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Datea year ago

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627f8c6bAdd licenses. wizjanya year ago
544c5db1Add skull handler. wizjanya year ago
9fff168bAdd more schematic compat, cleanup. wizjanya year ago
f0226b18Add licenses kenzie togamia year ago
bf4bce79Don't touch the Direction tag, as possibly only Facing changed. kenzie togamia year ago
0ad8a0e6Fix 1.13 entity direction code, port old schematics kenzie togamia year ago
c325b789Revert lighting changes and add a 1.14 adapter matthew millera year ago
f70557e3Provide a warning when an invalid property is entered rather than failing. Fixes WorldEdit entirely failing on new MC versions. matthew millera year ago
db4871f0Merge pull request #462 from EngineHub/feature/expanded-styleset feat(text): added modern text formatting to worldedit, and switch a few things over to itmatthew millera year ago
4f5f9c8aAdd forge support to the text system. matthew millera year ago
b1e43b75wrap to TextComponent matthew millera year ago
5606e752Use wrappers for the Format-type components matthew millera year ago
6415d0d9Fix typo brokkonauta year ago
0434bcf4Remove unnecessary gradle entries matthew millera year ago
c52eb59dGet it all working matthew millera year ago
5a18ed27Drop provided / compileOnly dependencies from shadow kenzie togamia year ago
73d56819Add a note about which libraries get shaded where kenzie togamia year ago
5c198668Some fixes for new libs shading kenzie togamia year ago
1e7b4fc8Move shaded libraries to their own artifacts kenzie togamia year ago
a9926328Stop trying to redo when history runs out. wizjanya year ago
5b1573a2Replace the message system matthew millera year ago
d56cd962Fixed builds matthew millera year ago
55348346Shade in Kashike's lib matthew millera year ago
477e78bd[Forge] Update to latest forge for keyevent fixes kenzie togamia year ago
99da55dcFix building above bounds. wizjanya year ago
2a1fdf47Implement getMaxY for ForgeWorld. Should play nicer with things like CubicChunks. Note that there is no way to get the min point in Minecraft itself, so this only supports going up, not down. wizjanya year ago
3e4004adStart work on improving the formatting system. May switch to Kashike's as Bukkit is shit matthew millera year ago
b5e1f3dbRemove the system property check for uuidOverride (#459) as it caused a server timeout... https://pastebin.com/z5ktU8r3jesse boyda year ago
ec0422d6Avoid atan2 in Location cinit. @kashike wizjanya year ago
dcfb769dFix TrueZip region stores. I think. Someone tell me if this breaks their setup with truezip, but it works for me now and didn't before. I'm assuming people using .zip just used the normal zip store anyway. wizjanya year ago
fa8139f4Transfer Request to evaluation thread for Expressions. wizjanya year ago
4de5487cChange Vector hash codes (#456) And add additional unit vectors where needed. jesse boyda year ago
35bb4deeMerge pull request #457 from boy0001/platform-tweak swap order of checksmatthew millera year ago
9ba11215swap order of checks since a boolean check is faster than getting inventory item + string comparison jesse boyda year ago
3d2054aaWorldEdit accepts a pattern for these commands update the message to reflect that.jesse boyda year ago
961da1b9Add BukkitPlayer constructor without plugin. tbh I don't know why we even need to keep the plugin object around. wizjanya year ago
a80420d1Add biome storage to BlockArrayClipboard. wizjanya year ago
4e66b9a3Revert 6b3426e1. Empty base blocks are always immutable. Fuzzy states don't have NBT. wizjanya year ago
42d0d6e7Use getTag instead of requireTag in a few places. wizjanya year ago
d7d2d03eClipboard offset pattern is now #[email protected][x,y,z]. Since the parsers were changed around, unescaped commas are parsed as separate blocks now. wizjanya year ago
74bff83eDon't let items types be null. Better fail-fast if registry doesn't load? or why-ever else this happens wizjanya year ago
6b3426e1BaseBlock is technically mutable so that technically shouldn't use it. wizjanya year ago
2a194b04Add pattern that randomly chooses states. Also works with fuzzy states. Syntax is `*type`, e.g. `//set *stone_slab` or with states, `//set *oak_fence[waterlogged=false]` wizjanya year ago
4629c1f7Few fixes for the Forge version. matthew millera year ago
8eccdc74Add -f flag to //count to allow fuzzy inputs. Also re-implement //distr -c. And remove outdated help text on //copy. wizjanya year ago
692ba6fdCheckstyle. wizjanya year ago
9b473cecFixes and changes to forest/forestgen. * Sync up implementations of the two commands. * Fix generating trees in spots with replaceable blocks. * Make message when you mistype tree-type arg more correct. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3869. wizjanya year ago
1934006dBetter enforce the Request lifetime. Previously, the current request would just get a new EditSession when one was created. Now, a Request is reset before and after: - a command is used and - an interact is fired with the platform This means each action taken will get a single, non-reusable Request. Note that this only applies to actions taken through the platform. API users will not be using requests anyway, since things like Masks, etc. will be constructed directly instead of being passed through the platform's parsers and so on. (e.g. if a plugin loads a schematic into the world with a mask, they should create the EditSession and mask it directly, and not use that Mask again for another EditSession in another World). Also, get rid of a bunch of (some now-)unnecessary EditSession creation during command dispatching. Note that this also fixed the dynamic selection mask, which apparently has been broken for some unknown amount of time. wizjanya year ago
25631af3Add RequestExtent to be used when a delayed EditSession is needed. For example, if you set a mask that takes an extent (many of them), and then move to another world, the mask will test blocks in the old world and return bad results. wizjanya year ago
d186cce3Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/slf4j-logging' matthew millera year ago
d1c2a029Move some platform stuff to load, put enable back to postworld. wizjanya year ago
678a78a9Update adapters. Don't update unchanged blocks, do change NBT, no need to light. Also clean up the forge side a bit. wizjanya year ago
c885f70cLoad Bukkit plugin at startup. This should allow plugins that use WorldEdit to do things on world load. wizjanya year ago
9d2d43f0Add -f to //schem save to confirm overwriting. Overwriting existing schematics now checks delete perm. Also allow delete to be run from console. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3868. wizjanya year ago
18414fe3Fix symlink detection. wizjanya year ago
fba12b12More shading fixes kenzie togamia year ago
4be72fb9Shade logger bridges as well kenzie togamia year ago
d6804737Switch to SLF4J logging. kenzie togamia year ago
4191f017[Forge] Fix sub-commands by registering even less kenzie togamia year ago
4f0506ecFix versions in toml. Use internalversion (with git hash). wizjanya year ago
1c5d3368Defer permissions check when making LocalSession. Also use Java7 Paths to get rid of some funky logic. wizjanya year ago
a5cec772Merge pull request #452 from EngineHub/forge-1.13 Added support for Forge 1.13matthew millera year ago
6e24472aBump to latest forge and cleanup some old files. matthew millera year ago
a59d994dHook up the biome registry. wizjanya year ago
6192ba8dCheckstyle fixes and warnings. Should get 'working' builds now. wizjanya year ago
6937cfc9Need internal ID for EntityType here too. wizjanya year ago
a22b5535Shh checkstyle, I'm a C# dev now. wizjanya year ago
7c89ece9Few tweaks to schematic loading and error fixes. * Not all EntityTypes in Bukkit have the correct enum name. * Don't read entire schematic files to list. Go off file extension only. (Reading in files is more accurate, but slow.) * Enforce extensions. (Due to the above, while you can technically make a schematic called 'test.txt', it's better that we save it as 'test.txt.schem'.) * Fix a few minor warnings. wizjanya year ago
eebba8e3Move vault to permscompat. wizjanya year ago
de08c8b8Add better control over expression timeouts. (#451) Add better control over expression timeouts. * //timeout command can be used to change player's current timeout. * Config now also has a max timeout, can be bypassed with permission * Timeout of < 0 will let expressions run indefinitely. * Said expressions won't run on a separate thread, slightly reducing the overhead from context switching. For large //gen commands, for example, this can actually increase speed.wizjanya year ago
bb338972Handle all commands like pre-1.13 for now kenzie togamia year ago
4878f382Fix platform registration, config setup kenzie togamia year ago
f719063aMerge branch 'master' into forge-1.13 kenzie togamia year ago
9ee0f000Initial command registration setup. Pretty hacky, subcommands do not work, some arguments missing. kenzie togamia year ago
f84f3c6fFix error when parsing hand/offhand/pos1 as blocks. wizjanya year ago
aafb854eMore useful names for block ItemTypes. wizjanya year ago
c3ee926aCorrectness improvement for legacy data in expression generation. wizjanya year ago
e53962daApply source function after source mask in ForwardExtentCopy. The source function should only get applied to actually copied blocks. wizjanya year ago
f46c7009Fix the long-range build tool's ability to build mid-air. wizjanya year ago
0656ef19Fix LayerVisitor stopping early instead of skipping covered columns. wizjanya year ago
4bd6d730Fix some bad copy-pasta in expression environment queries. wizjanya year ago
243d6476Re-add smooth filtering via a mask. Instead of trying to maintain a list of "natural terrain blocks", just let the user specify a mask of blocks to use for the height map filter. https://gfycat.com/severaljauntycondor wizjanya year ago
9eeb0acfAdd radius checks to a few more utility commands. wizjanya year ago
90797d12Skip legacy materials when setting up registries. Doesn't make a difference normally, but avoids errors in special envs. wizjanya year ago
2f734d45Check radius instead of diameter for clipboard brush. This brings it more in line with other brushes in terms of allowable size. wizjanya year ago
a0f12781Pull config dir from FMLPaths kenzie togamia year ago
aa295d91All but commands and config directory are ported. matthew millera year ago
29b6c842Rebase and properly setup the registries matthew millera year ago
7faafa16Update mappings and forge, correct toml keys kenzie togamia year ago
de9798bfFurther work on 1.13.2 WorldEdit for Forge. Forge still is missing too many features to finish this, and I need to work out how to port the command wrapper system over. matthew millera year ago
cf435fd6Bump to 1.13.2 matthew millera year ago
d079f06cMake it actually load into an IDE on latest FG matthew millera year ago
e4ce5100Bump to latest Forge matthew millera year ago
c849f69eConvert across the network handlers matthew millera year ago
9fccfdfaFurther work on 1.13 matthew millera year ago
a64d8dc6Fixed a lot of the errors, still more to go. Gotta switch to Forge registries once they exist. matthew millera year ago
7a08098bFurther work on Forge 1.13 compat. matthew millera year ago
11cf5377Further attempts matthew millera year ago
e6d5ce81Start work on Forge 1.13 matthew miller2 years ago
5de8e085Treat categories as empty when missing matthew millera year ago
df5ef52dMerge pull request #449 from EngineHub/feature/biome-registry Refactor registries, and added a registry for biomesmatthew millera year ago
89842896Bump Spigot version so it compiles. matthew millera year ago
50a286b0Update the block/item category registries - this won't build until a Spigot PR is merged though. matthew millera year ago
a09489a9Updated the adapters matthew millera year ago
3683a043Use nonNull rather than !isNull matthew millera year ago
db1315e0Refactor registries to entirely use the platform matthew millera year ago
1b101740Use a proper registry for biomes matthew millera year ago
d6bc85ccSpeed up the BlockState hashCode method by caching (As it's Immutable). Allows some better optimisations in the future by using them as map keys matthew millera year ago
de9d2026Clear shaped brush material on command. The initial material is held in the factory, but if a brush was previously bound, that pattern is used. Now, using `//br set` will clear the previous material, allowing the OperationFactory's material to work. This can be changed later with `/mat`, which will once again set the fill on the tool, overriding the factory's context.wizjanya year ago
319f2efeIgnore synthetic classes when loading BukkitImplAdapter. wizjanya year ago
39131eb1Revert "Remove synthetic classes from adapters." This reverts commit 1ae0e88b wizjanya year ago
313cd20bMake legacy compat layer return straight stairs. wizjanya year ago
88014b18Added a few new things using block states. * `//set ##*tag` sets all states in the tag (not just default state per type) * `//set ^type` is a pattern changing block type but copying all valid existing states * `//set ^[prop=val,...]` sets the property `prop` to `val` wherever the existing block has that property * `//set ^type[prop=val,...]` does both of the above Those work anywhere a pattern is taken, of course. * The mask syntax `^[prop=val]` matches blocks with the property `prop` set to `val`, or blocks that don't have the property at all. * The mask syntax `^=[prop=val]` only matches blocks that have the property. Those work anywhere a mask is taken, of course. (`//mask`, `//gmask`, `//replace`, etc) The `//drain` command now takes `-w` flag that removes the waterlogged state from blocks (in addition to removing water, as before). wizjanya year ago
1ae0e88bRemove synthetic classes from adapters. matthew millera year ago
287be020Slight readability and usability improvements. Also no longer allows trailing strings (e.g. //set #clipboardasdf). wizjanya year ago
19796aa3Added offset to ClipboardPattern. Takes input like '//set #[email protected],0,1' which shifts the pattern over. It also now extends RepeatingExtentPattern, which was previously unused. wizjanya year ago
76400e53Add missing flags to clipboard brush usage.wizjanya year ago
3e988e7fFixed parsing fuzzy blocks failing. matthew millera year ago
c53a40b5Bypass the Spigot API for block setting for speed boosts on non-Paper platforms. matthew millera year ago
6708e829Restore generation of hollow shapes. Unfortunately this is a bit slower than before since we can't cache block id & data values. However, applying patterns generally isn't too expensive, and hollow regions were entirely broken before. wizjanya year ago
cdd71178Ensure BlockCategories are initialized. We should probably have a way to initialize all these catalog classes ahead of time. wizjanya year ago
dddf2b96Fix long-range build tool. Blocks were always placed around 0,0,0 since the trace direction was being used as a position. Also the message was backwards. wizjanya year ago
f3ec5bbdAdded a ##tag parser Pattern. gives a random combination using the blocks from the tag with an equal distribution. matthew millera year ago
fadcf1a1Change CI link to enginehub.wizjanya year ago
eb022380Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
6bbf29b4Bump to Beta 5 matthew millera year ago
2f9c7f19Added support for 'rotation' BlockState values. matthew millera year ago
2e0fa300Actually support disabling chunk loading extent matthew millera year ago
4d209afcMerge pull request #445 from Brokkonaut/undoable-biome-changes Make biome changes undoablematthew millera year ago
432a2012Make biome changes undoable brokkonauta year ago
ba8bde0bMerge pull request #444 from orthoplex64/master Update maze.jsmatthew millera year ago
4b004b65Use 3 wool block variables instead of array orthoplex64a year ago
c6ef0938Update maze.js orthoplex64a year ago
871541d8Tweak the last access extent cache to provide better caching matthew millera year ago
2f8bdccfClarify state when asking for caps with no platforms kenzie togamia year ago
862b63d4Can't query the row directly matthew millera year ago
59f78b3cMerge pull request #442 from sk89q/feature/fuzzier-fuzzies Refactor the Fuzzy system to be immutablematthew millera year ago
54b6e571Few minor improvements to the fuzzy system. matthew millera year ago
b544782fMake the base fuzzy cached per block type matthew millera year ago
8da984d9Fuzzier fuzzies matthew millera year ago
f4ed48b2Merge pull request #441 from sk89q/feature/no-rawtypes Cleanup compiler warnings and BlockStateHolder raw typesmatthew millera year ago
386668d2Clean up other compiler warnings kenzie togamia year ago
de7d9421Add generics to other rawtypes kenzie togamia year ago
3fefcbf9Remove all raw usages of BSH, improve API generics kenzie togamia year ago
a88f6b84Minor improvements to the server side CUI matthew millera year ago
4cc8e9a1Merge pull request #438 from sk89q/feature/modular-patterns-masks Modularise Patterns & Masksmatthew millera year ago
976a92d5Merge pull request #440 from gamerforEA/master Fix BlockType and ItemType registration for Sponge distributivematthew millera year ago
66415dfaFix BlockType and ItemType registration for Sponge distributive gamerforeaa year ago
514f8219Merge pull request #439 from gamerforEA/master Fix Metrics injection for Sponge distributivematthew millera year ago
2e62389bUpdate SpongeAPI gamerforeaa year ago
53ddc3faFix Metrics injection gamerforeaa year ago
b75d5149Fixed the bundle being directly used outside of the registry system. matthew millera year ago
1d5e9b7dFew fixes matthew millera year ago
645fd682Finish porting all the old masks across matthew millera year ago
6312bcecFixed the item parser not using the ItemRegistry matthew millera year ago
c5d9aadaStart work on modularising masks and patterns matthew millera year ago
d6977aeaAllow a pattern for the leave-id of //move matthew millera year ago
8d078774Pass the exception converter through more. matthew millera year ago
ea305787Added a way to get the spawn position of a world matthew millera year ago
c949b07dAdded a method to teleport entities across worlds. matthew millera year ago
b300c211Update draw.js and roof.js matthew millera year ago
5eb9b779Move the pasting system over to WorldEdit, and add a /we report command. Currently only reports system status and the config. Need to add a platform reporter system. matthew millera year ago
8f236afaAdded a display name to Actors matthew millera year ago
700e41b7Remove the final stage committer from the MultiStageReorder extent, as it caused issues and no longer appears to be entirely necessary. matthew millera year ago
502cfb33Back to snapshot for continued development matthew millera year ago
3ead4995Bump to Beta 4 matthew millera year ago
17f52cb2Merge pull request #432 from sk89q/feature/multipass3 Added multi-pass fixing for MultiStageReorder, and a Fast-Mode equivalentmatthew millera year ago
926f6a6aFlush undo/redo matthew millera year ago
6f3016c7Fixed up the commitRequired checks. matthew millera year ago
5f2c77b7Further work on this. Currently fast mode breaks doors, gotta work out why applying physics to doors breaks them. matthew millera year ago
618cbd22Few small fixes matthew millera year ago
59f9864bSet fast to the default matthew millera year ago
7f11b280Added an option to switch reorder modes matthew millera year ago
b3f5bc03Few fixes for FastModeExtent. matthew miller2 years ago
36430863Update adapters matthew miller2 years ago
7d468357Added "fast mode corrections" matthew miller2 years ago
4e5e9f60Added the multi-staging from the multipass2 branch matthew miller2 years ago
5acd0d85Update adapters for the broken Spigot builds. matthew millera year ago
b1d8d490Merge pull request #437 from JOO200/master Add check for unchanged materials in BlockBagExtentmatthew millera year ago
a73faf0cCheck by setting blocks with BlockBagExtend for changed materials. joo200a year ago
be0d21e2Filter out commands that the player doesn't have permissions for. Workaround for a Spigot issue. matthew millera year ago
b192466cRemove recursion in VaultResolver Correctly call into `perms` instead of creating an infinite recursion. kenzie togamia year ago
7ad181f8Back to snapshot for continued development matthew millera year ago
7ae310e6Bump to beta 2 matthew millera year ago
8e18ecb6Merge pull request #330 from Europia79/vpcmdfix Fixes issue 3315 with VirtualPlayersmatthew miller2 years ago
780b3919Updated comment to reflect code changes europia795 years ago
eb43018aFixes issue 3315 with VirtualPlayers http://youtrack.sk89q.com/issue/WORLDEDIT-3315 europia795 years ago
ee8602b7Added a Vault resolver to WEPIF. Means any Vault-enabled perm plugin will theoretically work with it matthew miller2 years ago
e0dcd2e9Disable signing task when not signing. matthew miller2 years ago
2dc9321dAdded support for axis rotations. matthew miller2 years ago
24800a66Finish removal of PlayerDirection, and partially added diagonal support back to commands. matthew miller2 years ago
bf98dcffUpdated bStats matthew miller2 years ago
f0070c11Fixed adapters not being updated matthew miller2 years ago
626861aaFixed serialisation of vectors. matthew miller2 years ago
4e4ed6c8Fixed missing BaseBlock import matthew miller2 years ago
53bc7309Merge pull request #435 from sk89q/feature/trace-unflushed-sessions Add tracing for unflushed EditSessionsmatthew miller2 years ago
1150256dUpdate config matthew miller2 years ago
a2be001aUpdated adapters matthew miller2 years ago
b6f6f3ddCorrect trace property name kenzie togami2 years ago
2c8b2fe0Move vectors to static creators, for caching kenzie togami2 years ago
399e0ad5Refactor vector system to be cleaner - Move Vector, etc. into `.math` package - Drop many methods that will be auto-promoted anyways, eg. with `divide(int)` and `divide(double)` the first is now gone. - Take Block vectors into their own class hierarchy - Make it clear throughout the API what takes blockvectors - many more improvements kenzie togami2 years ago
e202348dSimplify commit-required detection kenzie togami2 years ago
d7c52824Merge pull request #434 from sk89q/bugfix/flushing-when-done-2 Flush / unbuffer more toolsmatthew miller2 years ago
351a8bbcAlign configurate with yaml config kenzie togami2 years ago
b8ae611cCheckstyle requires calling super.finalize kenzie togami2 years ago
e1fbaaffAdd tracing for unflushed EditSessions kenzie togami2 years ago
3b5972b7Flush / unbuffer more tools kenzie togami2 years ago
93de97dcAllow modifying the region of a BlockArrayClipboard matthew miller2 years ago
275a2fa8Fixed a few bad javadoc imports matthew miller2 years ago
93a69645Merge pull request #433 from sk89q/bugfix/flushing-when-done Flush or disable buffers in toolsmatthew miller2 years ago
d1312c66Ensure we flush iff it is needed kenzie togami2 years ago
a3f1c71dMake EditSession closeable for easy flushing kenzie togami2 years ago
1fa1ff89Flush or disable buffers in tools kenzie togami2 years ago
dd2fcbacMerge pull request #430 from sk89q/feature/chunk-batching-mode Chunk Batchingmatthew miller2 years ago
f8bf547cAdded some missing bukkit registries matthew miller2 years ago
815f14d4Remove a config option that's now unused. matthew miller2 years ago
0fe1fe33Replace BukkitImplementationTester with paperLib matthew miller2 years ago
0a149a79Make distr operation based matthew miller2 years ago
9f439633Merge pull request #400 from sk89q/bugfix/timed-calc Attach a configurable timeout to expression evaluationmatthew miller2 years ago
e16dacc1Small patches for timed-calc post-1.12-merge kenzie togami2 years ago
776eb24cCalculation Config missing and typolegoman995733 years ago
21db86f2Register a platform for expression tests kenzie togami3 years ago
bb923aebAttach a configurable timeout to expression evaluation kenzie togami3 years ago
2824a92cFix some minor ordering bugs kenzie togami2 years ago
7d4906cfAdd chunk batching flag, enable by default kenzie togami2 years ago
ff391ca0Update licenses kenzie togami2 years ago
f73be4b7Add newline to LocatedBlock.java kenzie togami2 years ago
e059490cRework block-batching, create draft of chunk batching kenzie togami2 years ago
844971bcJava on TC doesn't compile this code for some reason. matthew miller2 years ago
495b9d07Not all "north/south/east/west" are boolean matthew miller2 years ago
d1cb6e21compileOnly breaks shadowJar. bStats needs to fix their repos. matthew miller2 years ago
e3001586Make bStats compileOnly so transitive projects won't load it, Jitpack has issues. matthew miller2 years ago
c32c13fdFixed a typo in the gradle file matthew miller2 years ago
cf7ce708Skip signing in artefactory publish matthew miller2 years ago
bf38b371Update bStats because they deleted their old repo. matthew miller2 years ago
6ecbf194Properly rotate fences etc matthew miller2 years ago
88f22f2eMerge pull request #429 from sk89q/bugfix/config-no-plat-dependency Make block states lazy, fix forge for new block APImatthew miller2 years ago
ff877ec0Make BlockType#getDefaultState like other fields kenzie togami2 years ago
ef2c07caUpdate forge for new block API kenzie togami2 years ago
d0ea5121Make some BlockType fields lazy, to avoid early Platform dependencies kenzie togami2 years ago
79a41210Return null if the material is null. matthew miller2 years ago
7961fa58Merge pull request #428 from sk89q/feature/gradle-licenses Switch to a license plugin for headersmatthew miller2 years ago
2cad9a2cSwitch to a license plugin for headers kenzie togami2 years ago
b46b0c38Updated changelog, contributing info, gradle, etc matthew miller2 years ago
5aa8f778Merge pull request #425 from sk89q/feature/forge-world-improvements Implement some optional methods in ForgeWorldmatthew miller2 years ago
6b33f08fMerge pull request #426 from sk89q/feature/cleaner-javadoc Cleanup javadoc warningsmatthew miller2 years ago
388187d2Cleanup javadoc warnings in worldedit-bukkit kenzie togami2 years ago
36cbc5d9Cleanup javadoc warnings in worldedit-core kenzie togami2 years ago
3e1c58c9Implement some optional methods in ForgeWorld kenzie togami2 years ago
aee011eaAdded discord link to README matthew miller2 years ago
59584ba1[Experimental] Don't check for permissions on root parents. matthew miller2 years ago
42e0cceeBukkit really needs methods to get by key/get key matthew miller2 years ago
18abaa21Update the shadow plugin matthew miller2 years ago
cc1a54b5Added an implementation tester to Bukkit, to determine which impl is in use. (For WE,WG,CB to use Paper/Spigot specific APIs) matthew miller2 years ago
fd6034fbAdded the 1.13.1 new blocks. matthew miller2 years ago
02c6f11bAdded bStats matthew miller2 years ago
568643d0Back to snapshot for continued development matthew miller2 years ago
8975469eBump to beta 01 matthew miller2 years ago
1a2cd3a9Fixes WORLDEDIT-3609, Message should say cut when //cut is used. matthew miller2 years ago
4969dac3Potential minor performance improvements when checking fuzzy equality. matthew miller2 years ago
6a71cd21Merge pull request #423 from Gerrygames/master fix sponge schematic offsetmatthew miller2 years ago
934680dafix sponge schematic offset gerrygames2 years ago
2521a9a2Merge pull request #422 from Brokkonaut/chunkformat1_13 Add 1.13 chunk format for snapshotsmatthew miller2 years ago
480f2de3Add 1.13 chunk format for snapshots Fixes WORLDEDIT-3714 brokkonaut2 years ago
8bfbc55cEnable experimental //walls for non-cuboid regions. matthew miller2 years ago
fdc3cd56Add a mask for block categories. Eg, you can now do //replace ##wool minecraft:sand to replace all wool with sand matthew miller2 years ago
fdb9d777Finish the BlockData caching in Bukkit matthew miller2 years ago
c9310957Little bit of formatting matthew miller2 years ago
fb5cb9a7Added a 1.13.1 adapter. matthew miller2 years ago
3b88fc36Merge pull request #421 from Pieter12345/master Fix plugin enabling on Bukkit without compatible adaptermatthew miller2 years ago
6c7a4973Fix plugin enabling on Bukkit without compatible adapter When loading WorldEdit on a Bukkit server which it does not have an adapter for, a stacktrace is printed to console and WorldEdit does not load. This commit fixes that by registering the BukkitServerInterface before attempting to find a matching adapter. pieter123452 years ago
58a5d996Minor formatting and neatness changes. matthew miller2 years ago
69ab1781Replace FuzzyBlockMask with BlockMask, and added BlockTypeMask as a more performant mask for just block types. matthew miller2 years ago
d3b3d570Merge pull request #420 from sk89q/server-side-cui Added a server side version of WorldEditCUI with limited functionalitymatthew miller2 years ago
7b83f97cFixed NotABlockException not getting thrown matthew miller2 years ago
0f8cc99cDisable server CUI by default. matthew miller2 years ago
a354267eTry sending fake operator packets to support non-OP matthew miller2 years ago
4d0df10fFixed sessions not saving on shutdown matthew miller2 years ago
41c307a4Set the session to dirty if the server CUI is changed. matthew miller2 years ago
034c165bMerge pull request #396 from boy0001/FallbackRegistrationListener-fix Fix FallbackRegistrationListenermatthew miller2 years ago
01e082a1Fix FallbackRegistrationListener jesse boyd3 years ago
dc39300aMerge pull request #364 from mickare/patch-1 Fix region contain methodmatthew miller2 years ago
6c65a8a9CuboidRegion contains use block position Int casting would be better here than adding one to the max blockmichael4 years ago
5de4cfceFix region contain method The region contain method was broken. A lot of subsquent issues are caused by this bug. E.g. in a selection the entities in the last blocks at the positive-axis border are not selected. Max block gives the impression of an exclusive point; however it is inclusive! A position that is anywhere between of a 1x1x1 region, would return false in the old implementation. By simply adding a one this should solve the problem. Greetingsmichael4 years ago
eba91cacAdded a config option to entirely disable server side cui. matthew miller2 years ago
0cbfc930Add base of sendFakeBlock to Sponge and Forge impls matthew miller2 years ago
20b67db4Added a command to turn it on/off matthew miller2 years ago
f8585adcRemove debug code matthew miller2 years ago
7f419618Switch to using fake blocks, no more world pollution matthew miller2 years ago
cf10f8ffProof of concept server-side CUI handler. Note: This pollutes the world with blocks atm matthew miller2 years ago
bc560911Add a material to check if air is air, because there are now 3 types of air. matthew miller2 years ago
c31161d0Moved report framework to WorldEdit and fixed a few bugs. matthew miller2 years ago
96388df4Add adapters for EntityType matthew miller2 years ago
e0e77785Fixed some bugs and cleanup some code. matthew miller2 years ago
f96487a2Use BlockStateHolder for setBlocks matthew miller2 years ago
f54d6afbMake BaseBlock more memory efficient, and make it clear in the API that it's not intended to be used for every single block. matthew miller2 years ago
5f4cc3e6Cleanup a little bit more code. matthew miller2 years ago
526aa6cfIf we fail to set NBT Data, try it without the adapter/NBT Data matthew miller2 years ago
d11c3ae6Fixed reading in schematics failing if they had tile entity data because of a Spigot change. matthew miller2 years ago
1d9546f9Fixed a typo in the adapter. matthew miller2 years ago
88fc1771Wrap createEntity in BukkitWorld to detect corrupt entities. matthew miller2 years ago
33414335Added LongArrayTag support to NBT matthew miller2 years ago
9494c444Merge pull request #418 from sk89q/string-ids [WIP] Update WorldEdit to 1.13, and heavily refactor the internals.matthew miller2 years ago
38cff7c7Fixed up tile entities in Sponge schematics. matthew miller2 years ago
b2769befAdded a few utility methods. matthew miller2 years ago
b2bc043eAdded 155:3 and 155:4 translation matthew miller2 years ago
3d265ff9Added entity translations matthew miller2 years ago
2f3bc59eFixed //move matthew miller2 years ago
7773ef6fFixed a few issues with Sponge schematic handling. matthew miller2 years ago
2c1b234eFixed some issues with Sponge schematics. matthew miller2 years ago
ea349bdbFix checkstyle issues. matthew miller2 years ago
a75d9e89Start work on the Sponge schematic format. This should work but it may not, it's untested. matthew miller2 years ago
a4b9ceaeFinish off the last of the legacy mapper warnings (Excluding TNT as I've got the 1.13.1 names) matthew miller2 years ago
c05c33caMake a lot of progress on legacy conversions. matthew miller2 years ago
fdb7ada2Added some error handling for legacy conversions of schematics. matthew miller2 years ago
57eaa5f8Using toBlockPoint appears to fix a fair few issues. matthew miller2 years ago
1480606bFixed a few more issues found looking over the changeset. matthew miller2 years ago
521238b4Fixed a few clipboard related issues. matthew miller2 years ago
db21f51aFixed up data cycler command, and the fixwater & fixlava commands. matthew miller2 years ago
64e0d996Improvements to the legacy mapper. Still a lot of work. matthew miller2 years ago
fc5a6a01Update gradle matthew miller2 years ago
1090c44aParser must use lowercase. matthew miller2 years ago
965e9774Fixed a few more errors, and added legacy support to the item parser. matthew miller2 years ago
bc2279f2Refactor schematics to use kenzierocks registerable system. matthew miller2 years ago
3f1f52d1Made a few schematic related fixes. Made the deprecation error more obvious. matthew miller2 years ago
9f9fda72Re-add legacy support to block parser, and fix query tool. matthew miller2 years ago
5f551d1eInclude default blockstate information. matthew miller2 years ago
af74627bSwitch to release 1.13 API matthew miller2 years ago
65420af0Fixed //fill and //rotate matthew miller2 years ago
2239d14aFixed //replace and masks with states. matthew miller2 years ago
663dd1f4Added an entity, weathertype, and gamemode registry. matthew miller2 years ago
572bf044Cleanup the bukkit implementation, and update to the 1.13 release items/blocks. matthew miller2 years ago
c3d832c3State system is done. It works. Finally. Still a few rough edges that need fixing however. matthew miller2 years ago
6b5f2188Basically finish the state system. Just 1 more bug that I'm encountering. matthew miller2 years ago
4938f419Almost finished the state system. Just got to have it actually load in the values. matthew miller2 years ago
3e1d4385Get it to a point where it works minimally on 1.13 Spigot. matthew miller2 years ago
59ca2957Remove weird TODO import and moved BlockType == Material to BukkitUtil matthew miller2 years ago
39c6a5e9Fixed items not being registered matthew miller2 years ago
ca06a051Update the Bukkit adapter to the Spigot API Preview matthew miller2 years ago
724661d9Fixed DefaultBlockParser not working for things with _ matthew miller2 years ago
ee6af8eestate stuff kashike2 years ago
40a665a5package move kashike2 years ago
70208c38category changes kashike2 years ago
e1c2ea3aUpdate configs, and remove unused BlockData methods. matthew miller2 years ago
d33e2e98registry changes kashike2 years ago
a48c319epackage move kashike2 years ago
7db443a6Migrate the logic for which pass a block goes into. Also updated it and made it use tags where possible. matthew miller2 years ago
efa09001Remove the 'natural only' smooth brush feature due to inaccuracies. matthew miller2 years ago
57c13ef8Continue moving out of legacy BlockType matthew miller2 years ago
e291cccbMove simulateBlockMine up to the platforms. matthew miller2 years ago
11f5d05eUpdate BlockState to remove legacy ID usage. matthew miller2 years ago
93b225caExpose a way of switching between ItemType and BlockType for ItemBlocks. matthew miller2 years ago
b06937d1Setup a legacy mapper system. The file does not exist yet. matthew miller2 years ago
8e09eb3dRe-added wool colours to block parser matthew miller2 years ago
66d70f00Removed more deprecated code matthew miller2 years ago
416480c1Separated out fluids and blocks - they're different now matthew miller2 years ago
70aceb38Use default state a bit more. matthew miller2 years ago
282eca76Added a category system and refactored registries matthew miller2 years ago
484687a4Further work on BlockState transition matthew miller2 years ago
e9919022Further BaseBlock modernisation matthew miller2 years ago
811f1d44Rewrote block parsing, and further switch to BlockState matthew miller2 years ago
5f5a1797Remove legacy ServerInterface matthew miller2 years ago
e2608bc0Further modernise and remove legacy item classes matthew miller2 years ago
c43109bdStart work on the new BaseBlock/BlockState split matthew miller2 years ago
aaaf2d56More deprecation removal matthew miller2 years ago
20bf6e07Continue the great purge matthew miller2 years ago
c537a2e9Remove a tonne of code from WorldEdit. This breaks backwards compatibility. More will be removed. Sorry :) matthew miller2 years ago
b292a397Fixed the fuzzy matcher matthew miller2 years ago
a71e39d7Convert the data system to a state system. This doesn't work, needs new data matthew miller2 years ago
1cc735e3Further work on items matthew miller2 years ago
001a3544Update the BaseItem classes matthew miller2 years ago
07ade0b0Phase 1 of Item conversion matthew miller2 years ago
d12ad254Add block registration to Forge WorldEdit. matthew miller2 years ago
3aff57d0Bumped version and fixed LazyBlock issue. matthew miller2 years ago
d5012bb0Rename legacy things to bundled things. matthew miller2 years ago
f5f1d357Get rid of the string equality and convert a few more ID uses over. matthew miller2 years ago
41a80064I guarantee this is broken. Start some form of string ID for blocks matthew miller2 years ago
e6c6a2cfSet version to next snapshot, even though this is about to get clobbered by 7.0 snapshot. wizjany2 years ago
08fc855cRelease 6.1.9 for Bukkit 1.12.x wizjany2 years ago
caf0ad94Merge pull request #419 from Cebtenzzre/patch-1 Fix ascent and descent commands.matthew miller2 years ago
030a07b1Fix ascent and descent commands. For seven years and two days, the algorithm for ascent and descent has had an off-by-one error, and started at the wrong level. Also, the message for failed descent has apparently never been right. I figured I'd follow Java's conventions (as I see them) and have a body for the loop, so instead of incrementing the counter within the loop condition, I refactored the loop and put in a break statement. I prefer the shorter version, but POLA wins in a foreign code base. cebtenzzre2 years ago
a820665dMerge pull request #417 from Qveshn/fix/customlog-extra-output Unnecessary debug output removed. I'm very sorry =(matthew miller2 years ago
ebd2a5b7Unnecessary debug output removed It was my mistake, I'm very sorry =( qveshn2 years ago
9f86e71dMerge pull request #415 from Qveshn/feature/customlog Customizable command log format (Date+Time are now available)matthew miller2 years ago
f680635dAdded customizable command log format (Date+Time are now available) Added the option format to config files (config.yml + worldedit.properties). By default, current date and time are displayed. The formatting function is implemented by analogy with the class java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter qveshn2 years ago
6e22a8a4Merge pull request #416 from Qveshn/fix/paste-double-transformation Fix entities double transformation copy-rotate-paste and stackmatthew miller2 years ago
6a8ff1f4Fix entities double transformation tested with commands stack,copy,rotate,paste 1. //stack 3 up (checked field "repetitions") 2. //copy -e //rotate 45 //rotate 45 //paste (checked transformation) qveshn2 years ago
f67f2ed9Merge pull request #408 from Brokkonaut/fix-old-sign-converting Fix loading and converting signs in old schematicsmatthew miller2 years ago
4d2fe62dFix loading and converting signs in old schematics * Sign texts not starting with { are never valid json objects, so don't try to parse * Else try to parse as json, but fall back to read sign text as string if not parseable brokkonaut2 years ago
ca660f12Merge pull request #409 from Brokkonaut/fix-wrong-block-for-snow-check LEAVES2 should have snow on it toomatthew miller2 years ago
701d80c7LEAVES2 should have snow on it too brokkonaut2 years ago
17f9b2c7Merge pull request #410 from Brokkonaut/add-missing-translucent-blocks some translucent blocks were missingmatthew miller2 years ago
165fdac6some translucent blocks were missing brokkonaut2 years ago
52263ac3Ignore CUI connections with more than 3 failed attempts. matthew miller2 years ago
df1a1d51Merge pull request #407 from Legoman99573/patch-3 Made configuration file comments easier to readmatthew miller2 years ago
9d61ecfbFixed Grammar Mistakes Thanks to @kenzierocks for showing me some mistakes i forgot to fixlegoman995732 years ago
63da23a8Made configuration file comments easier to read This should make it a little more clearer to read when someone configures WorldEdit config.yml filelegoman995732 years ago
b17f2b55Merge pull request #379 from boy0001/vector-fix Vector and BlockVector should use the same hashCodematthew miller2 years ago
58094c72* jesse boyd3 years ago
ad7fdd19Vector and BlockVector should use the same hashCode For example, the getChunks method returns a Set<Vector2D> which is actually comprised of BlockVector2D, so using set.contains(some vector) will always return false. There's unlikely to be multiple entities on the same block, or above y=256, so using the int coords is better. jesse boyd3 years ago
2a3318b8Added signing plugin matthew miller2 years ago
50f60da6Prevent players and complex parts being pasted in schematics. matthew miller2 years ago
6fc14498Merge pull request #391 from sk89q/sign-fixes Provide compatibility for legacy schematics that use the old sign NBT formatmatthew miller2 years ago
e231e3d7Merge pull request #403 from SlimSoftware/master Fix //snow doesn't put snow on all types of leavesmatthew miller2 years ago
ea333ef0Merge pull request #1 from sk89q/master Update for BlockChangeFlags changeslimsoftware2 years ago
099987d4Fix //snow didn't put snow on all types of leaves For example, //snow didn't work on Oak leaves while it did work as you would expect on Dark Oak leaves. Fixed by adding leaves2 to translucent block list and checking if the block to put snow on is a leaf block when executing //snow.slimsoftware2 years ago
fbd6f13fUpdate for BlockChangeFlags change matthew miller2 years ago
72d0e0d1Typing is hard. Fix typo in README.albert pham3 years ago
2bb89c73Update README a bit.albert pham3 years ago
b951ba7aMerge pull request #397 from sk89q/1.12.2-sponge Added 1.12.2 support to WorldEdit Spongematthew miller3 years ago
afb1a1cbAdded 1.12.2 support to WorldEdit Sponge me45023 years ago
437ad006Move asm dep to buildscript section. wizjany3 years ago
21d89311Update asm dep for ForgeGradle. wizjany3 years ago
354045acUpdated Sponge worldedit to 1.12.1 me45023 years ago
5c64cf2fFix affine inverse (#395) jesse boyd3 years ago
d6aa1ad5Make Java 8 detection work on Java 9 Closes #393. kenzie togami3 years ago
6c6e1b4c[Forge] Officially move to Java 8 kenzie togami3 years ago
f2c5b272Add client-side left-click-air handler kenzie togami3 years ago
d1c2b8c3Downgrade sponge target to fix compilation issues. wizjany3 years ago
f34bc7acUpdated Bukkit to for MC 1.12.1 and Forge to 6.1.8 for MC 1.12. wizjany3 years ago
cd4729f8[Forge] Update to latest 1.11.2 mappings kenzie togami3 years ago
4ec5411bUpgrade Gradle to 4.0.2 kenzie togami3 years ago
82bf563bAdd beds, concrete, and concrete powder to usesDamageValue hash dumbo523 years ago
6b8ae6b9Provide compatibility for legacy schematics that use the old sign NBT format wyatt childers3 years ago
aabc2290Update WorldEdit-Sponge to 1.12 Also added support for minecraft:stone item types. me45023 years ago
b557b2b7Revert "Some command fixes" aka "Some command breaks" This reverts commit 4a8bba7a54741ef5d36b3a9793dca09e9dc0c917. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3574. wizjany3 years ago
9cf8847e[Bukkit] Push 6.1.7 and bump. Forge will take the next number when it gets released. wizjany3 years ago
dd00bb13Restrict command & structure block placement You can't place these blocks without Op & Creative; WorldEdit should also disable placement of them by default. jesse boyd3 years ago
4a8bba7aSome command fixes Fix EditSession being created for commands that don't need it Fix error from schematic list (when there are files in sub directories) Fix dispatcher redundantly checking a huge number of permissions jesse boyd3 years ago
b2fb7358Fixed //center not working in some cases. Due to odd rounding and math issues, using //center on a region with an edge of even length in quadrants with negative coordinates would only fill one of the two center blocks. Thanks to Griffrez and up201406036 for the original PR. Fixes WORDLEDIT-2986. wizjany3 years ago
a4f1f57cAdd Bukkit adapter for 1.12. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3567. wizjany3 years ago
a03b9cbeAdd blocks and items for MC 1.12. And some forgotten before... wizjany3 years ago
46dff16aUse our own firstNonNull to maintain back-compat. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3567. wizjany3 years ago