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Be aware that this branch (master) is not the main branch (version/7.2.x)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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7925f5d1Merge pull request #1968 from EngineHub/chore/merging-to-master Merge 1.18.1 to mastermnmiller1a month ago
9c44dd75Default to Java 17 mnmiller1a month ago
98c93d01Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/7.2.x' into chore/merging-to-master mnmiller1a month ago
9409cc97Pin adapter version mnmiller1a month ago
d0ecd8daMerge 1.18.1 to master mnmiller1a month ago
92dfe5e4Bump Paperweight to allow 1.17 adapters from source mnmiller1a month ago
9843a4feFix snapshots in 1.18 (#1959) * Fix snapshots in 1.18 * use Int2ObjectOpenHashMap * Fix loading zipped snapshots that contain an entities folder Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>hannos17a month ago
100b87eaUpdate gradle flow properly octavia.togamia month ago
12e1c242Update flows from master octavia.togamia month ago
20c42b51Extract log4j version to Versions.kt. Also bump to match underlying platform versions to resolve runtime version mismatches. wizjanya month ago
2c0b47d7Bump forge version as well. wizjanya month ago
885c326cBump paperweight, dev bundle. wizjanya month ago
4f34cf9fBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller1a month ago
1246d610Release 7.2.8 mnmiller1a month ago
22816cffVersion bumps for bukkit/fabric 1.18.1 wizjanya month ago
bfef9962Fix BlockEntity saving on Forge. wizjanya month ago
6e106c16Merge pull request #1939 from EngineHub/snapshot-testing/1.18 1.18wizjany2 months ago
5ce37d7aMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' into snapshot-testing/1.18wizjany2 months ago
46de95ffClean up forge gradle script, apply the chorus plant fix to forge/fabric world. wizjany2 months ago
a8656c5fBump some versions, fix forge run configs. wizjany2 months ago
f5328271Remove height from //expand vert. With new world height limits, this will cause more confusion than good. `//outset -v` or `//expand u,d` can replicate the previous behavior. wizjany2 months ago
63d2ad4eBump forge (again). wizjany2 months ago
7b4e2c28Bump forge version. Loads now, though Forge prod client/server still don't run. wizjany2 months ago
f534b61fTheoretically works on forge. wizjany2 months ago
4e3fa750Missed mapping. wizjany2 months ago
b00e0a4cPaperweight roulette. wizjany2 months ago
6760ad71Bump version numbers and stuff for 1.18 release. wizjany2 months ago
979b5227Make Paperweight adapter run on 1.18rc3. wizjany2 months ago
44d91b0cShove 1.17 adapters into a jar to fix the build octavia.togami2 months ago
1aad9218Bump paperlib dep. Fixes a bug with detecting pre-release versions. wizjany2 months ago
511daa50Update paperweight dev bundle octavia.togami2 months ago
29f1c661If a trace hits the world limit, cancel it (#1942) octavia.togami2 months ago
c4074717Re-add class shutter with tweaks. (#1947) We want to hide default-package classes, such as "com", "io", etc. which are common names in Mojang obf classes but also common package names, without hiding generated default-package classes such as described in #1895. This reverts commit 6008fe73wizjany2 months ago
953e22fc[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre4 octavia.togami2 months ago
53559192Fix the build a bit Improved checkstyling octavia.togami2 months ago
410688e7[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre1, Mojmapped Also Gradle 7.3. :) octavia.togami2 months ago
771ffae1Some 1.18 related version shenaigans Compiles: No octavia.togami2 months ago