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Datea year ago

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eacc5dd7Various fixes and improvements for Forge WE 1.13. wizjanya year ago
92d84359Expanded the scope of item brushes (/br apply item, /br paint item). They now additionally take a direction in which the simulated item usage should be facing. Also allow the item parser to parse "hand" and "offhand" as items, to allow platforms with NBT item support return items with NBT (since parsing is a slightly more complex task). wizjanya year ago
62e2a76dMerge pull request #480 from EngineHub/feature/docprinter New doc printer for rst outputkenzie togamia year ago
3fd661c5Don't attempt to check unloaded world refs. wizjanya year ago
8022d8e9Use ItemInteract for item right clicks in Sponge. They don't fire for InteractBlock. # Conflicts: # worldedit-sponge/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/sponge/SpongeWorldEdit.java wizjanya year ago
351fd677Restore ability to restore old MCRegion files. wizjanya year ago
d46cd78ePort doc printer to Kotlin, heavily improve kenzie togamia year ago
e69aedf0Allow clean shutdown. Rearrange command tables. wizjanya year ago
e767dd98Missing perm. wizjanya year ago
22157f08Write entire perms file for easier gen. Also fix some format issues. wizjanya year ago
b7e329bcBetter spacing for section headers. wizjanya year ago
34020f7bLess ugly. Makes tables for all commands and subcommands. wizjanya year ago
dc380b1fUgly but working generator for rst commands. wizjanya year ago
1b4ea528Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
5c2ed022Update to RC3 matthew millera year ago
d7c11cbbHandle sub-commands without permissions. wizjanya year ago
a904ff9fCheck sub-command permissions. This ensures root commands aren't sent to the client/suggested unless a player has at least one subcommand available to them. wizjanya year ago
bae2a0b2Update Piston to 0.4.1 for bugfixes kenzie togamia year ago
2ef7cfd0Update readme links. wizjanya year ago
e3097dd0Use java-library to exclude some deps. wizjanya year ago
3df24102Change chunk loading method. Behavior of loadChunk changed a lot for the worse in CB 1.14. wizjanya year ago
3a6b3dc7Fix restore for 1.14 chunk format. Top-most chunk can now have lighting without have a palette or blocks. wizjanya year ago
a3afd9d5Make suggestions more robust. And fix potential errors in the ^[] pattern parser. wizjanya year ago
a3ca670aFix sponge perms too. Untested tho cuz 1.13 lol wizjanya year ago
1e7c0742Few misc command fixes. wizjanya year ago
9099a17fSome command refactoring. Switch usages of page args to -p flag. wizjanya year ago
620992ddUpdate Piston to 0.4.0 for bugfixes kenzie togamia year ago
38607f38Added a permission node to set NBT data, allowing servers to disallow NBT interactions. matthew millera year ago
59447c6eGradle sucks.wizjanya year ago
44ee1546Apparently CB uses this.wizjanya year ago
4e43595cFix builds maybe.wizjanya year ago
6ad27467Don't require command for CUI init. wizjanya year ago
ec3648e5Wrap and unwrap. Exceptions are fun. wizjanya year ago
27b58f4eAdd suggestions for items. wizjanya year ago
5e857b35Improve parsing from registries. If multiple namespaces are present, suggestions will first suggest a namespace, then once a namespace is selected, keys within that namespace. Starting an argument with ":" will instead search across all namespaces for matching keys. wizjanya year ago
ab1e09fdGive factories a default parser. Later registered parsers will always come before the default, ensuring that the default parser is used when no other parser can match the input, and that errors may be thrown by it to signify the end of the line. wizjanya year ago
6962b2e7Add comprehensive suggestions to many commands. All patterns now have suggestions, including recursive patterns. Suggestions will suggest blocks and block states. All masks now have suggestions, though mask intersections are not yet supported due to issues with quotes strings. EntityRemover and ItemFactory now also have completions, as well as all RegistryConverters (though I am unsure how many are actually used). Also use paper's AsyncTabComplete event, if available. wizjanya year ago
871c25e1Initial support for 1.14.2. wizjanya year ago
3b2b7f2cInitial attempt at restoring regen functionality (#475) kenzie togamia year ago
48fb6691Guard against reloads breaking too much. wizjanya year ago
4b15439eDon't attempt to update empty or invalid flower pots. wizjanya year ago
4804fe64Don't use a no-op suggester matthew millera year ago
a3ffb919Added suggestions to a lot of factory-related commands matthew millera year ago
7b47d9a9Add /tracemask. (#474) Allows setting a mask used for block traces. This allows brush tools to pass through various materials, such as water (e.g. `/tracemask #solid` or `/tracemask !air,water`) before starting to build. By default, a null mask is equivalent to #existing (original behavior). https://gfycat.com/ImmaculateFrayedCockatielwizjanya year ago
d0ef5632Remove oudated and unused html readme. Closes #471. (see comment) wizjanya year ago
feed5173Add Forge DataFixer. Unsure how useful this will be, but eh. wizjanya year ago
b0777f6bUse DFUs for some additional data fixing. Legacy mapper now uses the data fixers to upgrade blocks and item types (e.g. signs, dyes that changed names in 1.14). The sponge schematic reader can now attempt to use the data fixers to upgrade blocks, block entities, biomes and entities. This has been tested with the 1.13 -> 1.14 changes. It is yet to be seen if it will continue to work because... The mc edit schematic reader has code for using data fixers, but it is currently disabled as there seem to be some issues with fixing up older block entities. wizjanya year ago
8ee484fcRemoved unused classes matthew millera year ago
334d5cfaThe "spawner|mobType" syntax once again makes functional mob spawners. Also fix block parser context not being restricted. wizjanya year ago
3173e261Fix //expand, improve //help kenzie togamia year ago
71df3716Back to SNAPSHOT matthew millera year ago
7be00cc7Bump to RC2 matthew millera year ago
e7613dd8Stop using IAE to communicate parameter mis-use kenzie togamia year ago
718c2e83Update Piston to 0.2.4 for even more bug fixes kenzie togamia year ago
41cfcb6dUse a jar for bukkit impl adapters. 120 class files is a bit much. wizjanya year ago
405bf8dcBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
c350863b7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 matthew millera year ago
931b7ee6Update for 1.14.1 wizjanya year ago
f9d0d340Add DFUs. Currently used by //restore. wizjanya year ago
10f7fb6aAdd //br and //brush as aliases. wizjanya year ago
5c97418cFix NBT list conversion in 1.14. wizjanya year ago
9a913a93Fix throwing uncaught exceptions in AsyncCommandBuilder. wizjanya year ago
93dd956bBump Piston to 0.2.3 for deadlock fix kenzie togamia year ago
6765c289Bump text-extras to 3.0.2 kenzie togamia year ago
7b170d81Run schematic-file I/O in a task. wizjanya year ago
fab21c3eAdd AsyncCommandBuilder as replacement for AsyncCommandHelper. See full explanation at https://github.com/EngineHub/WorldGuard/pull/408 wizjanya year ago
aed25fceAdd license. wizjanya year ago
a2b67f8dRe-write EventBus to be faster kenzie togamia year ago
389671b4Apply eclipse plugin to prevent crash in FG kenzie togamia year ago
56908a7dUpdate to final Sponge schem v2 spec. Read lenient, write strict. wizjanya year ago
e2e903caPass service to brush sub-commands too. wizjanya year ago
c169d8f2Re-use command manager service. wizjanya year ago
31d4daf4Don't compare null BlockStates. wizjanya year ago
db98cdadUpdate text-adapters to 3.0.1 Should fix shading issues.wizjanya year ago
9a5d45deFixed direction error matthew millera year ago
067a570dImplement basic Forge suggestions kenzie togamia year ago
8a3e6a12Implement suggestions for Bukkit + Sponge kenzie togamia year ago
1c54a04fUpdate Text to 3 kenzie togamia year ago
4355f8cbUpdate Piston for suggestions, add hacky-pseudo-suggestions kenzie togamia year ago
acc0e7d0Fix logging on Bukkit, align adapter versions kenzie togamia year ago
ceff17c4Misc fixes. Closes a few old youtrack issues which I don't remember because I had like 30 tabs open, and a few other issues which I found while testing some of those. wizjanya year ago
bc8e477bFix error message with invalid //expand args. wizjanya year ago
ac66ab66Remove mentions of setupDecompWorkspace in COMPILING.md. This task is no longer needed or used. Fixes WORLDEDIT-3886. wizjanya year ago
f2799076Create CommandManagerService directly instead of service loading it. wizjanya year ago
018b6beaTweak removeabove/removebelow commands. Fix misplaced negative. Layer 0 will always be the current layer, plus <height> layers above/below. No longer adds 1 arbitrarily to height. wizjanya year ago
57c161a6Actually initialize GameModes and WeatherTypes. wizjanya year ago
5e81dd1cMake registries Keyed. wizjanya year ago
5781b4cdUpdate Piston version kenzie togamia year ago
b4194461Add checkstyle regexp to validate case methods kenzie togamia year ago
13a8c480Insert Locale.ROOT into all case change methods kenzie togamia year ago
b47c7002Merge pull request #464 from EngineHub/feature/piston-commands Piston command system.wizjanya year ago
fb4fb980Condense some command packages kenzie togamia year ago
743d7f08Purge intake-like command system kenzie togamia year ago
7c176454Deprecate old system, still in use by WG/CB kenzie togamia year ago
e06c8b84Merge branch 'master' into feature/piston-commands kenzie togamia year ago
b1c042b1Add checkstyle validation for formatting, fix issues kenzie togamia year ago
1e51bebcUpdate to release Piston version kenzie togamia year ago
7188d27aFix minor bugs in converters kenzie togamia year ago
d0f9a71dRe-implement many converters using Piston utility converters kenzie togamia year ago
3c04a838Add nicer error when using player commands as console. Also fix slash counts for Bukkit. wizjanya year ago
8baf221cHide help buttons in //sel selector box. wizjanya year ago
6c21ae5cDrop old calc message kenzie togamia year ago
462843c3Add license kenzie togamia year ago
82c48464Add more variable args for expressions, quoting kenzie togamia year ago
d4fce65aA few command fixes kenzie togamia year ago
7d85df45Cache SNAPSHOTs for only five minutes, since they change often kenzie togamia year ago
2580a0cfUse 'shape' instead of 'regionFactory' in user-facing ctx kenzie togamia year ago
6255ccceMinor bug fixes kenzie togamia year ago
d48702aaFix schematic id conversion for entities with multiple renames. wizjanya year ago
f7670f78Temporary fix for forge having terrible classpath issues. matthew millera year ago
32d4b364Fixed //drawsel matthew millera year ago
6e016a66Fixed //size on clipboards matthew millera year ago
b3053f19Pagination changes and cleanup. Refactored PaginationBox to be abstract. Implementations can generate individual components as needed now. Add lots of Component usage to schematic list, help listings, etc. Fix a few schematic and file resolution issues. wizjanya year ago
484a1db5Remove artifactory resolve block kenzie togamia year ago