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Date2 months ago

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0129b030Fixed an error that would occur if a furnace recipe had no ingredients. matthew miller2 months ago
df13f9feBump maven repos to use https and remove outdated ones matthew miller2 months ago
9b49bf8cSpigot now also no longer publish the Bukkit API matthew miller2 months ago
c0915925Now 1.16.1 only. Spigot broke their compatibility system so can't support both 1.15.2 and 1.16.1 anymore. matthew miller2 months ago
4283f725Fixed FUNDING filematthew miller3 months ago
f0934617Add FUNDING.ymlmatthew miller3 months ago
e0446e72Bump to 3.10.3-SNAPSHOT for future development matthew miller3 months ago
35c14692Release 3.10.2 matthew miller3 months ago
21180b07Wrap player CommandItem chat parsing in a Runnable matthew miller3 months ago
fe198aa3Fixed the isAPotionIngredient check failing for blaze powder and potions matthew miller4 months ago
3cf8078aAllow pipes to pull from barrels and smokers matthew miller4 months ago
c65985aeAdd barrel support and a few missing potion ingredients & fuel + bottles matthew miller4 months ago
c5a5d0f4Add XPStorer to the list of ST-Enabling mechanics. Fixes #1200 matthew miller4 months ago
bd7978fbFixed LightSwitch causing incorrect directions. Fixes #1199 matthew miller4 months ago
f6a885abAdd an issue template matthew miller4 months ago
cc030b4bWork around a Spigot bug where ladders facing north return null for their attached face matthew miller4 months ago
90668cb9Fixed a potential error with vine directions in MoreRails matthew miller5 months ago
69139adcFixed BetterPhysics ladders not working in unchanged caves matthew miller5 months ago
0c3ad1ccSome plugins add vehicles that aren't vehicles matthew miller5 months ago
3d397b89Cleanup readme etc matthew miller5 months ago
d8a3e9daFix MC1243 (Distributor) off-by-one error (#1183) * Would distribute right+1 to the right before Co-authored-by: Apeiron <[email protected]>apeirontsuka5 months ago
b53bc8b5Fixed a few missing furnace smeltable blocks for Pipes matthew miller6 months ago
657bc9b3Use alternative repo for Vault and change ProtocolLib dep matthew miller6 months ago
37312401Manually remove temporary minecarts to prevent item drops. matthew miller6 months ago
ea3c2aacFixed a few issues with the block breaker ICs matthew miller6 months ago
00c83cbeFixed DownCounter not resetting when input is high matthew miller6 months ago
c2d0038aAdd dried kelp and bamboo as a fuel matthew miller7 months ago
b1c9e67bRemove problematic casting in DispenserRecipes matthew miller7 months ago
9c6b93faAdd CHARCOAL as a fuel source matthew miller7 months ago
16a2a404Spigot now erroneously provides tamed entities that don't have an owner matthew miller7 months ago
5966180cUse Bukkit API as we're not using the Paper API outside of PaperLib matthew miller8 months ago
04860fedFixed an issue where an items out of sync message showed up when the bypass consumables permission was applied matthew miller8 months ago
0cd3a37fImprove invalid block skipping matthew miller8 months ago
a8df046aOnly allow the ranged collector to pickup items that can be picked up matthew miller8 months ago
6d3620bdIgnore null-named heads for HeadDrops matthew miller8 months ago
48e5533fFixed TreeLopper not damaging axe with "single damage" set to true, due to Spigot bug. matthew miller8 months ago
3ba53f06Implements Elevator and Teleporter mechanic while riding a horse. (#220) * Fixes Elevator teleport when player is mounted on horse / is inside vehicle. * Moves teleportVehicle to teleportPlayerVehicle to use it in Teleporter as well. * Implements Elevator functionality while player is in vehicle with smooth-movement: true. * Fixes Elevator player moving to side when ejecting out of vehicle. * Implements Elevator smooth-movement through solid blocks between start and destination. * Refactors Elevator.java. * Further refactoring of Elevator.java. * Refactors Elevator.java. * Removes unnecessary code from Elevator.java and adds some comments. * Re-adds previously removed code because edge-case tests showed it was actually necessary. * Adds Javadocs for LocationUtil public methods. * Increases addVehiclePassengerDelayed runnableDelayInTicks from 4 to 6 ticks. * Reverts import changes. xericore8 months ago
03ff4849Bump bStats, and don't reference the class directly to prevent it breaking when bStats break their repo matthew miller8 months ago
579bf370Fixed PASSIVE command items. This broke due to running an IntelliJ inspection, that had a bug in logical equivalency calculations matthew miller8 months ago
01882612Fixed pulling from blast furnaces with pipes matthew miller8 months ago
8ee0d0a2Fixed a few blocks not being smeltable matthew miller8 months ago
311bdbb1Bump bStats matthew miller9 months ago
543ec70cBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew miller9 months ago
70b8044eBump to 3.10.1 for release matthew miller9 months ago
d29bd150Add another workaround for signs blocking Elevator/Teleporter matthew miller9 months ago
bd77544aAdded a CBID command to get the CBID matthew miller9 months ago
df4dcf68Add option to prevent leaves damaging the axe with TreeLopper matthew miller10 months ago
c9d81820Remove check to hasDamage due to spigot API issue matthew miller10 months ago
c2b53eb0Take unbreaking into account when damaging items. matthew miller10 months ago
94d4261aAdded an option to include wet sponges in the Sponge mechanic, and fixed a bug where destroying a Sponge wouldn't trigger block updates on nearby water matthew millera year ago
6c24357ePrevent HiddenSwitch getting triggered in a few invalid angles matthew millera year ago
14069bacDisable shulker box coloring recipe matthew millera year ago
b27b5365Fixed a few potential issues with Variables. matthew millera year ago
ace04c51Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
41fddb31Release 3.10 matthew millera year ago
47feb5dbFixed NetherWart in the farming ICs matthew millera year ago
28d69c68Handle cases where the FireworkShowHandler is invalid matthew millera year ago
6e121f0dFix bypassed error path matthew millera year ago
3d6de2b9Print an error showing the location of the sign that failed to load a firework show matthew millera year ago
933cb477Support other signs types (May have a performance hit until we ditch 1.13 support) matthew millera year ago
a42a2983Added support for multiple criteria in the cart sorter, combined with OR matthew millera year ago
6d54ef3aAdd event for ranged collectors that has item entity william blake galbreatha year ago
a77d3b4dGrass != Grass_Block matthew millera year ago
8e461b53Fix assignation of offBlock in MultipleSetBlock IC bieito beceiro fernándeza year ago
07241afaCorrectly handle multiple definitions for the same command item that can be kept on death. matthew millera year ago
3ac3c2d6Prevent duplicate enabled entries from breaking mechanics. matthew millera year ago
31369f6cPrevent Payment being registered if no economy plugin is available. matthew millera year ago
f3dc595cWarn on invalid MIDI file. matthew millera year ago
baf3c629Improve pipe performance and remove recursion. matthew millera year ago
0c50c2feOverride the charset of bytes in SQLitePersistentStorage matthew millera year ago
6b39846eFixed chairs facing the opposite direction matthew millera year ago
e06c1273Spigot dropped server IDs & names matthew millera year ago
b6764939Baseline fixes for the ic page gen matthew millera year ago
40b89a29Potential solution for a reported issue with bridges that I can't reproduce matthew millera year ago
4c8646a2Add Shulker Box to inventory list, and updated terrible wiki generator to generate RST matthew millera year ago
075c8d56Flip the getRight and getLeft of signs. matthew millera year ago
3c900389Added flags to copy biomes and entities. matthew millera year ago
9af897b3Fixed another missing setWorld for Area matthew millera year ago
6554efa4Update JingleNote to 1.14.2 instruments matthew millera year ago
fe6826feFixed an issue preventing Areas being toggled off for the first time after a restart matthew millera year ago
0da950bfBack to snapshot for continued development matthew millera year ago
4e5f9b1fBump to RC2 matthew millera year ago
ab3974fdFixed a few places using getData that Spigot has broken matthew millera year ago
9f413c8aFix double chests only triggering block updates on half william blake galbreatha year ago
8c259116Spigot has broken some of their compatibility code :shrug: matthew millera year ago
fe928e7dBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
c848f8f23.10 Release Candidate 1 matthew millera year ago
4cecc6e7Enforce type on item add for Bridge/Door matthew millera year ago
38acda8cCheck against air, not null matthew millera year ago
a35b840bEnforce types of both signs when getting the block count. matthew millera year ago
08d42551Use offlineplayer permission resolution as we no longer need the workaround. matthew millera year ago
0b517436Set the string ensembles instrument to PLING matthew miller2 years ago
e6cf826dAdded an option to not damage players with MinecartRemoveEntities. matthew miller2 years ago
8a704893Set a sound category for Jinglenote - it now is classified as a Jukebox to the client for sound mixing. matthew miller2 years ago
f9a60837Revert "Temporarily disable the Paper optimisations - they're broken" This reverts commit 96251fbbf3a14c78a4e01e025b7a3d730c48ced5. matthew miller2 years ago
b6679caaAllowed saplings and flowers to be planted on podzol matthew miller2 years ago
8423ef5dSkip known bad lines in block syntax matthew miller2 years ago
98ee4db3Fixed Gates not using minified IDs. matthew miller2 years ago
96251fbbTemporarily disable the Paper optimisations - they're broken matthew miller2 years ago
9636c4c0Bump PaperLib version matthew miller2 years ago
a2a82fe9Don't remove boats that aren't empty with the ExitRemover. matthew miller2 years ago
c58d7dccBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew miller2 years ago
711e7f31Bump to Beta 2 matthew miller2 years ago
92833518Update for the new fuzzy system matthew miller2 years ago
c72c43caRevert "Revert "Better BaseBlock usage."" This reverts commit d51a185a8ddb13215660d241ca225d492d21d39f. matthew miller2 years ago
d51a185aRevert "Better BaseBlock usage." This reverts commit 56ddef535184b4ba1156b346fa51705edd0ca9f1. matthew miller2 years ago
56ddef53Better BaseBlock usage. matthew miller2 years ago
212117caUse fuzzies in more places matthew miller2 years ago
3052d23fCleanup piston protection code. matthew miller2 years ago
4e672c32Don't check if it's a cauldron if it's unloaded. matthew miller2 years ago
91ff25e8Specifically exclude wall signs due to Minecraft bug matthew miller2 years ago
1e508d88Revert "Workaround for Spigot making signs a solid block. Fixes CRAFTBOOK-3382" This reverts commit 3d3df2bc28829d1cefdbbe02a567cd69a220d68c. matthew miller2 years ago
3d3df2bcWorkaround for Spigot making signs a solid block. Fixes CRAFTBOOK-3382 matthew miller2 years ago
98cb0e17Update to Gradle 5 matthew miller2 years ago
e32c8f8aFixed bonemeal terraformer voring dirt blocks matthew miller2 years ago
bebabf58Spigot changed again :) matthew miller2 years ago
5bc8c46eUse meta for the MapChanger mechanic. matthew miller2 years ago
cd2cbfeeBack to snapshot (Still 3.10) matthew miller2 years ago
dbbf9c563.10 Beta 1 matthew miller2 years ago
ede0cd3bFixed missing PaperLib line matthew miller2 years ago
a2814657Use PaperLib for some of the more intense BlockState's matthew miller2 years ago
a2f3e402AnaloguePowereable matthew miller2 years ago
b9932ac3Disable convertNamesToCBID by default. matthew miller2 years ago
5d9ba28cFixed the area commands for .schem files. matthew miller2 years ago
2b5201d7Added finite checks. Appears to be a bug in Spigot for 1.13 where entities have infinite velocity. matthew miller2 years ago
99b33501Bukkit API changed, update for it. matthew miller2 years ago
cd243c27Update bStats matthew miller2 years ago
06cea9adFixed a potential issue with SetBridge and SetDoor matthew miller2 years ago
682c8355Update for vector refactor matthew miller2 years ago
3ef008aaFixed a few potential Area bugs depending on platform etc matthew miller2 years ago