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2c7ac3d2Merge pull request #1611 from EngineHub/feature/nbt-parsing Add NBT Parsing for itemsmnmiller113 days ago
b7880c2fLazify some more conversions octavia.togami13 days ago
b67fff66Use the convience methods for assembly octavia.togami13 days ago
fb5d7f8aRevert to old behavior of coercing octavia.togami13 days ago
23a4e2d6Lazily compute NBT octavia.togami13 days ago
e1cc6bc9Revert changes to legacy files, deprecate octavia.togami14 days ago
3b25230fFinish reimplementing everything in adventure-nbt octavia.togami14 days ago
628c3f2cFix a few issues (and pretend 4.5.0 exists) mnmiller119 days ago
4ac2bb3eFurther work on migrating to Adventure NBT mnmiller120 days ago
85c150e0assorted changes™ octavia.togami22 days ago
137c266eMigrate to adventure-nbt mnmiller122 days ago