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3479f169Yeet travis CI into the abyss octavia.togamia month ago
09c55cbdUpdate gradle to 6.8.3 octavia.togamia month ago
3194af3aMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togamia month ago
0b2d992aPatch some gradle issues, update loom octavia.togamia month ago
a40965f8Fix #1686wizjany2 months ago
d3810865Show a message with install instructions when running the jar file (#1682) * Show a message with install instructions when running the jar file * Typo * Fixed checkstyle issue * Slightly modify message to adapt to the type of install * Clean up the display code a lot * Allow line breaks before semi Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <[email protected]>mnmiller12 months ago
3e819df4Fix gitattributes (#1681) * Try to fix git attributes * More attempts to fix gitattrsoctavia.togami2 months ago
6cad9a03Back to snapshot for future development mnmiller12 months ago
135941e3Release 7.2.3 mnmiller12 months ago
3c161db9Move slower translation to *Transmogrifiers (#1679) * Move slower translation to *Transmogrifiers Adapters now use the fast method for adapting if available. Un-cached accessors are stored in *Transmogrifier classes. * Fix warnings and licenses.octavia.togami2 months ago
e94f082bImprove speed of BlockState init, tick watchdog (#1680) octavia.togami2 months ago
8a466703Disable Fabric UPDATE mixin if quickcarpet too Fixes #1662, though I really hate doing this. octavia.togami2 months ago