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964614bdMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller1a month ago
be4d8a08Update language bundle octavia.togami2 months ago
9667acf3Update c-dist to upload strings octavia.togami2 months ago
d6b42a48Add instructions for unbinding tools/brushes on equip. (#1595) * Add unbind instructions to tool/brush commands. * Switch to suggest. * Make component final. * Start suggesting the unbind alias instead.wizjany2 months ago
cc1f530aAdd the missing y variable to generate biome octavia.togami2 months ago
4999018fLower-case wand items on retrival from the config octavia.togami2 months ago
b4e5bc7dProperly deploy version into core/bukkit octavia.togami3 months ago
2dc66964Back to snapshot for bugfixes octavia.togami3 months ago