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Date5 months ago

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06204787feature(cli): Added a CLI version of WorldEdit, and allowed most commands to be run from console (#508) * Re-do commits to avoid awful rebase * You can load and save a schematic file now. Still gotta setup ability to use commands as a console actor. * Add a world override concept to LocalSession, and allow a lot more commands to be performed by actors. * Fixed commands, and set the loaded schematic as the world override in CLI * Properly load tags * Added 1.14.4 data values * Allow a majority of commands to be performed by the console. * Fixed a lot of PR requested changes * Added a Locatable interface and use that for getting the location of the player in commands. * Added script support. Currently requires a newline at the end of the script. * Shade everything to allow this to run locally - should probably minimize this to an extent later. * Actually hook up the version * Added a //world command to set the override * Fixed a missed checkstyle issue * Added CommandBlock support to Bukkit * Make command block support configurable * Minor cleanup and implementing a few of the final functions * Fixed most issues from PR * Improve UX, saving is now automatic and unknown command messages show * Better save docs and support any clipboard format * Include the entire formats list * Arrays.copyOf * Clear the world override if the selector is called on another world. * Update logging extent to allow basic logging with non-player actors matthew miller5 months ago