectively, this commit now fires an external BukkitMCConsoleCommandEvent before CommandHelper handles command block/minecart commands. This makes the behaviour of command blocks with and without "/runalias" consistent. pieter123453 years ago
ff4e31d1Command block support and bugfixes. Since CraftBukkit 1.12.1, execution of a CommandBlock fires a ServerCommandEvent, allowing CommandHelper to listen to 'direct' aliases (without /runalias prefix) in command blocks. This commit causes command blocks without "/runalias" to be handled the same as the ones with "/runalias" (effectively adding a "#" in front of the command block name so player() will never return a valid player name for command blocks). This commit also adds support for minecart command blocks in all places where command block blocks are already supported. pieter123453 years ago
b7607a58Started trustStore management (not finished) Also, dor now returns the last value, instead of false, if all values are falsey. This allows the user to dictate the exact type of the falsey value, instead of forcing a boolean. ladycailin3 years ago
f0c90150Add 'new' command to create blank ms files on disk ladycailin3 years ago
63ee6489Begin to add reproducable builds ladycailin3 years ago
67100834Add shortcut to Extension.getConfigDir in MethodScriptFileLocations ladycailin3 years ago
dcd470efAdded clamp() ladycailin3 years ago
14c29f27Merge pull request #460 from Ecconia/master Typo in foreach examples()ladycailin3 years ago
62ccc578Typo in foreach examples() 'a' instead of 'as'ecconia3 years ago
92698360Added $$ mode to cmdline mode ladycailin3 years ago
17ef0af6Copy docs from NewCompiler to master ladycailin3 years ago
f8673307Merge pull request #459 from Pieter12345/master Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsEx in the compiler.ladycailin3 years ago
59e83bacFixed ArrayOutOfBoundsEx in the compiler. When compiling "function(['bla'])" or similar code, the compiler would attempt to convert the ['bla'] to "array_get(...)". Because the actual array to get it from does not exist, it looks for this at index "-1", causing an uncaught ArrayOutOfBoundsException. This commit adds a check for this case and gives an expected compile exception instead. pieter123453 years ago
b013a0eeAdd more examples, fix more bugs ladycailin3 years ago
575507e2Merge pull request #447 from EntryPointKR/master Add array_subset_of functionladycailin3 years ago
49efa63dFix paste mistake entrypoint3 years ago
8f4017ebAdd array_subset_of function entrypoint3 years ago
483cd231Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
492615f7Add get_os, shell_on, and shell_on_adv ladycailin3 years ago
d54eda9aFix HTML5 validation errors, and bad examples ladycailin3 years ago
ca371996Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
3f68bfb2Hopefully fix exception during testing ladycailin3 years ago
6577bcd6Ignore headless exceptions in boilerplatee ladycailin3 years ago
ceaa2a99Fix failing unit test ladycailin3 years ago
e33c1c86Add get/set_clipboard ladycailin3 years ago
4d970d0dUpdate CommandHelper for changes in Bukkit 1.12.1 This fixes pcursor() and ptarget_space() pseudoknight3 years ago
53778024Add comment ladycailin3 years ago
626a8f77CMDHELPER-3155 Fix issue where a null timestamp causes NPE ladycailin3 years ago
6c1a8157Continue work on docs ladycailin3 years ago
45ff87e1Convert old enchantment value SWEEPING to SWEEPING_EDGE pseudoknight3 years ago
1d00e5b5Use current command sender in set_uncaught_exception_handler() closure pseudoknight3 years ago
ce19aec5Merge branch 'master' into new-html-docs ladycailin3 years ago
2f876e2dFixed a few bugs with the uploader Now the API page works, but it doesn't have all the info in it yet. ladycailin3 years ago
ce32fcc3Continue work on new docs ladycailin4 years ago
d3bdad10Fix another issue in the player prefilter for entity_toggle_glide pseudoknight3 years ago
6e3a96dbFix floating point rounding in pexp() pseudoknight3 years ago
07392fdbImprove error message when temp op fails (CMDHELPER-2977) pseudoknight3 years ago
2789b027Complete 1.9+ sound names for documentation and usage This still maintains backwards compatibility. In the future we may drop support for the old sound names, but probably only when we drop support for versions prior to 1.9. There will be a warning period. pseudoknight3 years ago
70faf151Fix player prefilter for entity_toggle_glide pseudoknight3 years ago
2d8d1615Update public-suffix.txt ladycailin3 years ago
dd7797fcMinor get|set_block_at() optimizations and fixes pseudoknight3 years ago
399a90a4Add map color meta (MC 1.11+) pseudoknight3 years ago
3d719edfFix bug in expired access token logic ladycailin3 years ago
1aa8b8f0Added persistence support and allow for providing refresh token. Still left to be done is making it work with profiles, and testing other oauth providers. ladycailin3 years ago
c1e651e8Added x_get_oauth_token Currently, only supports google, though others might work. Also, it only supports in-browser authentication, but I intend on adding a way to directly provide a refresh token, so that if you already have that, you can truly automate the whole process. Also, it will prompt for a new token every time, I still need to implement caching. I also intend on moving the parameters into a profile so that secrets don't need to be hardcoded in the code. ladycailin3 years ago
6e433763Add x_launch_browser() Also, add OAuth library, which I will finish later. ladycailin3 years ago
37f6cc9fAdd functions to get and modify entity scoreboard tags get_scoreboard_tags(), add_scoreboard_tag(), remove_scoreboard_tag() pseudoknight3 years ago
d3476eb7Fix team creation on 1.7.10 pseudoknight3 years ago
c4c75146Add get_pteam() CMDHELPER-2861 pseudoknight3 years ago
395cfa52Add get|set_entity_silent(), get|set_entity_gravity(), and get|set_entity_invulnerable() pseudoknight3 years ago
e508ad72Remove unused Boat deprecations pseudoknight3 years ago
5058dae4Avoid unnecessary object creation, hashing, and string building in CArray CArray does some extra work to avoid having to toString() CArray every time. However, if the current CArray is dirty, we don't need to set parents as dirty. Knowing this, we can avoid creating a new HashSet and hashing each array when checking for recursion after every CArray edit, which is particularly noticeable for arrays like inventories that keep getting bigger (eg. Shulker Boxes). We can also have val() use cached strings for child arrays. pseudoknight3 years ago
02827f34Add Parrot entity_spec pseudoknight3 years ago
d1ded199Finish adding PARROT and ILLUSIONER to spawn_mob() pseudoknight3 years ago
ebfad45eMerge pull request #457 from Ecconia/master Added useSSL to MySQLProfileladycailin3 years ago
bd6c781cAdded useSSL to MySQLProfile An optional additional argument to enable/disable ssl. Not adding the <useSSL> Tag, will default to not sending the argument. <useSSL /> will default to false, any mix of true/TRUE will be interpreted as true.ecconia3 years ago
b3a9df04And on export as well ladycailin3 years ago
4f650449Fix error message in import ladycailin3 years ago