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97a4df96Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller18 days ago
609c7b8cScrapped Logging Framework 4 Java (#1715) * The scramble is complete * Fix version decl for Bukkit Log4J * Swap out to a compatibility layer for LogManager Slightly slower, but compatible across all Java versions * Piston released with SL4JF removal * Clean up declarations a bitoctavia.togami15 days ago
386656ffUpdate extractor, see if that fixes anything octavia.togami16 days ago
acd63dadSlightly improve usability of LocalSession#getSelection. (#1714) Allow the World param to be null, throwing IncompleteRegionException. This allows calling `getSelection(getSelectionWorld())` without having to separately null-check the World. Also, add a convenience overload which does so: `getSelection()`.wizjany19 days ago
6941d955Back to snapshot for future development mnmiller1a month ago
e3bfc641Release 7.2.4 mnmiller1a month ago
4cd7dc4bIgnore suggestions when uppercase characters are used in props (#1705) mnmiller1a month ago
3d95a481[Bukkit] Update adapters to work around Spigot watchdog startup bug mnmiller1a month ago