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a7ab49a0Merge pull request #2112 from EngineHub/snapshot-testing/1.19 octavia.togami22 days ago
7df4d984[Bukkit] 1.19 Removed 1.18, 1.18.2 is still present octavia.togami23 days ago
d3ab1e571.19 data updates octavia.togami24 days ago
69b5d661[Forge] 1.19 octavia.togami25 days ago
7497341a[Fabric] 1.19 octavia.togami25 days ago
a8a3633bIncrease memory for daemon Thanks loom octavia.togamia month ago
66e3c3cd[Fabric] 1.19-pre1 - new TextComponent -> Component.literal - Use sendSystemMessage instead of displayClientMessage(..., false) - build -> buildUnoptimized/buildOptimized; I just returned the same from both - Create a LevelStem for regen world constructor - Use RandomSource instead of Random - Command text doesn't include the slash anymore octavia.togamia month ago