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69b1b5ebMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller1a month ago
b9cee6b9Bump to snapshot for dev. wizjanya month ago
fc3c4998Release 7.2.2. wizjanya month ago
ef9af59cUpdate Bukkit adapter for 1.16.5. Just a data version bump. Barely dodged the mapping changes this time. wizjanya month ago
0036e06fAlter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent and reliable (#1633) * Alter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent This handling reduces the platform-specific behaviour of CUI handshakes, and ensures that the appropriate state is maintained when a client connection ends but a LocalSession remains cached. * Apply review suggestions * fabric: Update to new networking API * session: Correct field grouping for cui attemptszmla month ago
f04ae2f1Correct ellipsoidal selector initialization (#1632) When the previous selection was a non-ellipsoidal region, the started flag would not be appropriately set until a new selection had been started.zml2 months ago
3a3bf3deRun the chunk deleter in Fabric (#1641) octavia.togami2 months ago
86bf3a34Support Lucko's Fabric Permissions API (#1638) * Add support for Lucko's Fabric Perms API Only if present, falls back to the existing checks if it returns `false`. * Only use vanilla fallback if no value set in Permsoctavia.togami2 months ago
e0dd2f3cFix failure caused by previous commit octavia.togami2 months ago
52015386Remove superclasses of mixins where not needed octavia.togami2 months ago
98c4580dFix SideEffectSet.none() being the default set (#1620) * Fix SideEffectSet.none() being the default set * Remove the unnecessary private empty constructor for SideEffectSet * Back to ImmutableMap.ofmnmiller12 months ago
544793d5Properly repeat extents for negative coordinates An extent's content was returned flipped when applied for negative positions, as e.g. `Math.abs(-2) % 3` returns 2 instead of 1 (as 1 + -1 * 3 = -2) (cherry picked from commit b0cf5dd2bf1b9bcbf1c7efff0fe25de7ee9a2090) hannesgreule3 months ago
df2eb157Back to snapshot for development. wizjany3 months ago
299386a3Release 7.2.1. wizjany3 months ago
f1560ef9Changelog for 7.2.1. wizjany3 months ago
bb464a6fUpdate adapters to fix #1586. wizjany3 months ago
15cba009Persist default state of selwand and navwand in session (#1600) * Persist default state of selwand and navwand in session * Fixed some issues with the way it retained info * Fixed it setting the wrong item * A little cleaner * I somewhat misunderstood the way this system worked - This is cleaner and works a lot better * Replace with octy-approved UX * Improve logic for default wand loading Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <[email protected]>mnmiller13 months ago
3637d94aImplement UPDATE for Fabric (#1598) * Implement UPDATE for Fabric * Fix a minor threading problemoctavia.togami3 months ago
d0e6f9f3Always load internal strings.json for default locale octavia.togami3 months ago