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WorldEdit Build #6255

Be aware that this branch (feature/block-nbt-parsing) is not the main branch (version/7.2.x)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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65b21090Add parsing support for block NBT mnmiller17 months ago
5db6ebc9Shade LinBus in -libs (#2172) * Shade LinBus in -libs * exclude linbus from -mod jar dupemnmiller17 months ago
b3962d8bMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller18 months ago
d18149eeBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller18 months ago
87f4ae19Release 7.2.12 mnmiller18 months ago
4b017783Bump FG & Loom to 1.19.2 (#2165) mnmiller18 months ago
54ed9e89Add support for Y-offsets with back direction (#2164) mnmiller18 months ago
e01b0492[Bukkit] 1.19.2 DV. Assuming spigot doesn't decide to randomly break things, this should work when it releases. wizjany8 months ago
d2e39224Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller18 months ago
c43a877eRelease 7.2.11 mnmiller18 months ago
9ef6e5bdMC 1.19.1 (#2159) * [Fabric] Bump versions to 1.19.1. No code changes needed. * [Bukkit] Add 1.19.1 DV to 1.19 adapter. No mapping changes. Devbundle left untouched for now. * [Forge] Bump versions to MC 1.19.1.wizjany8 months ago
70d70f90Back to snapshot. wizjany8 months ago
315c5d03Release 7.2.11 beta 2. Last 1.19 release for forge due to breaking changes. wizjany8 months ago
96f791c5[Forge] Bump to final RB for 1.19. wizjany8 months ago
ba8e4036Fix tasks not being scheduled on Sponge (#2155) yeregorixcraft8 months ago
b4ae41a4Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami8 months ago
0c3a4b88Merge pull request #2145 from EngineHub/feature/warning-the-following-commits-contain-deprecated-material Clean up all deprecations in the codebaseoctavia.togami8 months ago
8e8235ceMerge pull request #2141 from EngineHub/feature/coming-home-from-an-adventure Replace adventure-nbt with our own liboctavia.togami8 months ago
b944b3e4Exclude experimental from API octavia.togami8 months ago
914e0a32Fix a little rawtypes octavia.togami8 months ago
b7301a64Clean up the last little bit of NBT deprecations octavia.togami8 months ago
59fcef89Clean up getBrushTool deprecations octavia.togami8 months ago
788aec55Clean up java.io deprecations octavia.togami8 months ago
67905ae3Clean up all NBT deprecation warnings except old adapters, don't want to do that if we're gonna drop them octavia.togami8 months ago
059ac19bClean up deprecations in specialized block classes octavia.togami8 months ago
36ab2889Avoid use of deprecated newInstance method octavia.togami8 months ago
d299e36aClean up reorder deprecation warnings octavia.togami8 months ago
8f79e3acRemove deprecation from clipboard-adjacent files octavia.togami8 months ago
d7b3c4c0Clone the returned getRegion on BlockArrayClipboard (#2144) mnmiller18 months ago
002bdd7cOnly show full stacktrace with permission (#2122) * Only show full stacktrace with permission * How the fuck did this actually happen smhmnmiller18 months ago
298b641aMake the BukkitAdapter thread-safe octavia.togami8 months ago
65fe8a69Update actions, upload logs octavia.togami8 months ago
8c322dfbUse some pattern-matching, 'cause it's cool octavia.togami8 months ago
8caaa3e0[Forge] Update to 41.0.98 to fix breaking changes Fixes #2139 octavia.togami8 months ago
94745addRemove maven local specifier octavia.togami8 months ago
8fee9bddFix Sponge rotation adapter yeregorixcraft9 months ago
2aadf22bRestore ABI compatiblity octavia.togami8 months ago
d1ebde0bFirst stab at getting lin-bus integrated octavia.togami8 months ago
a8b5268eMerge pull request #2133 from EngineHub/chore/build-fix-for-master Merge version branch in for build fixoctavia.togami9 months ago
ed2713a5Update some plugins to fix build octavia.togami9 months ago
fb7366e3Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller19 months ago
08775899Release 7.2.11 Beta 1 mnmiller19 months ago
6fef180aMerge pull request #2118 from EngineHub/chore/1.19-to-master Merge version/7.2.x to master for 1.19 changesmnmiller19 months ago
bc9a6dd5Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller19 months ago
f667474fDeprecate MultiStageReorder and ReorderMode (#1999) * Start deprecating MultiStage reorder * Rather than changing behaviour just deprecate * Add deprecation message * Apply PR review notesmnmiller19 months ago
3433e40dFix CB watchdog, fail early if it breaks octavia.togami9 months ago
a7ab49a0Merge pull request #2112 from EngineHub/snapshot-testing/1.19 octavia.togami9 months ago
7df4d984[Bukkit] 1.19 Removed 1.18, 1.18.2 is still present octavia.togami9 months ago
7cc90a7bMerge pull request #2111 from EngineHub/feature/abi-more-like-allthings-break-intermittenly Add automatic ABI checkingoctavia.togami10 months ago
d3ab1e571.19 data updates octavia.togami10 months ago
69b5d661[Forge] 1.19 octavia.togami10 months ago
7497341a[Fabric] 1.19 octavia.togami10 months ago
a8a3633bIncrease memory for daemon Thanks loom octavia.togami10 months ago
66e3c3cd[Fabric] 1.19-pre1 - new TextComponent -> Component.literal - Use sendSystemMessage instead of displayClientMessage(..., false) - build -> buildUnoptimized/buildOptimized; I just returned the same from both - Create a LevelStem for regen world constructor - Use RandomSource instead of Random - Command text doesn't include the slash anymore octavia.togami10 months ago
45b0b9a8Fix failures for when we update to a new MC version octavia.togami10 months ago
c42a96f8Licensing... octavia.togami10 months ago
8d5d809aAdd automatic ABI checking This is going to break on new MC release, but I'll take care of that octavia.togami10 months ago
92b88dc2Merge pull request #2109 from EngineHub/chore/merge-to-master Merge version/7.2.x into masteroctavia.togami10 months ago
9e98e77aExclude examiner from -forge when merging octavia.togami10 months ago
bed2419fRemove legacy adapters mnmiller110 months ago
1e618e3aMerge version/7.2.x into master mnmiller110 months ago
31e5298fFixed //stack erroring when given a count of 0 (#2108) mnmiller110 months ago
c515eb5fCache properties to reduce startup memory (#2103) * Cache properties to reduce startup memory * Apply PR review notes * Remove importmnmiller110 months ago
c83f6ecdPlay around with SpongeForge (#2107) mnmiller110 months ago
6e72ee00Add morph brush (#2078) * Add erosion brush * Rename to the Morph brush, and add Erode and Dilate presets Co-authored-by: Lewis B <lbobbermen@bigpond.com>mnmiller110 months ago
92dfdcb8Update CodeQL action to v2 octavia.togami10 months ago
15bd7ff4Increase default BlockState count (#2102) mnmiller110 months ago
8ddd3179Fix fastutil on sponge (#2099) VG excludes the wrong version, PR has been madeoctavia.togami10 months ago
3eefaa29Fix block state mask with string properties (#2091) mnmiller1a year ago
88db45b6Bump paperweight + bundle to fix build octavia.togamia year ago
14ecf932Bump paperweight + bundle to fix build octavia.togamia year ago
27b29453Bump adapter jar. https://github.com/EngineHub/worldedit-adapters/pull/31 wizjanya year ago
027a6078Revert "Fix sponge." This reverts commit 677ce55a92b7bd629d86bd161d6f35836a4e57d0. wizjanya year ago
677ce55aFix sponge. wizjanya year ago
5b599298Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller1a year ago
1742f984Release 7.2.10 mnmiller1a year ago
e715ccc3Fix passenger entity saving and loading (#2058) * Fix incorrect saving and subsequent loading of passenger entities in vehicles. Originally from https://github.com/EngineHub/WorldEdit/issues/1763#issuecomment-1062429891. Co-authored-by: wizjany <wizjany@gmail.com> * Port to Fabric/Forge. Rewrite in Sponge to use EntityArchetype. Sponge is untested because WE doesn't properly build/run on it right now apparently? * NBT Constants. Co-authored-by: Red_Epicness <red.epicness@icloud.com>wizjanya year ago
d905ad47Fix terminology in SECURITY.md (#2066) octavia.togamia year ago
356cd2c8Merge pull request #2062 from EngineHub/fix/mixin-mixup Un-mixup the mixins.octavia.togamia year ago
b8d42ac5Defeat the duplication dilemma. wizjanya year ago
5e49f69fForge requires explicitly defining the refmap in the mixing config mnmiller1a year ago
ccf9397cNow works in dev mnmiller1a year ago
b4b018d6Remove afterEvaluate to restore refmap MixinGradle uses an afterEvaluate block to determine JAR registrations. This runs before our reobf registration does, and I honestly don't recall why this was in afterEvaluate and it doesn't appear to break anything so I'm calling it good. octavia.togamia year ago
dd696172Make some improvements to the Forge side - still not fixed mnmiller1a year ago
b8d096baUn-mixup the mixins. This properly separates the forge and fabric mixins in the merged -mod jar. By some miracle Forge was 'working' with the Fabric mixins, but this is probably safer overall. wizjanya year ago
59742162Use Forge's official tag API octavia.togamia year ago
5843aa50Change vector command converter wording. (#2059) Hopefully will cut down on questions of how to use `//pos x,y,z`.wizjanya year ago
f50a81fcFluid masks for forge/fabric. (#556) Closes #877.wizjanya year ago
44863cf5Don't access PluginClassLoader directly (#2045) maila year ago
e21ab6a7Revert to v2 setup-java https://github.com/actions/setup-java/issues/295 octavia.togamia year ago
afdfa9e3gradle 7.4 octavia.togamia year ago
2fda9a12Some final version updates octavia.togamia year ago
48d7ccc1[Bukkit] 1.18.2 wizjanya year ago
a6c05c22[Forge] 1.18.2 Plus bonus debug and Fabric improvements octavia.togamia year ago
8c83ef80[Bukkit] Remove nbt tricks from adapters octavia.togamia year ago
ce13ed99[Fabric] 1.18.2 update octavia.togamia year ago
30e16014Apply update flag on later change (#2037) * Apply update flag on later change * Checkstyle * Move entry point for UPDATEmnmiller1a year ago
eac5b51bPlay dirty because bukkit classloading is bad. (#2043) * Play dirty because bukkit classloading is bad. Fixes #2042. * Make logging more Bukkit-friendly. * Checkstylewizjanya year ago
e2ab12c3Change the class source validator to use classloaders for detection. (#2039) Since each plugin now has a semi-isolated classloader, checking the codesource of our classes will always give our own plugin back. Instead, we iterate through every other plugin and ask *its* classloader to load the class. If the loaded class lives in a different classloader than our own, we know it (or someone else) has a different version.wizjanya year ago
76ec878eAllow biome commands to be used from non-player actors (#2034) mnmiller1a year ago
17b9f005Move tinyurls to ehub.to (#2033) octavia.togamia year ago
8929ad20Fix Forge max height limit (#2028) * Fix Forge max height limit Because this method was silently renamed, we've been using the wrong one for a bit. * forge team plz update special source for my fixoctavia.togamia year ago
86277d1eBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller1a year ago
e20e0133Release 7.2.9 mnmiller1a year ago
ab31481eUse Chunk#getNoiseBiome instead of biome container (#2025) This is just way easier, and not buggy! Fixes #2012octavia.togamia year ago
e118e3dfFix regen on newer Forge due to removed method (#2021) * Fix regen on newer Forge due to removed method * Use saveWithFullMetadatamnmiller1a year ago
e4854338Fix legacy error message output for WorldGuard commands (#2023) githuba year ago
fb503247Update worldedit-sponge to API 8 (#1771) * Sponge 8 work Remove text adapter Debugging the bugs out * Resolve compiling for latest Sponge * Update for latest SpongeAPI 8 snapshots * Fixed a few issues with Sponge8 WorldEdit. Command completions are still broken. * Resolve completions * Bump to Sponge API 8 release * Remove VALIDATION as a supported SideEffect on Sponge for now. * Append Sponge API version to archive name * Implement regeneration on Sponge; currently hangs due to a Sponge bug. * Fixed typo * Fix commands without permissions and version handling * Make changes from PR comments and re-add bStats Co-authored-by: Madeline Miller <mnmiller1@me.com>octavia.togamia year ago
09c489dfMerge pull request #1750 from EngineHub/feature/sponge-schematic-3 Sponge Schematic Version 3octavia.togamia year ago
3e07a992Merge branch 'master' into feature/sponge-schematic-3octavia.togamia year ago
ab61a849Fix Fabric regenerate outside of overworld (#2016) * Fix Fabric regenerate outside of overworld * Licensemnmiller1a year ago
0ad3ab14Remove extra label from bukkit command usage string. This is never actually shown anywhere since we use our own help factory, but apparently the bukkit api exposes it so... wizjanya year ago
512a07eaAdd the UPDATE SideEffect to Forge (#2000) mnmiller1a year ago
fb5ec199Fix error for snapshot restore missing chunk octavia.togamia year ago
757bef1fFix for #1983, Use Math.floor instead of int cast (master branch) (#1989) githuba year ago
3fa364b4Fix for #1983, Use Math.floor instead of int cast (#1986) githuba year ago
6f14f45cSecurity email is working nowoctavia.togamia year ago
105f7a43Merge pull request #1981 from EngineHub/feature/pos-command Add a //pos command to set multiple positions at oncemnmiller1a year ago
c554d757Refactor the selector choice enum to be cleaner Fix gradle checks octavia.togamia year ago
6c20cf21Add a //pos command to set multiple positions at once pre-emptively fix what octy is definitely going to pull me up on in the review Rename pos2Extra to pos2 Fixex extra line Apply suggestions from code review Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> Directly use pos2 as a list Add an -s arg to set the selector type Update pos1 text mnmiller1a year ago
7925f5d1Merge pull request #1968 from EngineHub/chore/merging-to-master Merge 1.18.1 to mastermnmiller1a year ago
9c44dd75Default to Java 17 mnmiller1a year ago
98c93d01Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/7.2.x' into chore/merging-to-master mnmiller1a year ago
9409cc97Pin adapter version mnmiller1a year ago
d0ecd8daMerge 1.18.1 to master mnmiller1a year ago
92dfe5e4Bump Paperweight to allow 1.17 adapters from source mnmiller1a year ago
9843a4feFix snapshots in 1.18 (#1959) * Fix snapshots in 1.18 * use Int2ObjectOpenHashMap * Fix loading zipped snapshots that contain an entities folder Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>hannos17a year ago
100b87eaUpdate gradle flow properly octavia.togamia year ago
12e1c242Update flows from master octavia.togamia year ago
9557fa7eSet up JDK 17 for CQLoctavia.togamia year ago
540c33e2Remove outdated text in workflowoctavia.togamia year ago
17226feaCreate codeql-analysis.yml Figure it might be niceoctavia.togamia year ago
4b83a13cCreate SECURITY.md (#1964) * Create SECURITY.md We've not actually stated a formal policy, and in leu of email this should suffice. * Add note about what we consider vulnerabiltiesoctavia.togamia year ago
6df194e5Remove finalize, use a Cleaner instead (#1943) * Remove finalize, use a Cleaner instead * Enable tracing by default * License fix * Use the more correct extentoctavia.togamia year ago
5ca77b80Pin upload-artifact action to previous version. See https://github.com/actions/upload-artifact/issues/281wizjanya year ago
20c42b51Extract log4j version to Versions.kt. Also bump to match underlying platform versions to resolve runtime version mismatches. wizjanya year ago
2c0b47d7Bump forge version as well. wizjanya year ago
885c326cBump paperweight, dev bundle. wizjanya year ago
4f34cf9fBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller1a year ago
1246d610Release 7.2.8 mnmiller1a year ago
22816cffVersion bumps for bukkit/fabric 1.18.1 wizjanya year ago
bfef9962Fix BlockEntity saving on Forge. wizjanya year ago
6e106c16Merge pull request #1939 from EngineHub/snapshot-testing/1.18 1.18wizjanya year ago
5ce37d7aMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' into snapshot-testing/1.18wizjanya year ago
46de95ffClean up forge gradle script, apply the chorus plant fix to forge/fabric world. wizjanya year ago
a8656c5fBump some versions, fix forge run configs. wizjanya year ago
f5328271Remove height from //expand vert. With new world height limits, this will cause more confusion than good. `//outset -v` or `//expand u,d` can replicate the previous behavior. wizjanya year ago
63d2ad4eBump forge (again). wizjanya year ago
7b4e2c28Bump forge version. Loads now, though Forge prod client/server still don't run. wizjanya year ago
f534b61fTheoretically works on forge. wizjanya year ago
4e3fa750Missed mapping. wizjanya year ago
b00e0a4cPaperweight roulette. wizjanya year ago
6760ad71Bump version numbers and stuff for 1.18 release. wizjanya year ago
979b5227Make Paperweight adapter run on 1.18rc3. wizjanya year ago
44d91b0cShove 1.17 adapters into a jar to fix the build octavia.togamia year ago
1aad9218Bump paperlib dep. Fixes a bug with detecting pre-release versions. wizjanya year ago
511daa50Update paperweight dev bundle octavia.togamia year ago
29f1c661If a trace hits the world limit, cancel it (#1942) octavia.togamia year ago
de6fa17bAdd getBrush helper for use with instanceof pattern matching (#1926) Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>46890129+rainbowdashlabsa year ago
09bdf0a6Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' Oh god this was so awful octavia.togamia year ago
c4074717Re-add class shutter with tweaks. (#1947) We want to hide default-package classes, such as "com", "io", etc. which are common names in Mojang obf classes but also common package names, without hiding generated default-package classes such as described in #1895. This reverts commit 6008fe73wizjanya year ago
21e65e39Update Kotlin version so it builds octavia.togamia year ago
953e22fc[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre4 octavia.togamia year ago
c9717a54Update to Gradle 7.3 octavia.togamia year ago
53559192Fix the build a bit Improved checkstyling octavia.togamia year ago
410688e7[Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre1, Mojmapped Also Gradle 7.3. :) octavia.togamia year ago
771ffae1Some 1.18 related version shenaigans Compiles: No octavia.togamia year ago
bd87665eUpdate paperweight + userdev bundle. (#1930) * Update paperweight + userdev bundle. * remove unneeded config (set by userdev plugin already)wizjanya year ago
ff29595dForgot to update this to 16octavia.togamia year ago
9928bc85Specify UTF-8 for javadoc as well octavia.togamia year ago
3ba08901Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller1a year ago
9f3e7955Release 7.2.7 Signed-off-by: Madeline Miller <mnmiller1@me.com> mnmiller1a year ago
d48530cbDon't allow editing without a Bukkit Impl Adapter. (#1920) * Don't allow editing without a Bukkit Impl Adapter. Also fix up some failed adapter checks. * Make config a string, log warning message. * checkstylewizjanya year ago
05f44bb1Add caching for Gradle Build (#1914) Caching reduces build duration by ~50%.jeremy.eplinga year ago
49bc9b0cchore: improve bukkit world access speeds (#1911) mnmiller1a year ago
e6857ec7Move adapters to paperweight (#1909) * Move adapters to paperweight * Edit adapters JAR to remove 1.17 R1_2 * Fix checkstyle * Add URL for updating version in the futureoctavia.togamia year ago
6008fe73Remove class shutter Runtime classes are no longer conflicting. Fixes #1895. octavia.togami2 years ago
fbf61ef9Fix raise and lower deform brushes (#1889) mnmiller12 years ago
6c08b682Set Multi-Release in CLI manifest Fixes #1890 octavia.togami2 years ago
f1350111Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
b4fbbc9cMove clearable checks for Bukkit to adapters (#1887) * Move clearable checks for Bukkit to adapters * Apparently this is faster???mnmiller12 years ago
b1c230d3Add conditional checking in help command (#1888) mnmiller12 years ago
bb9cd57dConfirm no forks in bug reportsoctavia.togami2 years ago
ed7923a2Require 16 in API octavia.togami2 years ago
1173385aUpdate Bukkit adapters for world gen change. wizjany2 years ago
df479041Add confirms to bug report templateoctavia.togami2 years ago
38b37739Mark stale after 30 days, not 60.wizjany2 years ago
81f98b7bMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
4235622eBack to snapshot for future development mnmiller12 years ago
4b2d1e74Release 7.2.6 mnmiller12 years ago
f049d561Revert "Use a Guava Cache instead of a ThreadLocal (#1859)" This reverts commit b9f0416624ace489c0c7070cd1fd5b8148faa098. mnmiller12 years ago
ed280896Don't crash if fields are null in ChunkDeleter (#1874) Fixes #1873octavia.togami2 years ago
c5a44503Internally use a negated mask class to prevent russian doll wrapping (#1877) mnmiller12 years ago
1397ec76Add Snow Smooth Tools (#1580) * Added Snow Smooth Tools * Added missing javadocs * Restore backwards compatibility * Use isAir and isLiquid instead of checking exact types * Changed message for smoothing snow * Use IntegerProperty instead of Property<Object> * Requested changes from review * Added missing ":", consistent command description * Drop unnecessary try-catch for snow layer property * Removed configuration arguments for gaussian kernel * Removed duplicated code fragments to calculate the heightmap * Fixed switched x and y coordinates * Added missing point for checkstyle * Changed command usage as requested * Reordered flag for //snowsmooth, nicer formatting Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>github2 years ago
9de6b879Bump language files mnmiller12 years ago
0e0b4e7fJava 16 required octavia.togami2 years ago
515863daMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
4277cb52Use MethodHandle for faster event bus (#1865) * Use MethodHandle for faster event bus * Implement hashCode/equals * Apply review comments * Bind to the object directlymnmiller12 years ago
8ee45137Fix Cycler tool not using full block data (#1868) mnmiller12 years ago
b9f04166Use a Guava Cache instead of a ThreadLocal (#1862) This allows high performance without leaking memory, and works around the JVM bug with ThreadLocals. See #1722.octavia.togami2 years ago
96c97997Exclude JSR305 from libs Fixes #1859 octavia.togami2 years ago
6af752baAdd Beta 2 changelog items mnmiller12 years ago
2e45a203[Forge] Update to 1.17.1 (#1847) * [Forge] Update to 1.17.1 Includes minor updates to Fabric as well. water and water and water water * Fix a few things * Move to latest versions of FG/Forge Also drops TrueZIP in devoctavia.togami2 years ago
86866721Only map options if needed to replace seed (#1843) * Only map options if needed to replace seed * Add bukkit adapters. Co-authored-by: wizjany <wizjany@gmail.com>octavia.togami2 years ago
f414af50Fix the offset mask forcing negation of itself (#1656) mnmiller12 years ago
a383d916Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
cfd20982Fix deployment of -cli artefacts mnmiller12 years ago
fb1fb849Fixed typo and grammar 4009945+mattbdev2 years ago
8b38f6fbSupport 48x48x48 drawsel on 1.16+ (#1826) * Support 48x48x48 drawsel on 1.16+ * Also update the chat message on //drawsel * Extract the code * Split the x/y/z * angry reacts onlymnmiller12 years ago
27bacecaFixed typo4009945+mattbdev2 years ago
2f6b50a4Update for final changes octavia.togami2 years ago
e1892b7bFix imports octavia.togami2 years ago
a5ce8a47Licenses lol octavia.togami2 years ago
bd475b1dUpdate to Sponge Schematic 3 Includes a major refactoring of how schematics are read. octavia.togami2 years ago
bb3245e3Merge pull request #1832 from EngineHub/feature/117-for-master 1.17 for masteroctavia.togami2 years ago
76a30080Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' into feature/117-for-master octavia.togami2 years ago
5a143b83Fix setting biomes on negative-Y-enabled worlds. (#1833) Also left a note for forge, again. Closes #1819.wizjany2 years ago
9c7f4542Fix a couple of typos (#1835) * Fix typo in BukkitImplAdapter * Yet another dangling typomc.cache2 years ago
402b9284Update adapters. wizjany2 years ago
8a830814Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
954210deFix //outline for non-cuboid regions (#1827) mnmiller12 years ago
e4cd5696[Fabric] Update to 1.17.1 (#1821) octavia.togami2 years ago
1f21162bEnsure the SLF4J ban is being applied Fabric gets skipped 'cause its scuffed octavia.togami2 years ago
e29126edAdd 7.2.6 changelog as-of Beta 1 mnmiller12 years ago
1415e6f6Fix notify at negative Y on fabric, leave note for forge. wizjany2 years ago
2586600eUpdate adapters for 1.17.1. wizjany2 years ago
40ded939Fix loading legacy invalid blocks octavia.togami2 years ago
10410acaFix key for 'Anything Else?' section octavia.togami2 years ago
0790e6e5Fix CLI Mess (#1811) * Fix CLI awfulness * Fix indentation * Licensesoctavia.togami2 years ago
fbb047a0Optimize legacy schematic loading (#1808) * Optimize legacy schematic loading * Be more DRYoctavia.togami2 years ago
f91e8e40Fixed incorrect version numbers in javadocs (#1810) 4009945+mattbdev2 years ago
728a1523Skip notify if chunk section doesn't exist (#1794) * Skip notify if chunk section doesn't exist * Include forge in this change * Pass chunk to mark/notify directly, update adapters. Co-authored-by: wizjany <wizjany@gmail.com>octavia.togami2 years ago
43da91adRemove method reflection for getMinHeight in BukkitWorld. (#1796) * Remove reflective use of the getMinHeight method in BukkitWorld. Which requires dep updates to 1.17, which may currently break this build? * Tell Gradle we can read Java 16 JARs Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>wizjany2 years ago
183ae4a1Improve mask api (#1793) * Improve mask api * Revert javadocs change2sicherheit2 years ago
b8a9c007Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
eb7b79c9Use require instead of strictly to reduce problems with mojang/bukkit updates (#1787) github2 years ago
a57f66f7Fix watchdog, add negative y support. (#1782) wizjany2 years ago
043c3315Fix Scuffed POMs (#1779) * Repair fabric POM * Fix-up a ton of publishing errors * Remove shadow jar from publishing * Remove shadow application from platform/coreoctavia.togami2 years ago
47b64257Restrict the weird forge maven to known content octavia.togami2 years ago
e2ad0427Update bundled language files octavia.togami2 years ago
2beeec22Update cdist octavia.togami2 years ago
3393d270Try require for snake yaml octavia.togami2 years ago
4d6c1973Parallelize tests properly octavia.togami2 years ago
bf780346Drop enforcedPlatform to platform octavia.togami2 years ago
a0a3e0f5De-parameterize vector tests octavia.togami2 years ago
8cc6e715Allow upgrading snakeyaml octavia.togami2 years ago
c8e5f277Update MCUtils for 1.17 (#1774) * Update MCUtils for 1.17 * Re-add deprecated grass_pathoctavia.togami2 years ago
57a040c4Update adapter jar. wizjany2 years ago
e010b4c4Bukkit 1.17 adapter. wizjany2 years ago
7676a2d5[Fabric] Update to 1.17 (#1772) octavia.togami2 years ago
95160027Register platforms and commands in a more proper way (#1766) * Register platforms and commands in a more proper way Platforms are now register "on load"/initialize/etc., and preferreds are chosen just prior to command registration events. This allows us to properly hook in to reload. Additionally, we now have the capability to reload data with /minecraft:reload, though this is not yet implemented. * Correct javadocs on queryCapability * Flatten BukkitImplAdapter Lifecycledoctavia.togami2 years ago
8cfbf7e4Use 16 as our toolchain, but set release to 8 octavia.togami2 years ago
67c99bedMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
76147474Fix author/name swap in //schem share.wizjany2 years ago
8e5020fdAdd splatter brush (#1657) * Add splatter brush PR feedback - 3d splatter Add splatter brush (#1547) * Move the splatter brush into a mask * Fix PR notes Co-authored-by: Lewis B <lbobbermen@bigpond.com>mnmiller12 years ago
5a7cbfd6Fix selecting at 0,0,0 or radius 0 cyl/ellipse (#1734) octavia.togami2 years ago
6e2b0a1dAllow plugins to register new clipboard share destinations (#1707) * Allow plugins to register new clipboard share destinations * Rename file, as per request * Don't use the base enginehub name for EH_pastebin * Address review comments * Fixed wrong usage * Use a second metadata class for clipboard shares * Newline * Address comments * Improve docs * Apply suggestions from code review Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Use a consumer so that we handle serialization * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/extent/clipboard/Clipboard.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/extent/clipboard/io/share/ClipboardShareDestination.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/extent/clipboard/io/share/ShareOutputConsumer.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/extent/clipboard/io/share/ShareOutputConsumer.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Fixed a lot of random comments * Return a consumer from share rather than a URL, allows the share destination to control output Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller12 years ago
876108fdPrepare for Gradle 7, but due to FG only get to 6.9 Gradle 7 stuff requires FG 5. Phooey. octavia.togami2 years ago
ec2fb073Fix a few links mnmiller12 years ago
ba8e96a7Replace dead links in contributing.md (#1735) * Replace dead links in contributing.md * Address requested changesmc.cache2 years ago
79534544Fixup after issue template changes octavia.togami2 years ago
1f113ec0Address issue template deprecations (#1736) mc.cache2 years ago
10c8a11dMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
95d784f4Return false if Entity#remove is unsupported Fixes #1729 octavia.togami2 years ago
14686740Update FG for new maven repo octavia.togami2 years ago
edf39b2bBack to snapshot for future development octavia.togami2 years ago
57d5ac96Release 7.2.5 octavia.togami2 years ago
98adde2cAllow toggleplace to work on any Actor + Locatable (#1723) octavia.togami2 years ago
504b8bb2Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
f0a3848bSwitch to maven-publish (#1718) * Update to use maven-publish instead of maven * Use published loom * These shouldn't be neededoctavia.togami2 years ago
c91159a2Note catch about toolchain system octavia.togami2 years ago
c7da4c0aSwap out logback for log4j2 octavia.togami2 years ago
acf9c3b2Change oak stair shape to straight in legacy.json.wizjany2 years ago
97a4df96Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
609c7b8cScrapped Logging Framework 4 Java (#1715) * The scramble is complete * Fix version decl for Bukkit Log4J * Swap out to a compatibility layer for LogManager Slightly slower, but compatible across all Java versions * Piston released with SL4JF removal * Clean up declarations a bitoctavia.togami2 years ago
386656ffUpdate extractor, see if that fixes anything octavia.togami2 years ago
acd63dadSlightly improve usability of LocalSession#getSelection. (#1714) Allow the World param to be null, throwing IncompleteRegionException. This allows calling `getSelection(getSelectionWorld())` without having to separately null-check the World. Also, add a convenience overload which does so: `getSelection()`.wizjany2 years ago
6941d955Back to snapshot for future development mnmiller12 years ago
e3bfc641Release 7.2.4 mnmiller12 years ago
4cd7dc4bIgnore suggestions when uppercase characters are used in props (#1705) mnmiller12 years ago
3d95a481[Bukkit] Update adapters to work around Spigot watchdog startup bug mnmiller12 years ago
050cf838Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
36f23bd2Fix Forge in -mod at the expense of size Fixes #1398 octavia.togami2 years ago
9a5ef708Attempted fix for NBT Data Fixer error (#1689) mnmiller12 years ago
79fe1decMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
7d062792Attempt to fix FSSD test with weird win paths (#1699) octavia.togami2 years ago
3919dcc7Take master's changes to meta files octavia.togami2 years ago
fad85716Use matrix mode for GH actionsoctavia.togami2 years ago
3479f169Yeet travis CI into the abyss octavia.togami2 years ago
09c55cbdUpdate gradle to 6.8.3 octavia.togami2 years ago
3194af3aMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
98826d64Update gradle to 6.8.3 octavia.togami2 years ago
5b2c4fd1Make it build on Windows toooctavia.togami2 years ago
22406ebdTest out using actions to buildoctavia.togami2 years ago
64c2be70Fix line wrapping in feat. req yamloctavia.togami2 years ago
1bdd8cb9Sub out for new issue templates octavia.togami2 years ago
8496b410testing in prod!octavia.togami2 years ago
ff4e4475testing in prodoctavia.togami2 years ago
161242d0testing in production is :(octavia.togami2 years ago
0b2d992aPatch some gradle issues, update loom octavia.togami2 years ago
a40965f8Fix #1686wizjany2 years ago
d3810865Show a message with install instructions when running the jar file (#1682) * Show a message with install instructions when running the jar file * Typo * Fixed checkstyle issue * Slightly modify message to adapt to the type of install * Clean up the display code a lot * Allow line breaks before semi Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller12 years ago
3e819df4Fix gitattributes (#1681) * Try to fix git attributes * More attempts to fix gitattrsoctavia.togami2 years ago
6cad9a03Back to snapshot for future development mnmiller12 years ago
135941e3Release 7.2.3 mnmiller12 years ago
3c161db9Move slower translation to *Transmogrifiers (#1679) * Move slower translation to *Transmogrifiers Adapters now use the fast method for adapting if available. Un-cached accessors are stored in *Transmogrifier classes. * Fix warnings and licenses.octavia.togami2 years ago
913d4d67Fix erroneous deprecation check mnmiller12 years ago
e94f082bImprove speed of BlockState init, tick watchdog (#1680) octavia.togami2 years ago
8a466703Disable Fabric UPDATE mixin if quickcarpet too Fixes #1662, though I really hate doing this. octavia.togami2 years ago
4193daafUpdate adapters for LazyReference change. Fixes #1677 mnmiller12 years ago
4f9177abMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
3e07d723Fix SLF4J binding loading Fixes #1676 octavia.togami2 years ago
2c7ac3d2Merge pull request #1611 from EngineHub/feature/nbt-parsing Add NBT Parsing for itemsmnmiller12 years ago
b7880c2fLazify some more conversions octavia.togami2 years ago
b67fff66Use the convience methods for assembly octavia.togami2 years ago
fb5d7f8aRevert to old behavior of coercing octavia.togami2 years ago
23a4e2d6Lazily compute NBT octavia.togami2 years ago
e1cc6bc9Revert changes to legacy files, deprecate octavia.togami2 years ago
3b25230fFinish reimplementing everything in adventure-nbt octavia.togami2 years ago
0cabb82fMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' octavia.togami2 years ago
628c3f2cFix a few issues (and pretend 4.5.0 exists) mnmiller12 years ago
4ac2bb3eFurther work on migrating to Adventure NBT mnmiller12 years ago
85c150e0assorted changesβ„’ octavia.togami2 years ago
137c266eMigrate to adventure-nbt mnmiller12 years ago
476342a6Fix the offset mask forcing negation of itself (#1656) mnmiller12 years ago
56c89194Allow UPDATE mixin to soft-fail on Fabric (#1654) This allows Carpet's mixin to take priorty, and UPDATE will simply be disabled on Fabric in that case. Fixes #1605octavia.togami2 years ago
5aa81ff9Speed up Fast Reorder Mode and make it default (#1653) * Speed up Fast Reorder Mode and make it default * Make non-exposed side effects internal * Docs on isExposedmnmiller12 years ago
69b1b5ebMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
4095a086Boost TileEntity clear performance, with extra boost on Paper (#1652) * Boost TileEntity clear performance, with extra boost on Paper * :(mnmiller12 years ago
9534a9cfUpdate so many dependencies, merge Forge/Fabric for final jar (#1651) * Update so many dependencies, merge Forge/Fabric for final * Clean up contrib docs for Gradle change * Fix setting compat flags while using toolchain * Fix deprecation in doc printer * Restore proper forge JAR name * Add dist classifier for mod jar * Properly relocate new bStats * Fix jar used from fabric * Fix fabric bom * Dup the shaded classes for consistency * Sync Forge/Fabric log4j versions, de-dup * Downgrade both log4j. This will work * Update some plugins as well * Drop the fabric force stuff * Use duplicate strategy to directly merge jaroctavia.togami2 years ago
b9cee6b9Bump to snapshot for dev. wizjany2 years ago
fc3c4998Release 7.2.2. wizjany2 years ago
c4efc8beAdd a way to clear a registry's contents (#1645) * Add a way to clear a registrys contents * Delete latest.logmnmiller12 years ago
ef9af59cUpdate Bukkit adapter for 1.16.5. Just a data version bump. Barely dodged the mapping changes this time. wizjany2 years ago
0036e06fAlter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent and reliable (#1633) * Alter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent This handling reduces the platform-specific behaviour of CUI handshakes, and ensures that the appropriate state is maintained when a client connection ends but a LocalSession remains cached. * Apply review suggestions * fabric: Update to new networking API * session: Correct field grouping for cui attemptszml2 years ago
5e1ee250Update Bukkit adapter for 1.16.5. Just a data version bump. Barely dodged the mapping changes this time. wizjany2 years ago
f04ae2f1Correct ellipsoidal selector initialization (#1632) When the previous selection was a non-ellipsoidal region, the started flag would not be appropriately set until a new selection had been started.zml2 years ago
3a3bf3deRun the chunk deleter in Fabric (#1641) octavia.togami2 years ago
86bf3a34Support Lucko's Fabric Permissions API (#1638) * Add support for Lucko's Fabric Perms API Only if present, falls back to the existing checks if it returns `false`. * Only use vanilla fallback if no value set in Permsoctavia.togami2 years ago
303f5a76Schematic Share system (#1591) * Very WIP in-game schematic sharing system * Add support for paste meta, and send that data when possible * Add ability to specify the name of the shared schematicmnmiller12 years ago
df71f3aeAdd a command to apply side effects (#1623) * [WIP] Add a command to apply side effects * Fix checkstyle * Switch to the //update command, and add messages * The update command won't change in the future, remove that warning * Create a Function that applies side effects for easier API usage, and make gmasks apply to `//update` * Fixed `//update` not using the current side effect set * Fixed PR review notes * Fixed regression in last commit * smh why is it null * Update GeneralCommands.java * PR review * PR review * :( * :(mnmiller12 years ago
e0dd2f3cFix failure caused by previous commit octavia.togami2 years ago
52015386Remove superclasses of mixins where not needed octavia.togami2 years ago
2c172197Enable stale bot for pending bugs octavia.togami2 years ago
7a268b0bAdd WorldEdit version and platform to schematics (#1635) * Add WorldEdit version and platform to schematics * Use an actual platform ID rather than name, for more accurate info. * Put the platform data within another nested tag * Use a best-effort legacy platform ID * Review changes * Move the getId impl to Platform * Review notes * Review notes * :sweat:mnmiller12 years ago
964614bdMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller12 years ago
98c4580dFix SideEffectSet.none() being the default set (#1620) * Fix SideEffectSet.none() being the default set * Remove the unnecessary private empty constructor for SideEffectSet * Back to ImmutableMap.ofmnmiller12 years ago
fce5ba25[Fabric] Update Minecraft and Fabric API This also moves WorldEdit to use networking-v1 apigit2 years ago
d0a52a98Indicate our branch policy for contrib octavia.togami2 years ago
544793d5Properly repeat extents for negative coordinates An extent's content was returned flipped when applied for negative positions, as e.g. `Math.abs(-2) % 3` returns 2 instead of 1 (as 1 + -1 * 3 = -2) (cherry picked from commit b0cf5dd2bf1b9bcbf1c7efff0fe25de7ee9a2090) hannesgreule2 years ago
df2eb157Back to snapshot for development. wizjany2 years ago
299386a3Release 7.2.1. wizjany2 years ago
f1560ef9Changelog for 7.2.1. wizjany2 years ago
bb464a6fUpdate adapters to fix #1586. wizjany2 years ago
15cba009Persist default state of selwand and navwand in session (#1600) * Persist default state of selwand and navwand in session * Fixed some issues with the way it retained info * Fixed it setting the wrong item * A little cleaner * I somewhat misunderstood the way this system worked - This is cleaner and works a lot better * Replace with octy-approved UX * Improve logic for default wand loading Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller12 years ago
3637d94aImplement UPDATE for Fabric (#1598) * Implement UPDATE for Fabric * Fix a minor threading problemoctavia.togami2 years ago
d0e6f9f3Always load internal strings.json for default locale octavia.togami2 years ago
be4d8a08Update language bundle octavia.togami2 years ago
9667acf3Update c-dist to upload strings octavia.togami2 years ago
d6b42a48Add instructions for unbinding tools/brushes on equip. (#1595) * Add unbind instructions to tool/brush commands. * Switch to suggest. * Make component final. * Start suggesting the unbind alias instead.wizjany2 years ago
cc1f530aAdd the missing y variable to generate biome octavia.togami2 years ago
4999018fLower-case wand items on retrival from the config octavia.togami2 years ago
b4e5bc7dProperly deploy version into core/bukkit octavia.togami2 years ago
5ae691aeBack to snapshot for development octavia.togami2 years ago
2dc66964Back to snapshot for bugfixes octavia.togami2 years ago
8268bc88Update changelog for 1.16.4 octavia.togami2 years ago
a51fa437Release 7.2.0 octavia.togami2 years ago
0f6d52e0Fix javadoc for OffsetsMask octavia.togami2 years ago
6ac7bbea[Bukkit] Update for 1.16.4. wizjany2 years ago
d742c0feMove archive unpack into WE working dir octavia.togami2 years ago
c0a1e318[Forge] Fix loading language files in prod env octavia.togami2 years ago
88076f93Fixed image README widthmnmiller12 years ago
5b285c6fAdd an SVG variant of the logo mnmiller12 years ago
f035d0e3Back to snapshot for dev. wizjany2 years ago
605845c5Release 7.2.0 rc 2 wizjany2 years ago
a615e011Use the new lang version format octavia.togami2 years ago
192120e0Update crowdin-distributor for a small fix octavia.togami2 years ago
367d95c6Ensure that the wand can be used before giving it (#1566) * Ensure that the wand can be used before giving it * Add a note to //wand about new perm requirements * It's an item, not an "object" * Fix checkstyleoctavia.togami2 years ago
5876f184Fix licenses in doc files octavia.togami2 years ago
a2243be3Actually overwrite existing files in archiveunpack Fixes #1567 octavia.togami2 years ago
f449e55fUpdate doc printer for lang changes octavia.togami2 years ago
83e744baFix loading dev i18n files This forces the repo file to FULLY OVERRIDE the default locale. Nothing will be loaded from the default locale in either the config folder, or the i18n dependency. octavia.togami2 years ago
56182ad0Make /toggleeditwand translatable octavia.togami2 years ago
e3208339Use /tool in /toggleeditwand description octavia.togami2 years ago
411ebcc0Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller12 years ago
81f978ecRelease 7.2.0-rc-01 mnmiller12 years ago
28bdf7ffAdd ^x,y,z relative offset support to the offset parser (#1545) * Add ^x,y,z relative offset support to the offset parser * Wrap in a try-catchmnmiller12 years ago
6073f656Fix license/checkstyle octavia.togami2 years ago
c2d81824Only use POSIX perms if supported octavia.togami2 years ago
bc64990eMove to packaged translations (#1555) * Move to packaged translations * License that file * Fix some checkstyle too * Support reloading translation files * Add missing dash for unpack directory * Mark unpacked zips as owner-onlyoctavia.togami2 years ago
beb784e0Add -w flag to butcher for water mobs (#1548) * Add -w flag to butcher for water mobs * PR feedbacklewisjb2 years ago
6925d371Make block positions copy on click for //size (#1546) * Make block positions copy on click for //size * PR feedbacklewisjb2 years ago
2b868ce0Mention best way to reduce test time. the.sk89q2 years ago
f251e8aeAdd details about an IDE. the.sk89q2 years ago
22269804Update README with steps to get it running for dev. the.sk89q2 years ago
83a9fd8fFix another small error in c-dist octavia.togami2 years ago
b60b1447Fix script bug for c-dist octavia.togami2 years ago
e947d2fcUpdate c-dist version octavia.togami2 years ago
26d83068Fixed snow being placed through slabs (#1541) * Added a method to check whether a block can be placed at a location * Make the snow system only place at locations that it can by game logic * Make canPlaceAt a default method * Fixed PR comments * Use a World field * Just throw directly * IAE makes more sense * Remove unused import * Check for editsession without a worldmnmiller12 years ago
3e052e91Fix exec perms on c-dist.sh octavia.togami2 years ago
787d0894Only run c-dist on change octavia.togami2 years ago
be22960bAdd crowdin-distributor script for lang files octavia.togami2 years ago
ec306ccaCreate an asset system, and add an image brush that uses it (#1514) * Asset/Image brush management * Create a beta assets system and make it a heightmap brush Co-authored-by: KennyTV <jahnke.nassim@gmail.com>mnmiller12 years ago
8377a6bdLower-case registry arguments in converter Fixes #1542 octavia.togami2 years ago
a1313a0eAllow stacking by block units with //stack (#1539) * Allow stacking by block units with //stack * Delegate out the old method * Use CuboidRegion as the type of the new region * Fixed up PR notes * Add docs * No indent * Formatting * Use the bounding box rather than limiting it * Don't limit to cuboid * Make the old one use the block unit method * Update the selection movement too * Fixed affected being missed * Use an assertion erorrmnmiller12 years ago
25957c44Check limit == -1 in the copy/cut code. Fixes #1540. wizjany2 years ago
fd8dbdd7Use block change limit for //copy and //cut (#1536) * Use block change limit for //copy * Use a cuboid region for accuracy * Add a bounding box method to Region and use that * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/regions/Region.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller12 years ago
a095b284Update the CraftScript README and SUBMITTING files mnmiller12 years ago
eca310cfDeprecate the non-Pattern methods in EditSession and fix a recursion loop (#1535) mnmiller13 years ago
204ef7a7Fix variable argument functions in expressions Fixes #1531 octavia.togami3 years ago
3094e7a6Store a set of offsets, not a list octavia.togami3 years ago
534e7d3eAdd a builder for OffsetsMask(2D) octavia.togami3 years ago
46bcbe46Added an OffsetsMask, with a parser for an Exposed/Surface mask mnmiller13 years ago
d47f59e0Removed redundant calculation in schematic commands mnmiller13 years ago
2056218bRemove data versions from the Bukkit adapters (#1507) * Remove data versions from the Bukkit adapters * Don't allow saving schematics without an adapter in place on Bukkit. * Removed confusing linemnmiller13 years ago
deb5e440Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
20b3da41Release 7.2.0 Beta 5 mnmiller13 years ago
e575ffefMove connections to neighbors update octavia.togami3 years ago
ea1a5122Fixed broken javadoc in RegenOptions mnmiller13 years ago
e0b8b485Fix //chunk text and clarify the y-index in the help text. Closes #1447. wizjany3 years ago
beca3a70Workaround for snapshot files with not-to-spec slashes. wizjany3 years ago
8e53aa08[Fabric, Forge] Update build files for 1.16.3 No actual changes, beta 4 is functional, but this was to ensure it compiled. octavia.togami3 years ago
1cba5c38Update adapters for 1.16.3. wizjany3 years ago
15467e94Add one to max point to match our regions better Fixes #1522. octavia.togami3 years ago
493bc2d1Reject empty split array in block parser Fixes #1521. octavia.togami3 years ago
e15d7993Improve requireTag exception messages Closes #1519 octavia.togami3 years ago
65fbe09cFixed undo/redo not working from console/commandblock (#1518) mnmiller13 years ago
0cb1eea5Remove Y limits if a region has no world octavia.togami3 years ago
84fa2bbbAdd a #air mask, the opposite of #existing (#1511) mnmiller13 years ago
3996998cDeprecate BlockQuirkExtent, handle lower down Ice is no longer turning into water since before 1.7.10, so that part has been removed entirely. octavia.togami3 years ago
1a6fe32dFixed non-Exception throwables being ignored in async tasks, and added a timed message (#1503) * Fixed throwables being ignored and show a message while waiting for long running tasks * Fixed checkstyle issue * Use a better system that's more versatile * Require a delay message for delayed repeating messages * Few changes for PR review * Changes based on feedback * Fixed weird missed diffs * Rename fields * 😟😟😟😟 * 😠mnmiller13 years ago
7f82a7d6Fix issue introduced by 4123eddff lastValue may be null at this point, old is not octavia.togami3 years ago
232ced85Tick watchdog on get* calls (#1504) mnmiller13 years ago
61a5d7d6Fixed undo/redo editsessions not retaining settings mnmiller13 years ago
c7885f2fBump Adapters for neighbouring validations fix mnmiller13 years ago
4123eddfFew minor tweaks to WNA that don't modify behaviour but bring it more inline with how MC works mnmiller13 years ago
42eddd2dBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
98f71a35Release 7.2.0 Beta 4 mnmiller13 years ago
8205243eClean up code to format forms octavia.togami3 years ago
254fe129Fixed review notes mnmiller13 years ago
49023a35Use a multipart upload to improve size limits on pastebin uploads mnmiller13 years ago
5f868d58Patch skull owner on 1.16+ octavia.togami3 years ago
46c3fccaUpdated MCUtils data for 1.16.2 mnmiller13 years ago
a8bba3baFixed CLI mnmiller13 years ago
8d33672bAdded a brush for biomes (#1491) * Added a brush for biomes * IntelliJ reformat * Move the warning * Update worldedit-core/src/main/resources/lang/strings.json Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Use BiomeFactory instead Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller13 years ago
4a4c01cbDon't spew warnings/stacks when people symlink their schematics folder. wizjany3 years ago
066771b2Ensure CRLF stays out of the repo Looks like I already failed that project a little :) octavia.togami3 years ago
365ca1c6Add -c to deform and make -o act like it does in //gen. Should restore parity between the commands. wizjany3 years ago
5cf6750f[Forge] Update to 1.16.2 haha bad mapping system go func_318237_brrrrrrrr octavia.togami3 years ago
d2239ef7Copy the class source validator from WG. Warns when other plugins incorrectly shade WE or our libs. wizjany3 years ago
0f7936caUpdate for Spigot 1.16.2. wizjany3 years ago
3bf5d0cdCreate schematics folder on startup octavia.togami3 years ago
f2ce020dOfficially propagate GPL downwards to all files octavia.togami3 years ago
0a9fa869Fixed an issue where upwards resolved schematics would break schem list (#1481) * Fixed an issue where upwards resolved schematics would break schem list * Missed diff * PR changes * Further fixes * Improve sorting logic * Pass in comparator rather than using sort type Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller13 years ago
e0718dd3[Fabric] Update to 1.16.2 octavia.togami3 years ago
484a5dbd[Fabric] Preliminary update to 1.16.2-rc2 octavia.togami3 years ago
55de7cb7Fixed snapshot database under symlinks on windows mnmiller13 years ago
ffaf8e00Add tracing feature to EditSessions (#1301) * Add tracing feature to EditSessions This helps track down what plugin (or more specifically, extent) is blocking actions from happening. * Set a trace hook instead of a one-off command * Correct the logic for determining tracing active * Fix extra newline in AbstractPlayerActor * Fix checkstyle * Improve messaging of trace modeoctavia.togami3 years ago
a4d45b05Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
82f2d43bRelease 7.2.0 Beta 3 mnmiller13 years ago
94ce464fFixed the Forge platform not exposing events, and added a comment about PoI mnmiller13 years ago
05014b1fAdd an update side effect. Only for Bukkit for now mnmiller13 years ago
5e5f1c21Added a snow brush (#1462) * Added a snow brush * Re-add the Apply class for deprecation reasons * Use the context extent rather than an EditSession * Only freeze water source blocks. * Fixed the bind message for snow stacker * Fixed PR issuesmnmiller13 years ago
1b91b8f5Ignore CRLF/Checkstyle commits in blame Must be manually opted-in to, see https://git-scm.com/docs/git-blame#Documentation/git-blame.txt---ignore-revltrevgt for details octavia.togami3 years ago
f2e5c52fFail if any mask fails to parse (#1465) octavia.togami3 years ago
b0d5100eMerge pull request #1460 from EngineHub/bugfix/default-wand-on-session-create Do not check permissions for initial wand bindoctavia.togami3 years ago
1083a36dDetermine if a player has an item bound for unbind octavia.togami3 years ago
cbe788c9Remove duplicate dependency entry octavia.togami3 years ago
4c050f25[Forge] Update dependencies, mark as GPL octavia.togami3 years ago
63ab406cDo not check permissions for initial wand bind Also: report both errors if needed for sel/nav wands. octavia.togami3 years ago
3c402e4aBump adapters for regen changes mnmiller13 years ago
288ed7faRe-shuffle regen methods to fix deprecation order Everything delegates to the original EditSession signature. The new RegenOptions + EditSession variant is removed, as it was never officially published. A delegation check was installed in the NAFC-marked method. octavia.togami3 years ago
c3f533e8Remove EditSession regenerate method from Bukkit Adapters Since adapters are not API, the EditSession regeneration methods should not be exposed here. dordsor213 years ago
c4abc9a2Allow regeneration to accept Extents instead of EditSessions. Allows for custom Extents to be parsed to regen, and for clipboard regeneration, etc whilst still allowing EditSessions dordsor213 years ago
d4c06c73Bump text-adapters version. Should hopefully fix various issues people were having on CraftBukkit. wizjany3 years ago
36ef7877Drop requirement for root tag to be named Sponge does not name the root tag, this allows us to almost load their schematics (except for a bug https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeCommon/pull/3085) octavia.togami3 years ago
da4d70faRegenerate list classes from MCUtils octavia.togami3 years ago
5f9f1059Change //stack and //move to take a full offset octavia.togami3 years ago
043faaf5Add a stacker mode to the snow command (#1429) * Convert simulateSnow to an Operation and add stacking support * Fixed height calculations * Use a LayerVisitor for SnowSimulator * Fixed few issues * Update the 1.16 block mappings, and use isSolid rather than !isTranslucent due to translucent no longer existing. A better solution should come later. * I feel this is a better temporary checkmnmiller13 years ago
c1fb43ccDrop unused reference card PNG octavia.togami3 years ago
b33d96bbEnable parallel builds by default octavia.togami3 years ago
9c81135bFix bug with short-circuiting on || octavia.togami3 years ago
213239eeRestore overworld check for bukkit octavia.togami3 years ago
9aea9f2bAdd updated bukkit adapter. wizjany3 years ago
1b568dedUse BiomeQuirkExtent instead of spotty handling octavia.togami3 years ago
5803cb10Fix 3D biome support testing 3D biomes always work on dedicated servers, at least as far as the client knows. This is so terrible though. Mojang why. octavia.togami3 years ago
7134ff44Remove all `compile` deps, use api/impl as appropriate octavia.togami3 years ago
a0b4f933Remove Fabric LCA handler, pretty broken octavia.togami3 years ago
38b9ac9bHandle schematics with an invalid DataVersion octavia.togami3 years ago
98d97a7bFormat buildSrc octavia.togami3 years ago
69b5cf54Validate number of format placeholders as well octavia.togami3 years ago
3a368628Add incremental translation checker Only validates basic formatting, not number of arguments. octavia.togami3 years ago
957af496Prevent our JavaCompile edits for Forge octavia.togami3 years ago
6845e86fFix leaking piston codes via update Fixes #1436 octavia.togami3 years ago
9d9aaac1Add fungi and chorus plant tree types. Closes #1411. wizjany3 years ago
22acd2b4Error if loaded in even OLDER versions of Bukkit Take that, 1.8 servers. octavia.togami3 years ago
f023b46fError + disable if loaded in old MC versions on Bukkit octavia.togami3 years ago
373f8695Update adapter jar for file deletion fix. Fixes #1427. wizjany3 years ago
93e386a5Remove ShutdownHook / onExit handling This didn't work right, and if we fail to cleanup, it's unlikely it would succeed at exit. octavia.togami3 years ago
d111d868Add deprecation to CLI sender octavia.togami3 years ago
50a744f4Cleanup asserts, condition in extending selector octavia.togami3 years ago
21adeae4Add TODO for JSON in BaseBlock back octavia.togami3 years ago
81f6e3e7Cleanup some javac warnings octavia.togami3 years ago
4961c343Enforce UTF-8 source reading, lint in javac octavia.togami3 years ago
79705cdaFix suppresion regex on Windows octavia.togami3 years ago
eb52afa2Create a brand new checkstyle config And also apply it! octavia.togami3 years ago
59ccc0a5CRLF -> LF Except `.\gradlew.bat`, because Windows is special. octavia.togami3 years ago
781abd51Add final to many fields octavia.togami3 years ago
c50170a3Add license to ShutdownHook octavia.togami3 years ago
176418baAdd force-deletion utilities for cleaning up dirs Windows sucks. octavia.togami3 years ago
624e416eBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
d10d7d69Release 7.2.0 Beta 2 mnmiller13 years ago
f4c44061[Fabric] Fix left click air firing on wrong hand octavia.togami3 years ago
9b4bfbedLocalise WorldEditException and error handling (#1393) * Localise the ExceptionConverter * Further work on localising exceptions * Everything but input parsing is now localised * Finish making errors localisable * Fixed a few notes from review * Fixed another spot * More changes * Specialise parser errorsmnmiller13 years ago
bf6cd1eaRegeneration Options (#1415) * Add RegenOptions to the API * Integerate regen options into //regen * Rename isRegenBiomes to shouldRegenBiomes * Go through the EditSession for setting biomes * Respect 3D biome support in regen * Add RegenOptions implementation for 1.16 Bukkit adapter. Co-authored-by: wizjany <wizjany@gmail.com>octavia.togami3 years ago
cc46de95Cleanup/fix ascend logic Fixes #1419 octavia.togami3 years ago
8c171f09Replace BlockStates reading with new 1.16 logic (#1413) * Replace BlockStates reading with new 1.16 logic * Account for running on older platforms Splits out the new reading to AnvilChunk16, uses data version to detect the appropriate version. * Move data versions to Constants Also fixes some logic hiccups that become obvious with the new names. * Fix LegacyMapper DFU handling * Fix factor indexingoctavia.togami3 years ago
e64cfe5dFix buildscript issue on certain locales. wizjany3 years ago
57b73b9eBuild script cleanup/updates. wizjany3 years ago
41162e42Fix i18n key for superpick max range octavia.togami3 years ago
ba64e764Disable codecov checks, as we don't fully test yet octavia.togami3 years ago
71e104bcReplace setPosition with trySetPosition (#1403) Allows cancellation information to be fed back into the ascend/descend algorithms.octavia.togami3 years ago
8aa034c7Fix or suppress deprecation warnings in most code (#1404) Didn't touch commands or some of Spongeoctavia.togami3 years ago
eaea1e6dSpelling is hard.wizjany3 years ago
042d0f1cAdd new netherite pickaxe. Fixes #1407. wizjany3 years ago
732c11cbUse interface for ServerWorldProps/Info Fixes #1397 octavia.togami3 years ago
87de87edUpdate build dependencies octavia.togami3 years ago
4f43ced2Update Loom for runClient fix octavia.togami3 years ago
a6236b67Propagate 3D biome support up extent stack Fixes #1399 Also improved Fabric gradle b/c why not octavia.togami3 years ago
7ee60060Fix click command for perf box octavia.togami3 years ago
e816d8deUpdate links in README octavia.togami3 years ago
bf4dc8e2Default VALIDATION to off People have issues copy/pasting with this on, so I think for now it's better to leave it off. If someone needs the special behavior for setting panes or fences, they can turn it back on. We do need to investigate the reason why it's not working, and potentially save validation for post-edit, rather than prior to placement. octavia.togami3 years ago
5612bd97Add GitHub Sponsors link.wizjany3 years ago
89b3d910Update Forge version for language fix mnmiller13 years ago
66047ade[fabric] Prevent NPEs getting client locale. wizjany3 years ago
46d3b5ca[fabric] Fix error when players joined before the first tick. wizjany3 years ago
3225cedc[Fabric] Allow functions to load some of our cmds Forcibly reload the server resources after we register commands. octavia.togami3 years ago
320509c7Load Fabric deps from the mod json declarations octavia.togami3 years ago
e0f7c33b[Fabric] Include command api in required mods octavia.togami3 years ago
ce4f0890Use fabric-lifecycle-events-v1 over deprecated v0. (#1380) fabric-events-lifecycle-v0 is now deprecated, so upgrading it.git3 years ago
5789ccd5[Fabric] Re-register commands on reload octavia.togami3 years ago
6a8d9768[Forge] Update to 1.16.1 octavia.togami3 years ago
ecd7f0f4Update yarn mappings octavia.togami3 years ago
f44c4403Add LongArrayTag NBT support Apparently this has been missing for a while. octavia.togami3 years ago
6b7cb701Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller13 years ago
0eb9ac70Bump to 7.2.0 Beta 1 mnmiller13 years ago
efec53b1Bump data to 1.16.1 with MCUtils mnmiller13 years ago
984e9448Add 1.16 UUID tag to NO_COPY_ENTITY_NBT_FIELDS mnmiller13 years ago
410d4c5eReturn correct world folders on Bukkit, used in /delchunks. Fixes #1365. wizjany3 years ago
6dbcbd4aPerform part of the move of //fast to //perf (#1377) This re-adds a deprecated `//fast` and moves the current logic to `//perf`. Later `//perf` will have its syntax reworked, when Piston finally supports sub-commands properly!octavia.togami3 years ago
9e186225Update adapter jar. wizjany3 years ago
7ce03549Added an initial 7.2.0 changelog mnmiller13 years ago
1ced57c3fix: require extent for mask parsing (#1373) mnmiller13 years ago
6513513bMojang AB and the Column Biome Fuzzer (#1376) * Allow API detection of the biome fuzzer in use This allows us to warn, fix, or optimize biome edits to the overworld. * Drop edits to Y = 0 for biomes in overworld * Re-work ArbitraryBiomeShape to simplify logic Also fixes not being able to use THE_VOID with itoctavia.togami3 years ago
3db43c88Try to fix issue with extra server tasks I don't think there's a cleaner way to pop these off. octavia.togami3 years ago
df393725Reduce number of tests executed It's honestly too many for the CI to handle right now, and this should provide sufficient coverage for now. octavia.togami3 years ago
e93f20b6Update Loom for ease-of-use Includes a patch that allows `--refresh-dependencies` to reset the Loom cache, rather than needing to delete everything with a hammer. octavia.togami3 years ago
64123836Fabric 1.16 (#1362) * [Fabric] Test port to 1.16-pre5 * [Fabric] Fix/improve regen implementation * Cleanup properly in regen * Cleanup unused interfaces/methods from porting * Add licenses to new classes * Allow packages from refactor in checkstyle * Remove unused imports from WorldGenListener * Remap the access widener in the dist jar * [Fabric] Update to 1.16-pre6 (recursion limit) Requires an update in the Bukkit Adapters later. * [Fabric] Update to 1.16 May or may not build, depending on how cached everything is.octavia.togami3 years ago
849a515dSet ES6 compat flag for Rhino octavia.togami3 years ago
f5e36ed8Add 3D biomes support (Adds #1358) (#1361) * Initial work on 3D biomes. Not implemented for Bukkit, and history is unfinished * Further implement 3D Biomes. It's now usable on Forge/Fabric * Fix a few cases of apply. Gotta fix the deprecated methods at some point * Add Bukkit support * Add clipboard support. Schematics are still not great, but the Sponge schem format doesn't support this yet. * Fix the last of the issues * Fixed up review comments * Fixed review notes * Simplify * max is inclusive * Standardize non-abstract compatibility handling Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller13 years ago
57d62b0bCount wandering traders as NPCs for /butcher. (#1359) * Count wandering traders as NPCs for /butcher. Fixes #1347. * Change variable case.wizjany3 years ago
495ac44ffeat(tool): added stack tool (#1338) * feat(tool): added stack tool * Implement review comments * Don't register an alias for stacker * Apply suggestions * Fixed /stacker alias * Indent * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/command/ToolCommands.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/command/ToolCommands.java Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com> * Remove unused imports Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller13 years ago
2f414034Register /tool with sub-command permission gen octavia.togami3 years ago
5132c5e8Bump text versions for 1.16 and action bar fixes mnmiller13 years ago
328030fdUse a long to refer to the volume of a region to prevent overflow (#1350) * Use a long to refer to the volume of a region, and rename the method to getVolume * Fixed issues noted in review * Forgot to floor * Fixed review notes * Can use a long here rather than BigDecimal * Improve javadocs * stylemnmiller13 years ago
1e2496afFix vector gen, always enable BlockMap tests The BlockMap tests got much faster, so there's no need to hide them behind a flag. octavia.togami3 years ago
68be2b34Add import to checkstyle octavia.togami3 years ago
300aad35Add licenses for test files octavia.togami3 years ago
e755acddDon't mark Forge WorldEdit as required on client Fixes #1343. octavia.togami3 years ago
e0346ff5Test more of the math/collections, fix VectorPList Fixes #1291 octavia.togami3 years ago
637da62eImplement remove on set/iter views of BlockMap Fixes #1354. octavia.togami3 years ago
ec230039Add fabric to the compiling.md (#1353) i509vcb3 years ago
4ac6f1edAdd transform for vertical flip of stair half. (#1341) wizjany3 years ago
68f2f733Don't fail when enabling standard mode for an extent without a world. mnmiller13 years ago
6b918e67Fix Biome math on Forge and Fabric octavia.togami3 years ago
a2c541bdHandle non-country locales better. Fixes #1345 mnmiller13 years ago
267fe1fffeat(i18n): use a translation loader to allow CB/WG to use WorldEdit's TranslationManager (#1327) * feat(i18n): use a translation loader to allow CB/WG to use WorldEdit's TranslationManager * Replace the old ResourceLoader with the new one * Make ResourceLoader per-platform * Update worldedit-core/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/util/io/WorldEditResourceLoader.java * Improve the impl to allow a default * Update based on review suggestions * Local resource should be pathName too * Delegate to getRootResource, and prevent pathName from starting with / * HTML * Format javadoc a little better Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <octavia.togami@gmail.com>mnmiller13 years ago
81b62767Fix whitespace (#1339) mc.cache3 years ago
7a8c5129Fixed typo in default disallowed blocks on Bukkit mnmiller13 years ago
2363440fChange HTTP to HTTPS in License (#1335) Change HTTP to HTTPS in LICENSE.60381935+luracasmus3 years ago
da3fd6c9Fix RandomPatternParser suggestions. "x%" was being dropped. Closes #1302. wizjany3 years ago
e0814cfeReinstate localized name lookup on BlockType. wizjany3 years ago
ba91dff1Update to use the new runtime rhino JAR octavia.togami3 years ago
9a11c578Correct typo in region selector docs octavia.togami3 years ago
53ac21aaAdd compatibility handlers for beds and banners for MCEdit Schematics (#561) * Add compatibility handlers for beds and banners * IntTag#getValue does not return null so do not check thatemcchickeneer3 years ago
a02458b7Allow craftscripts to exit early + cleanly (#1308) * Allow craftscripts to exit early + cleanly * Add de-facto standard javadoc tagsoctavia.togami3 years ago
df3b3736Move expression source string to the expression class. wizjany3 years ago
fa0618d9Add makeShape Expression overload for consistency. wizjany3 years ago
cd9a45bdPre-compile the expression used in the deform brush. This lets the command fail early, rather than throwing wrapped runtime exceptions on every brush usage. wizjany3 years ago
3fdb10adDelay command block active update if needed (#1285) * Delay command block active update if needed If we are checking if a command block session is active, and we are not on the main thread, schedule a task instead to update the active status eventually, rather than waiting on the main thread. Fixes #1284. * What's that? Non-static state, you say? Just saw we have a field for the plugin here. Might as well use it. * Check if chunk is loaded for sender before typeoctavia.togami3 years ago
83438644Make the null-result case visible to the user Fixes #1303. octavia.togami3 years ago
d2601851Don't suggest default namespaces. This just ends adding a lot of `minecraft:` to otherwise short commands. wizjany3 years ago
8c83fd62Limit direction names (#1293) * Limit direction names This reduces interference with block arguments, since none of these are block names now. * Drop other dir commentsoctavia.togami3 years ago
dc56b602Update Piston to fix bugs Closes #1292 via Piston fixes. octavia.togami3 years ago
068ac9b5Fix fabric genSources task octavia.togami3 years ago
d3a37995Add default-pending label to issue templates octavia.togami3 years ago
56d0c6e7Optimize poly region vertex add, fix Edge octavia.togami3 years ago
a600266dProperly close all files when dealing with archives (#1274) * Properly close all files when dealing with archives * Move file utils to SafeFiles class * Licensesoctavia.togami3 years ago
5ab71109De-dup Bukkit argument rebuilding code octavia.togami3 years ago
7d4563a3Fix onAsyncTabComplete handling of invalid values This fixes #1281, by just ignoring weird tab completion requests. octavia.togami3 years ago
439d6c81Re-add block/item localized name methods to registries. WorldGuard uses these still. wizjany3 years ago
bb013aa8Use custom radix sort for ordering blocks (#1277) * Use custom radix sort for ordering blocks * Licenses :P * Fix ordering, add test for it * Grant Gradle more memory (thx Fabric) * Increase (?) / Specify memory for core tests * Many attempts at fixing OOMoctavia.togami3 years ago
404feef5Add height part to expand vert command Fixes #1275 octavia.togami3 years ago
f51fb1cdFix misalignment of libs dependencies octavia.togami3 years ago
4bbdc059Disable snapshot-fs test for now. wizjany3 years ago
f0f9efffAdd version section to bug report template.wizjany3 years ago
eb8fcdcdMake //size text color consistent. wizjany3 years ago
cfd26253Names via Translation (#1268) * Deprecate BiomeRegistry, etc. * Update some libraries, e.g. text * Move to new translation renderer * Revert "Deprecate BiomeRegistry, etc." This reverts commit 59a5d6c92aec52739a8dc68ac3d23898af7593dd. This was not a good idea for potential mod shenanigans. * Move BiomeData#getName to BiomeRegistry, use i18n * Use getRichName instead of getName * Implement getRichName for NullBiomeRegistry * Add getRichName for blocks * Relocate net.kyori.minecraft * Update adapters for getRichBlockName * Add getRichName for items * Update adapters for getRichItemName * Update adapters JAR for mergeoctavia.togami3 years ago
2f4c44f8Validate placed blocks / WNA (#1263) * Optionally validate placed blocks This allows re-connection of fences, chests, panes, etc.; removal of blocks in invalid states; and more! The Connections side-effect already did this for neighbors, so this is now renamed to Validation for accuracy, and left on by default. This also fixes some inconsistencies between the Fabric & Forge markAndNotifyBlock function. * Add forge comment to fabric world * Add WorldNativeAccess common logic * Add Fabric WNA * Add Bukkit WNA for adapters * Fix imports for new Fabric mappings * Pass raw world ref to Bukkit adapters * Remove client-only block update call We always assume a server world. * Allow WNA impls to inspect side-effects * Update adapters for WNA * Licenses * Fix adapter JAR * Generify EVENTS side effect * Update adapters for EVENTS changeoctavia.togami3 years ago
17880b81Merge pull request #521 from EngineHub/feature/cubic-chunks-7 Cubic Chunks compatibility (version 7)octavia.togami3 years ago
1c6b1b38Merge master octavia.togami3 years ago
20d630ceOnly add adapters to dist jar octavia.togami3 years ago
e6924620[Forge] Require MC between current + next major version octavia.togami3 years ago
e6d5950bNest snapshot test dbs in a root temp folder Allows us to clean it all up easily. Closes #558. octavia.togami3 years ago
b4d2db3dAllow expand to be used by console. (#1264) * Allow expand to be used by console. Also fix direction converter requiring a player. * Revert exception.wizjany3 years ago