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CraftBook Build #4615

Be aware that this branch (five) is not the main branch (master)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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Date2 months ago

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69ddd42cUpdate Ammeter and LightStone matthew miller2 months ago
1a4c806cUpdate mechanic enabling function and migrate Ammeter to a modern mechanic matthew miller3 months ago
0a6f438dSetup support for the WE TranslationManager - Strings will convert as the mechanics are modernised matthew miller3 months ago
07edf85fFixed the isAPotionIngredient check failing for blaze powder and potions matthew miller3 months ago
568a9af3Allow pipes to pull from barrels and smokers matthew miller3 months ago
c578998bAdd barrel support and a few missing potion ingredients & fuel + bottles matthew miller3 months ago
4e8c52b3Fixed LightSwitch causing incorrect directions. Fixes #1199 matthew miller3 months ago
fbad1173Major cleanups of core functionality matthew miller3 months ago
0c81770bAdd an issue template matthew miller3 months ago
b7639ed8Work around a Spigot bug where ladders facing north return null for their attached face matthew miller3 months ago
670c7fb0Fixed a potential error with vine directions in MoreRails matthew miller3 months ago
21f8add7Cleanup the main CraftBookPlugin class matthew miller3 months ago
e10a711aSplit out mechanics to their own mechanic manager matthew miller3 months ago
78d6c186Migrate to a registry-based mechanic system matthew miller3 months ago
f405539eRework the report system to be based off the WorldEdit one. matthew miller3 months ago
3097ff64Fixed formatting issue in Elevator matthew miller4 months ago
af94dca2Fixed a few snow bugs matthew miller4 months ago
12fb1830Rename a few snow config options matthew miller4 months ago
4dd79629Modify how mechanics are enabled to be a list of categorised booleans matthew miller4 months ago
26826954Move to individual config files for each mechanic. matthew miller4 months ago
6130121fModernise the Snow mechanic matthew miller4 months ago
bd20a1a1Switch to Kotlin Gradle DSL and start work on CB5. Functionally this is identical to CB3 atm. matthew miller4 months ago