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Be aware that this branch (five) is not the main branch (master)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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Date2 months ago
e5d91d38Workaround Spigot bug that requires manually un-leashing entities before re-leashing madeline miller2 months ago
265830a9Use better Bukkit API methods due to weird limitations madeline miller3 months ago
b5810d29Port the XPStorer mechanic to CraftBook 5 madeline miller3 months ago
ec98764fFix a few minor BetterPistons issues and clean up the code a little madeline miller3 months ago
7b2a5150Port BetterPistons to CraftBook 5 madeline miller3 months ago
e4ecb358Few improvements for Java 16 features madeline miller3 months ago
372d0e7dAdd support for copying sign glow status with SignCopier madeline miller4 months ago
430a78aaFew Gradle tweaks madeline miller4 months ago
6de2ee23Update CraftBook5 to Java 16 & MC1.17 (as min version) madeline miller5 months ago
78d6a0e8madeline miller5 months ago
1994ca0cFixed invalid rail blocks causing errors madeline miller6 months ago
386939ffAdd a recursion limiter to the MLA for redstone events to work around potential Spigot bugs madeline miller6 months ago
cbe63417Update license header matthew miller7 months ago
7a84c9faUse a priority of 5 for BetterAI Attack Passive. Paper does not provide a better way of doing this - so there's no way of knowing if this is perfect. matthew miller7 months ago
2fd8bbb2Properly format docs URLs for minecart block mechanics in configs matthew miller8 months ago
50032a6eStart work on porting the Minecart block mechanics. Only Reverser is ported atm, as a test case. matthew miller8 months ago
e31106c6Fixed potential findDestination infinite loop. Fixes #1257 matthew miller8 months ago
bf569724Port the BetterAI mechanic matthew miller8 months ago
df13f634Move some files around matthew miller9 months ago
6adc7d58Port BetterLeads to CraftBook 5 matthew miller9 months ago
dcb10b41Port the lightswitch mechanic to CB5 matthew miller9 months ago
7e809ea4Ported the DispenserRecipes mechanic matthew miller10 months ago
882b658eRemove the MapChanger mechanic matthew miller10 months ago
7366f8bfPort Elevator to CraftBook 5. matthew millera year ago
bec20cafUse the new Paper API to get a material from a boat/minecart matthew millera year ago
02e81753Add a `/cb mech reload` command to reload configuration of a specific mechanic matthew millera year ago
e3ef886cMore work on Minecart mechanics Ported MoreRails, MinecartNoCollide, and MinecartImpactDamage matthew millera year ago
5a08915eMore work on Minecart mechanics Merged EmptySlowdown, FallModifier, and SpeedModifiers into MinecartPhysicsControl Removed VisionSteering and PlaceAnywhere matthew millera year ago
519e4bd3Ported MinecartExitRemover and TemporaryCart TemporaryCart now puts a PersistentDataContainer key on the carts, allowing other plugins to detect it. matthew millera year ago
9d265759Port a few Minecart mechanics over. MinecartCollisionEntry, MinecartEmptyDecay MinecartItemPickup MinecartRailPlacer Removed the following, ConstantSpeed MobBlocker matthew millera year ago
57278cc3Make use of some performance boosts I added to Paper. (Requires latest Paper) matthew millera year ago
b1273edfPort the boat mechanics over to CraftBook 5. matthew millera year ago
4221e3c8[Paper] Use non-snapshot tile entities when grabbing all in chunk matthew millera year ago
eadfc360Port Chunk Anchor matthew millera year ago
74109ba4Update for newer Paper and add head drops for every entity type. matthew millera year ago
59c957faImprove the snow mechanic to use the WorldEdit `canPlaceAt` functionality, meaning snow will replace according to vanilla constraints matthew millera year ago
0122e4e4Generate command output for the signcopier mechanic. matthew millera year ago
17bb1a5cAdd ability to copy dyed sign colour with the SignCopier mechanic. matthew millera year ago
838b68f3Use the craftbook namespace for PersistentData for better compatibility for when this becomes the mainline CraftBook. matthew millera year ago
32aeb75dBump the i18n distribution matthew millera year ago
bdbde0a8Port the HeadDrops mechanic to CraftBook 5 matthew millera year ago
aa6f2b19Port the Better Sponge mechanic, and also clean up radius handling code. matthew millera year ago
76f2712aUse the block's bounding box to determine chair offset matthew millera year ago
a9e24f4dAdd soul fire support to cooking pot and new nether ores to smeltables. matthew millera year ago
17c971caAdded an SVG logo matthew millera year ago
c38c5050Port the SignCopier mechanic matthew millera year ago
1d75113bImprove the SelfTrigger system matthew millera year ago
2250e35cSwitch to dist 4, which will build with the external language data. matthew millera year ago
59e68bc1Start work on the crowdin distribution lang system matthew millera year ago
c24fd556Port the PaintingSwitcher mechanic and cleanup a few systems matthew millera year ago
5ce6216bUpdate the chair permission node matthew millera year ago
de38965aPorted the Chairs mechanic matthew millera year ago
a18b7330Disable CrowdIn temporarily due to their API breakage matthew millera year ago
3e3668ceAdded descriptions for all of the mechanics matthew millera year ago
8f9db8f4Port the ReadableBookshelf mechanic matthew millera year ago
2242a00bPorted the Redstone Glowstone mechanic. Switched the "off" state to Soul Sand matthew millera year ago
22e78fccPorted the BetterPhysics mechanic. It's identical to CB3 but maybe /slightly/ more performant if you for some reason enable it without any features enabled. matthew millera year ago
63427c4eAdded a mechanic list command, /cb mech list With a box that support enabling/disabling matthew millera year ago
8d3d8e87Add to blame revs matthew millera year ago
3bfb7959Further checkstyle on cb-bukkit matthew millera year ago
5aa0efdbSkip line endings commit in git blame matthew millera year ago
506373f7Line endings matthew millera year ago
9862fc31Checkstyle matthew millera year ago
0b03751aMigrate the BetterPlants mechanic matthew millera year ago
2e22dc38Migrate the Marquee mechanic matthew millera year ago
b11c7746Temporarily rename CraftBook to CraftBook5 in plugin.yml to allow it to run alongside CraftBook3 matthew millera year ago
e8e6db2bFinish com.sk89q -> org.enginehub migration matthew millera year ago
09401de9Move all files to org.enginehub matthew millera year ago
db508d2fAdded an option to set the maximum size of a variable value matthew millera year ago
26530cdbFixed an error that would occur if a furnace recipe had no ingredients. matthew millera year ago
19556b94Cleanup the config matthew millera year ago
1907d0ebUpdate to new SquirrelID and use it properly matthew millera year ago
33d75d9aStart work on a docgen tool, and migrate a decent chunk of code to a core module. matthew millera year ago
ff2b7e32Fixed fully qualified UUID variables not working in some cases matthew millera year ago
f87adf7dRewrite the variables mechanic matthew millera year ago
a7859860Now 1.16.1 only. Spigot broke their compatibility system so can't support both 1.15.2 and 1.16.1 anymore. matthew millera year ago
fa0d8faaFixed a missed markDirty call matthew millera year ago
e9d8cf9bAdded a super hacky system to load/unload commands at runtime. Bukkit's command system is rather bad with completions, so those are broken. matthew millera year ago
9ba3abd4Migrate CraftBook Five to Piston (#1213) * Initial work towards using Piston as a command system * Try migrating the variables commands, they don't seem to register though * Finish converting all existing commands over to Pistonmatthew millera year ago
a1478b68Modernise redstone jukebox and jack o lantern mechanics matthew millera year ago
8b8ef5f6Remove the legacy cauldron mechanic and move a contributed event into a sensible package matthew millera year ago
cfd29657Replace the Netherrack mechanic with a new RedstoneFire mechanic that also supports Soul Soil matthew millera year ago
2cc86394Implemented a new load ordering and dependency system matthew millera year ago
4eb07e0dAdded 3.10.2 changelog from upstream matthew millera year ago
8125c2adFixed FUNDING filematthew millera year ago
436a8b9bAdd FUNDING.ymlmatthew millera year ago
34088e60Wrap player CommandItem chat parsing in a Runnable matthew millera year ago
69ddd42cUpdate Ammeter and LightStone matthew millera year ago
1a4c806cUpdate mechanic enabling function and migrate Ammeter to a modern mechanic matthew miller2 years ago
0a6f438dSetup support for the WE TranslationManager - Strings will convert as the mechanics are modernised matthew miller2 years ago
07edf85fFixed the isAPotionIngredient check failing for blaze powder and potions matthew miller2 years ago
568a9af3Allow pipes to pull from barrels and smokers matthew miller2 years ago
c578998bAdd barrel support and a few missing potion ingredients & fuel + bottles matthew miller2 years ago
4e8c52b3Fixed LightSwitch causing incorrect directions. Fixes #1199 matthew miller2 years ago
fbad1173Major cleanups of core functionality matthew miller2 years ago
0c81770bAdd an issue template matthew miller2 years ago
b7639ed8Work around a Spigot bug where ladders facing north return null for their attached face matthew miller2 years ago
670c7fb0Fixed a potential error with vine directions in MoreRails matthew miller2 years ago
21f8add7Cleanup the main CraftBookPlugin class matthew miller2 years ago
e10a711aSplit out mechanics to their own mechanic manager matthew miller2 years ago
78d6c186Migrate to a registry-based mechanic system matthew miller2 years ago
f405539eRework the report system to be based off the WorldEdit one. matthew miller2 years ago
3097ff64Fixed formatting issue in Elevator matthew miller2 years ago
af94dca2Fixed a few snow bugs matthew miller2 years ago
12fb1830Rename a few snow config options matthew miller2 years ago
4dd79629Modify how mechanics are enabled to be a list of categorised booleans matthew miller2 years ago
26826954Move to individual config files for each mechanic. matthew miller2 years ago
6130121fModernise the Snow mechanic matthew miller2 years ago
bd20a1a1Switch to Kotlin Gradle DSL and start work on CB5. Functionally this is identical to CB3 atm. matthew miller2 years ago