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Datea year ago

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79a963b3Use ItemInteract for item right clicks in Sponge. They don't fire for InteractBlock. wizjanya year ago
586bb31cUpdated Sponge to API release version 7.1.0 moved some maven links to https updated the sponge adapters to include https://github.com/EngineHub/WorldEdit-Sponge-Adapters/commit/53719bf894cdc5fe19c72978a46f215d430a2f40 phita year ago
83f57e03Fix building above bounds. wizjanya year ago
820ccea6Implement getMaxY for ForgeWorld. Should play nicer with things like CubicChunks. Note that there is no way to get the min point in Minecraft itself, so this only supports going up, not down. wizjanya year ago
593224f6Report success if the blockstate is already correct This allows the NBT data to be copied if the block is already correct. kenzie togamia year ago
1e3af45a==> KT: Remember that ATs exist. kenzie togamia year ago
9b996ed2Fix accessing biomeName on server kenzie togamia year ago
7eafde0cBump to SNAPSHOT for any further development needed kenzie togami2 years ago
58651de7[forge] Update Forge to 1.12.2 kenzie togami2 years ago
08fc855cRelease 6.1.9 for Bukkit 1.12.x wizjany2 years ago
caf0ad94Merge pull request #419 from Cebtenzzre/patch-1 Fix ascent and descent commands.matthew miller2 years ago
030a07b1Fix ascent and descent commands. For seven years and two days, the algorithm for ascent and descent has had an off-by-one error, and started at the wrong level. Also, the message for failed descent has apparently never been right. I figured I'd follow Java's conventions (as I see them) and have a body for the loop, so instead of incrementing the counter within the loop condition, I refactored the loop and put in a break statement. I prefer the shorter version, but POLA wins in a foreign code base. cebtenzzre2 years ago
a820665dMerge pull request #417 from Qveshn/fix/customlog-extra-output Unnecessary debug output removed. I'm very sorry =(matthew miller2 years ago
ebd2a5b7Unnecessary debug output removed It was my mistake, I'm very sorry =( qveshn2 years ago
9f86e71dMerge pull request #415 from Qveshn/feature/customlog Customizable command log format (Date+Time are now available)matthew miller2 years ago
f680635dAdded customizable command log format (Date+Time are now available) Added the option format to config files (config.yml + worldedit.properties). By default, current date and time are displayed. The formatting function is implemented by analogy with the class java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter qveshn2 years ago
6e22a8a4Merge pull request #416 from Qveshn/fix/paste-double-transformation Fix entities double transformation copy-rotate-paste and stackmatthew miller2 years ago
6a8ff1f4Fix entities double transformation tested with commands stack,copy,rotate,paste 1. //stack 3 up (checked field "repetitions") 2. //copy -e //rotate 45 //rotate 45 //paste (checked transformation) qveshn2 years ago
f67f2ed9Merge pull request #408 from Brokkonaut/fix-old-sign-converting Fix loading and converting signs in old schematicsmatthew miller2 years ago
4d2fe62dFix loading and converting signs in old schematics * Sign texts not starting with { are never valid json objects, so don't try to parse * Else try to parse as json, but fall back to read sign text as string if not parseable brokkonaut2 years ago
ca660f12Merge pull request #409 from Brokkonaut/fix-wrong-block-for-snow-check LEAVES2 should have snow on it toomatthew miller2 years ago
701d80c7LEAVES2 should have snow on it too brokkonaut2 years ago
17f9b2c7Merge pull request #410 from Brokkonaut/add-missing-translucent-blocks some translucent blocks were missingmatthew miller2 years ago
165fdac6some translucent blocks were missing brokkonaut2 years ago
52263ac3Ignore CUI connections with more than 3 failed attempts. matthew miller2 years ago
df1a1d51Merge pull request #407 from Legoman99573/patch-3 Made configuration file comments easier to readmatthew miller2 years ago
9d61ecfbFixed Grammar Mistakes Thanks to @kenzierocks for showing me some mistakes i forgot to fixlegoman995732 years ago
63da23a8Made configuration file comments easier to read This should make it a little more clearer to read when someone configures WorldEdit config.yml filelegoman995732 years ago
b17f2b55Merge pull request #379 from boy0001/vector-fix Vector and BlockVector should use the same hashCodematthew miller2 years ago
58094c72* jesse boyd3 years ago
ad7fdd19Vector and BlockVector should use the same hashCode For example, the getChunks method returns a Set<Vector2D> which is actually comprised of BlockVector2D, so using set.contains(some vector) will always return false. There's unlikely to be multiple entities on the same block, or above y=256, so using the int coords is better. jesse boyd3 years ago
2a3318b8Added signing plugin matthew miller2 years ago
50f60da6Prevent players and complex parts being pasted in schematics. matthew miller2 years ago
6fc14498Merge pull request #391 from sk89q/sign-fixes Provide compatibility for legacy schematics that use the old sign NBT formatmatthew miller2 years ago
e231e3d7Merge pull request #403 from SlimSoftware/master Fix //snow doesn't put snow on all types of leavesmatthew miller2 years ago
ea333ef0Merge pull request #1 from sk89q/master Update for BlockChangeFlags changeslimsoftware2 years ago
099987d4Fix //snow didn't put snow on all types of leaves For example, //snow didn't work on Oak leaves while it did work as you would expect on Dark Oak leaves. Fixed by adding leaves2 to translucent block list and checking if the block to put snow on is a leaf block when executing //snow.slimsoftware2 years ago
fbd6f13fUpdate for BlockChangeFlags change matthew miller2 years ago
72d0e0d1Typing is hard. Fix typo in README.albert pham3 years ago
2bb89c73Update README a bit.albert pham3 years ago
b951ba7aMerge pull request #397 from sk89q/1.12.2-sponge Added 1.12.2 support to WorldEdit Spongematthew miller3 years ago
afb1a1cbAdded 1.12.2 support to WorldEdit Sponge me45023 years ago
437ad006Move asm dep to buildscript section. wizjany3 years ago
21d89311Update asm dep for ForgeGradle. wizjany3 years ago
354045acUpdated Sponge worldedit to 1.12.1 me45023 years ago
5c64cf2fFix affine inverse (#395) jesse boyd3 years ago
d6aa1ad5Make Java 8 detection work on Java 9 Closes #393. kenzie togami3 years ago
6c6e1b4c[Forge] Officially move to Java 8 kenzie togami3 years ago
f2c5b272Add client-side left-click-air handler kenzie togami3 years ago
d1c2b8c3Downgrade sponge target to fix compilation issues. wizjany3 years ago
f34bc7acUpdated Bukkit to for MC 1.12.1 and Forge to 6.1.8 for MC 1.12. wizjany3 years ago
cd4729f8[Forge] Update to latest 1.11.2 mappings kenzie togami3 years ago
4ec5411bUpgrade Gradle to 4.0.2 kenzie togami3 years ago
82bf563bAdd beds, concrete, and concrete powder to usesDamageValue hash dumbo523 years ago
6b8ae6b9Provide compatibility for legacy schematics that use the old sign NBT format wyatt childers3 years ago
aabc2290Update WorldEdit-Sponge to 1.12 Also added support for minecraft:stone item types. me45023 years ago
b557b2b7Revert "Some command fixes" aka "Some command breaks" This reverts commit 4a8bba7a54741ef5d36b3a9793dca09e9dc0c917. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3574. wizjany3 years ago
9cf8847e[Bukkit] Push 6.1.7 and bump. Forge will take the next number when it gets released. wizjany3 years ago
dd00bb13Restrict command & structure block placement You can't place these blocks without Op & Creative; WorldEdit should also disable placement of them by default. jesse boyd3 years ago
4a8bba7aSome command fixes Fix EditSession being created for commands that don't need it Fix error from schematic list (when there are files in sub directories) Fix dispatcher redundantly checking a huge number of permissions jesse boyd3 years ago
b2fb7358Fixed //center not working in some cases. Due to odd rounding and math issues, using //center on a region with an edge of even length in quadrants with negative coordinates would only fill one of the two center blocks. Thanks to Griffrez and up201406036 for the original PR. Fixes WORDLEDIT-2986. wizjany3 years ago
a4f1f57cAdd Bukkit adapter for 1.12. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3567. wizjany3 years ago
a03b9cbeAdd blocks and items for MC 1.12. And some forgotten before... wizjany3 years ago
46dff16aUse our own firstNonNull to maintain back-compat. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3567. wizjany3 years ago