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WorldEdit Build #5591

Be aware that this branch (fix/cui-lifecycle) is not the main branch (version/7.2.x)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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Date7 months ago
43013d38session: Correct field grouping for cui attempts zml7 months ago
68b145aafabric: Update to new networking API zml7 months ago
18524c97Apply review suggestions zml7 months ago
ee54a5bbAlter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent This handling reduces the platform-specific behaviour of CUI handshakes, and ensures that the appropriate state is maintained when a client connection ends but a LocalSession remains cached. zml7 months ago
f04ae2f1Correct ellipsoidal selector initialization (#1632) When the previous selection was a non-ellipsoidal region, the started flag would not be appropriately set until a new selection had been started.zml7 months ago
3a3bf3deRun the chunk deleter in Fabric (#1641) octavia.togami7 months ago