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ac8ac869Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' into feature/sponge-8-attempt-2octavia.togami2 years ago
4ed90408Make changes from PR comments and re-add bStats mnmiller12 years ago
ab61a849Fix Fabric regenerate outside of overworld (#2016) * Fix Fabric regenerate outside of overworld * Licensemnmiller12 years ago
0ad3ab14Remove extra label from bukkit command usage string. This is never actually shown anywhere since we use our own help factory, but apparently the bukkit api exposes it so... wizjany2 years ago
4a0a78ecFix commands without permissions and version handling mnmiller12 years ago
b315c228Fixed typo mnmiller12 years ago
9a672077Implement regeneration on Sponge; currently hangs due to a Sponge bug. mnmiller12 years ago
add510b1Append Sponge API version to archive name mnmiller12 years ago
a5995b83Remove VALIDATION as a supported SideEffect on Sponge for now. mnmiller12 years ago
6df4311cBump to Sponge API 8 release mnmiller12 years ago
0faa9b45Resolve completions mnmiller12 years ago
ad9a9bc1Fixed a few issues with Sponge8 WorldEdit. Command completions are still broken. mnmiller12 years ago
45552362Update for latest SpongeAPI 8 snapshots mnmiller12 years ago
d525540bResolve compiling for latest Sponge mnmiller13 years ago
b1cb8d14Sponge 8 work Remove text adapter Debugging the bugs out octavia.togami3 years ago
512a07eaAdd the UPDATE SideEffect to Forge (#2000) mnmiller12 years ago
fb5ec199Fix error for snapshot restore missing chunk octavia.togami2 years ago
3fa364b4Fix for #1983, Use Math.floor instead of int cast (#1986) github2 years ago
92dfe5e4Bump Paperweight to allow 1.17 adapters from source mnmiller12 years ago
9843a4feFix snapshots in 1.18 (#1959) * Fix snapshots in 1.18 * use Int2ObjectOpenHashMap * Fix loading zipped snapshots that contain an entities folder Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <>hannos172 years ago
100b87eaUpdate gradle flow properly octavia.togami2 years ago
12e1c242Update flows from master octavia.togami2 years ago
20c42b51Extract log4j version to Versions.kt. Also bump to match underlying platform versions to resolve runtime version mismatches. wizjany2 years ago
2c0b47d7Bump forge version as well. wizjany2 years ago
885c326cBump paperweight, dev bundle. wizjany2 years ago
4f34cf9fBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
1246d610Release 7.2.8 mnmiller13 years ago
22816cffVersion bumps for bukkit/fabric 1.18.1 wizjany3 years ago
bfef9962Fix BlockEntity saving on Forge. wizjany3 years ago
6e106c16Merge pull request #1939 from EngineHub/snapshot-testing/1.18 1.18wizjany3 years ago
5ce37d7aMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' into snapshot-testing/1.18wizjany3 years ago
46de95ffClean up forge gradle script, apply the chorus plant fix to forge/fabric world. wizjany3 years ago
a8656c5fBump some versions, fix forge run configs. wizjany3 years ago
f5328271Remove height from //expand vert. With new world height limits, this will cause more confusion than good. `//outset -v` or `//expand u,d` can replicate the previous behavior. wizjany3 years ago
63d2ad4eBump forge (again). wizjany3 years ago
7b4e2c28Bump forge version. Loads now, though Forge prod client/server still don't run. wizjany3 years ago
f534b61fTheoretically works on forge. wizjany3 years ago
4e3fa750Missed mapping. wizjany3 years ago
b00e0a4cPaperweight roulette. wizjany3 years ago
6760ad71Bump version numbers and stuff for 1.18 release. wizjany3 years ago
979b5227Make Paperweight adapter run on 1.18rc3. wizjany3 years ago
44d91b0cShove 1.17 adapters into a jar to fix the build octavia.togami3 years ago
1aad9218Bump paperlib dep. Fixes a bug with detecting pre-release versions. wizjany3 years ago
511daa50Update paperweight dev bundle octavia.togami3 years ago
29f1c661If a trace hits the world limit, cancel it (#1942) octavia.togami3 years ago
c4074717Re-add class shutter with tweaks. (#1947) We want to hide default-package classes, such as "com", "io", etc. which are common names in Mojang obf classes but also common package names, without hiding generated default-package classes such as described in #1895. This reverts commit 6008fe73wizjany3 years ago
21e65e39Update Kotlin version so it builds octavia.togami3 years ago
953e22fc[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre4 octavia.togami3 years ago
c9717a54Update to Gradle 7.3 octavia.togami3 years ago
53559192Fix the build a bit Improved checkstyling octavia.togami3 years ago
410688e7[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre1, Mojmapped Also Gradle 7.3. :) octavia.togami3 years ago
771ffae1Some 1.18 related version shenaigans Compiles: No octavia.togami3 years ago
bd87665eUpdate paperweight + userdev bundle. (#1930) * Update paperweight + userdev bundle. * remove unneeded config (set by userdev plugin already)wizjany3 years ago
9928bc85Specify UTF-8 for javadoc as well octavia.togami3 years ago
3ba08901Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
9f3e7955Release 7.2.7 Signed-off-by: Madeline Miller <> mnmiller13 years ago
d48530cbDon't allow editing without a Bukkit Impl Adapter. (#1920) * Don't allow editing without a Bukkit Impl Adapter. Also fix up some failed adapter checks. * Make config a string, log warning message. * checkstylewizjany3 years ago
49bc9b0cchore: improve bukkit world access speeds (#1911) mnmiller13 years ago
e6857ec7Move adapters to paperweight (#1909) * Move adapters to paperweight * Edit adapters JAR to remove 1.17 R1_2 * Fix checkstyle * Add URL for updating version in the futureoctavia.togami3 years ago
6008fe73Remove class shutter Runtime classes are no longer conflicting. Fixes #1895. octavia.togami3 years ago
fbf61ef9Fix raise and lower deform brushes (#1889) mnmiller13 years ago
6c08b682Set Multi-Release in CLI manifest Fixes #1890 octavia.togami3 years ago
b4fbbc9cMove clearable checks for Bukkit to adapters (#1887) * Move clearable checks for Bukkit to adapters * Apparently this is faster???mnmiller13 years ago
b1c230d3Add conditional checking in help command (#1888) mnmiller13 years ago
1173385aUpdate Bukkit adapters for world gen change. wizjany3 years ago
4235622eBack to snapshot for future development mnmiller13 years ago
4b2d1e74Release 7.2.6 mnmiller13 years ago
f049d561Revert "Use a Guava Cache instead of a ThreadLocal (#1859)" This reverts commit b9f0416624ace489c0c7070cd1fd5b8148faa098. mnmiller13 years ago
ed280896Don't crash if fields are null in ChunkDeleter (#1874) Fixes #1873octavia.togami3 years ago
c5a44503Internally use a negated mask class to prevent russian doll wrapping (#1877) mnmiller13 years ago
9de6b879Bump language files mnmiller13 years ago
4277cb52Use MethodHandle for faster event bus (#1865) * Use MethodHandle for faster event bus * Implement hashCode/equals * Apply review comments * Bind to the object directlymnmiller13 years ago
8ee45137Fix Cycler tool not using full block data (#1868) mnmiller13 years ago
b9f04166Use a Guava Cache instead of a ThreadLocal (#1862) This allows high performance without leaking memory, and works around the JVM bug with ThreadLocals. See #1722.octavia.togami3 years ago
96c97997Exclude JSR305 from libs Fixes #1859 octavia.togami3 years ago
6af752baAdd Beta 2 changelog items mnmiller13 years ago
2e45a203[Forge] Update to 1.17.1 (#1847) * [Forge] Update to 1.17.1 Includes minor updates to Fabric as well. water and water and water water * Fix a few things * Move to latest versions of FG/Forge Also drops TrueZIP in devoctavia.togami3 years ago
86866721Only map options if needed to replace seed (#1843) * Only map options if needed to replace seed * Add bukkit adapters. Co-authored-by: wizjany <>octavia.togami3 years ago
f414af50Fix the offset mask forcing negation of itself (#1656) mnmiller13 years ago
cfd20982Fix deployment of -cli artefacts mnmiller13 years ago
fb1fb849Fixed typo and grammar 4009945+mattbdev3 years ago
8b38f6fbSupport 48x48x48 drawsel on 1.16+ (#1826) * Support 48x48x48 drawsel on 1.16+ * Also update the chat message on //drawsel * Extract the code * Split the x/y/z * angry reacts onlymnmiller13 years ago
27bacecaFixed typo4009945+mattbdev3 years ago
5a143b83Fix setting biomes on negative-Y-enabled worlds. (#1833) Also left a note for forge, again. Closes #1819.wizjany3 years ago
9c7f4542Fix a couple of typos (#1835) * Fix typo in BukkitImplAdapter * Yet another dangling typomc.cache3 years ago
954210deFix //outline for non-cuboid regions (#1827) mnmiller13 years ago
e4cd5696[Fabric] Update to 1.17.1 (#1821) octavia.togami3 years ago
1f21162bEnsure the SLF4J ban is being applied Fabric gets skipped 'cause its scuffed octavia.togami3 years ago
e29126edAdd 7.2.6 changelog as-of Beta 1 mnmiller13 years ago
1415e6f6Fix notify at negative Y on fabric, leave note for forge. wizjany3 years ago
2586600eUpdate adapters for 1.17.1. wizjany3 years ago
40ded939Fix loading legacy invalid blocks octavia.togami3 years ago
0790e6e5Fix CLI Mess (#1811) * Fix CLI awfulness * Fix indentation * Licensesoctavia.togami3 years ago
fbb047a0Optimize legacy schematic loading (#1808) * Optimize legacy schematic loading * Be more DRYoctavia.togami3 years ago
f91e8e40Fixed incorrect version numbers in javadocs (#1810) 4009945+mattbdev3 years ago
728a1523Skip notify if chunk section doesn't exist (#1794) * Skip notify if chunk section doesn't exist * Include forge in this change * Pass chunk to mark/notify directly, update adapters. Co-authored-by: wizjany <>octavia.togami3 years ago
43da91adRemove method reflection for getMinHeight in BukkitWorld. (#1796) * Remove reflective use of the getMinHeight method in BukkitWorld. Which requires dep updates to 1.17, which may currently break this build? * Tell Gradle we can read Java 16 JARs Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <>wizjany3 years ago
eb7b79c9Use require instead of strictly to reduce problems with mojang/bukkit updates (#1787) github3 years ago
a57f66f7Fix watchdog, add negative y support. (#1782) wizjany3 years ago
043c3315Fix Scuffed POMs (#1779) * Repair fabric POM * Fix-up a ton of publishing errors * Remove shadow jar from publishing * Remove shadow application from platform/coreoctavia.togami3 years ago
47b64257Restrict the weird forge maven to known content octavia.togami3 years ago